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April 2014


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sunina_triangle variationTriangle Variation! This is a stretch for your chest, strengthens your core and legs.

Start at Triangle Pose. Tighten your core as you lift both arms up, keeping the head relaxed, and chest open. Keep the neck away from the ears. Ground down through the heels of both feet to maintain a strong foundation. Stay for 3 to 5 breaths, switch sides.

xx love & light.
Photo by Rebecca Tello.



April 2014


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Always ready! Never an excuse to skip out on self-care/workout. Here are a few answers to common excuses that stop you from getting your sweat session on:

I forgot my lock. Trust that no one is going to steal your stuff. Keep your phone and wallet by your side.

I’m not wearing workout clothes. Take the stairs, speed walk, tuck in your tummy all day long. Do kegal workouts at your desk (haha). Drop and do squats anywhere. Wear workout leggings that can dual as normal every day pants, and a tank top under whatever you are wearing and you are always ready for an impromptu Yoga or Pilates session. Or… just bring workout clothes with you!

I will smell. Carry cleansing cloths and a mini atomizer of your favorite perfume. For long-term commitment, find a studio or gym with showers as your home base for workouts.

My makeup will run. Carry a stick concealer and gloss with you. Wear waterproof eye makeup in the morning.

I don’t have time. One hour of yoga is only 4 percent of your day. No one can convince you to put your health first but yourself. Don’t burn out and let stress creep up on you. Maintain good health everyday!

Happy Monday.

xx love & light.

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April 2014



April 2014


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Try this dynamic side lunge to stretch the glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Start with a wide-legged stance, bend the left knee all the way down and balance on your tip toe as you extend the right leg all the way out energetically. Lengthen the spine on an inhale, then twist towards the right extending the right hand up to the sky while opening up the chest. With every inhale you lengthen, and every exhale you deepen the stretch. Stay for 3 to 5 breaths. Switch sides.

Get out of the mind and into the muscles.

xx love & light.



April 2014


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Lizard Pose, or Utthan Pristhasana! A dynamic stretch for your hip flexors, spine, chest, shoulders, psoas, legs.

Here’s how you do it: Start at downward facing dog, step the right foot forward into a low lunge. Drop the left knee, drop the left forearm down to the ground, flex both feet. Bend the left knee in towards the tailbone, for a deeper stretch use your right hand to bring your left foot in closer to the tailbone. Simultaneously opening up your right side body and chest towards the sky. Keep the right foot flexed and for an even deeper stretch into your psoas and groin muscles, roll the right foot out onto the outer edge of the foot. Take 3 to 5 slow breaths here, then switch sides.

xx love & light!

Photo by Rebecca Tello.



April 2014


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Start each day with a grateful heart. Aim to wakeup with the sun. As soon as you wake up give thanks for your breath. Today I am grateful for my Mondays, I am always looking for inspiration from within to keep moving forward. Mondays are a great day to rejuvenate goals, make plans for the week, make a promise to choose health. Start bright & early. Let’s go!

Today I started with meditation, water, coffee, a new playlist for class, and you! (blogging).

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April 2014


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sunina_brightThe other day I spent my morning at Mercedes while waiting for service. I had to go teach that night so I took a complimentary ride from Mercedes to my studio while the brake pads were getting fixed overnight. During the 20 minute drive to my studio I unexpectedly had the most enlightening conversation with the driver, who was 65+. He was a retired real estate guy that travelled a ton when he was younger. He had bright happy eyes and you could just tell he was a yogi-hearted man at first glance. We talked about so much in such short time, it fulfilled my need for spiritual talk for sure! I can’t really describe why or how but you just know when you’ve connected with not just another person, but with another soul- that’s truly powerful. When you look beyond a persons color, creed, eyes.. you see the soul. Here are a few enlightening highlights of our conversation:

  • He got to know himself through his travels, you’ve got to know yourself to truly be at peace. To be free of judgement, to not be disturbed by external disturbances, to be happy- know yourself.
  • You can’t preach, you can only ‘awaken’ those who are sleeping by guiding and showing by example.
  • We are all one. We are all the same inside, and one day in the future we will all be the same color (my prediction!) A true oneness among society.
  • You can see from the eyes of most people, those who are truly happy and living — and those who are just alive.
  • He meditates 30 minutes every morning (!) Love it.

I think back to another time I connected in this way and it was with an older man also, 65+, I sure do have a type! Old souls who are still young at heart are so beautiful. As young people can learn so much from them. Truly the types that have whoever they come across leave happier. If your gramps is a spiritual yogi, please lend him to me – they are blessings!

xx love & light.



April 2014


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Upward Bow Pose or Urdvha Dhanurasana! Expands the chest and shoulders, opens up the heart, stretches & strengthens the arms, legs. This is a beautiful pose that allows you to release physical and emotional tension in your body.

Here’s how to do it: Lay flat on your back with bent knees, extend the arms out to touch the heels of your feet to measure. Place hands by the ears, plant the palms to the ground, keeping the knees aligned to your hips, do not let them spay out to the side, lift the hips all the way up, let the sternum shine up to the sky. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths. To release, tuck the chin to the chest and slowly lower vertebra to vertebra. Repeat 2 to 3 x for a full tension releasing move.

xx love & light.



April 2014


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SUNINA_ARCHERBound Archer Pose or Baddha Akarna Dhanurasana! This is a deep hamstring, groin, and hip flexor stretch. It strengthens the arms and legs, stretches the chest and opens up the heart. Breathe through this challenging pose for 3 to 5 breaths.

Here’s how to do it: Sit in dandasana, with both legs extended out in front of you. Hinge forwards, lift your right leg up to the sky as you use your hands to assist the leg up and behind your right shoulder. Interlace the hands at the base of your back. Straighten the leg, lengthen the spine, gaze forwards. Be sure to sit the tailbone all the way down to the ground staying even in the hips (not leaning over more to one side than the other). Breathe! Feel the stretch, amazing.

xx love & light!

Photo by Rebecca Tello. 





April 2014


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For me, a part of the ‘awakening’ was slowly appreciating nature. During the last philosophy lesson of my yoga teacher training by Yogi Charu, talked about Prana, ‘life force’. This was the beginning of my realization for nature’s beauty. There is Prana in all of us living beings, including animals, trees, flowers, plants. It’s truly amazing to sit with nature and just be.. There is a moment where you have to be open enough within yourself to be able to appreciate nature’s beauty.. It soothes my eyes, refreshes my soul, revives my imagination. I am excited to buy my first plant!

Happy Monday, love & light xx










April 2014


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sunina_beautyreflectionnThis time last year, I was all about high heels, 5 inches and higher only- never caught in flats,  now I rock bare feet on the daily– lol. I would never go out without a full face of perfect makeup, I’ve toned that down and am more carefree now for sure. My body feels effortlessly healthy whereas last year I was always ‘chasing‘ fitness.. I’d rather catch up over green juice than drinks. But these are all outer, material things.

It’s amazing how one year can change so many things, but I am speaking in regards to perspective specifically.

What really matters, the shift in perspective and experiencing events from the seat of awareness.. is what inspired me to write this post. It was truly eye opening the other day when I saw a reflection of how I used to be - it was someone I interacted with the entire morning of my birthday on April 2nd (thank you for all the birthday wishes!!!!). It was someone I knew on a working level. The fact that I was able to see a direct reflection as it was happening was AMAZING. In short, she was easily offended, quick to blame, and not showing her best effort. I could see the frustration was coming from the fact that she knew she could do better, but wasn’t for whatever reasons or excuses she made up for herself. Although this attitude and harsh accusations quickly led to the end of our working relationship, all I could really allow myself to feel was compassion. When you are not doing what you LOVE, when you do not follow your bliss, when you are not grateful for what you are doing, then you are working against the world. It feels like it is you against the entire world. The people who are placed in your life are there for a reason, be grateful.  They may be your mirror so you can see how you truly are, they may be supporters who help you get to where you need to be, and they may be lessons..

I am grateful everyday for the unexpected lessons and reflections that come my way in the most least expected times and places. Listen and watch for signs, life is such a blessing. Throw away your excuses and live the life you are destined to. When it’s cloudy, shift your perspective and watch the sun peak out- it’s there.. you’ve just got to look higher.

xx love & light.





April 2014


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Split pose or Hanumanasana!

I am getting ready to switch up my sequence just a bit to be more about hip openers. So I thought about adding this as a peak pose in the near future! I love having a 90 minute class, there is so much to play with. Will also be incorporating something really cool soon– being hush about it for now until the full sequence is complete.

For now, here is how you practice for splits! A: First, stand on your knees, extend the right foot out in front of you, hover over the foot, stretch the hamstrings, the hips. Really feel a nice stretch happening, keep the legs and core engaged. B: Slowly, slide both feet out, the front foot extending forwards, the back foot extending backwards, staying tall in your spine. Lifting as you go down, breathe. Stay for 3 to 5 breaths.

xx love & light.

Remember to always be compassionate towards those who are not yet awaken- especially if you were once that person.



April 2014


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TOESTAND_SUNINAToe Stand + Forward Fold. Challenge yourself, go slow. This is a strengthening and lengthening posture for your legs and spine. It is calming and improves your posture.

Here’s how to do it: start at tadasana (mountain pose), squat down to the floor, hinge forwards as you lift the right leg up and extend. Left foot is on tip-toes. Hold onto the right foot with both hands, inhale & lengthen the spine first, then exhale, fold forwards. Find your balance, 3 to 5 breaths, and switch legs.

xx love & light.

Photo by Rebecca Tello.



March 2014


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As long as you are breathing, you are a limitless being. It is not just in a select few of us, it is in all of us. You are ‘the chosen one’ if YOU choose to be. Firmly believe in yourself, know who you are, and don’t mind naysayers. It is up to you to accomplish your purpose in life. Trust yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself.

Ways to break excuses, expand your limits, clear your mind:

  • Run - glisten once a day, get your heart rate up.
  • Do Yoga - do more, think less.
  • Meditate - 30 minutes day and night.
  • Be Present  – in whatever you are doing.
  • Find Your Edge - challenge yourself in whatever you do, never stand still. Always strive to learn and do your best.




xx love & light.

Photos by Nikko La Mere.




March 2014


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inlaSo incredibly grateful for my short but sweet trip in LA. It was so productive! Quite honestly it’s been so non-stop that I’m happy to have any down-time and/or alone-time for self-care. I gathered some tips on what you can do for yourself when you travel for business, here are some business trip self-care tips:

  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier than normal just to breathe, stretch, and meditate.
  • Really indulge in every bite of your food whenever you get a chance to sit and eat!
  • Use aromatherapy in the shower, eucalyptus is my favorite! It’s uplifting, refreshing, and helps with fatigue.
  • Pack Yoga Tune Up balls! They are small enough for travel and you can pop them out anywhere for a quick self-massage. They are only $12 and you can get them here.
  • Stop and smell the flowers! One of the best benefits of stopping to admire flowers is that it instantly makes you happy- natural mood booster!
  • Eat for fuel and nutrients. Skip sugary foods and excessive caffeine. Go for greens, protein, vitamin C packed super foods to give you natural food and energy. You’ll glow on the go! Lol

These are some things I did for myself which did not take much time while on this trip. With a packed schedule and limited time with maximum productivity- these little bits of self-care will go a long way. Soooo grateful for everyone that made this trip a bright and beautiful one! THANK YOU.

xx love & light.



March 2014


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Teaching at the Mondrian in Los Angeles was truly amazing. I taught my ‘Yoga Glow’ sequence, a series of postures for relaxation, beauty, and skin glow, exclusively for the Mondrian. Thank you to the team at the Mondrian! The staff and marketing team were brilliant and sooo helpful.

I am leaving LA tomorrow morning, it was a great week and I enjoyed the sunny Cali weather out here! Can’t wait to share some of the workouts and content I created while out here on the blog next week.

xx love & light.

Photo by Nikko La Mere.



March 2014


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sunina_lizard_prepThis is an amazing stretch for anyone, especially runners to really get into the hip flexors and hamstrings.

Here’s how to do it: start at plank pose. Lift and place the foot lightly to the outside edge of your right hand. Knee is over the ankle, the back leg is extended super straight behind you finding a deep stretch in your hips, groins, and hamstrings. Take 3 to 5 deep breaths here and switch.

xx love & light.




March 2014


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Spider Pose!

This is a balancing, hip opening, knee strengthening posture. It is great for those who have chronic hip and/or knee pain.

Here’s how to do it: spread legs wider than hip width apart, feet facing outwards, hollow in the belly, slowly fold over lightly touching the ground with hands criss-crossed, get onto tippy toes for a challenge. Stay for 3 to 5 breaths.

Through the crown of the head, let go of any thoughts that do not serve you!

xx love & light.

Photo by Rebecca Tello.



March 2014


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Happy Monday!

Prepare, do your best, shine. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Always be ready. If you fail, forgive yourself, be humbled, move on, and try again. No excuses! Press on until you get it, don’t stand still, don’t get comfortable. SHINE BRIGHT. That is your birthright.





xx love & light.




March 2014


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sunina_beautyWake up and serve.

This is beyond me and my ego. I take care of my body and pay attention to my looks, wake up to makeup to be relatable in the material world.  I want to catch the attention of those who are sleeping, because I was once sleeping too. Once I’ve gotten your attention, I will teach you to look inside. I want to have fun with what we’ve got within our material world and work on taking care of our bodies, our beauty. I thank the universe everyday for waking me up. Thank you to the light within me. We all have a purpose to serve for a better world, for heaven on earth. Ready for the next tier of my journey. Let’s go!

But first, coffee.

xx love & light

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