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October 2016


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I have two special videos for you today! One is a talk with Co-CEO of Glow Recipe about a rejuvenated skincare routine while I am pregnant, in my third and final trimester. And the other, is your regularly scheduled video within the Mind Body Beauty Series- Week 30!

Enjoy and let me know if you try out any of the products!

xx love and light.



October 2016



October 2016



September 2016



September 2016


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Here are some of my Mind Body Beauty video takeaways from the week~

Mantra for the week: Choose to be calm amongst the chaos

Body: prenatal yoga, learn to move with your new growing body

Beauty: I LOVE my plump, vibrant, hydrated skin after the 7-day Korean sheet mask challenge.

10-day Mystery Mask by Glow Recipe:

Glow Recipe website: http://bit.ly/1jvtfJv

xx love & light



September 2016



September 2016



August 2016


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12 purple roses for the month of December; 20 weeks pregnant ♀

So happy to finally reveal my pregnancy and to share some Mind Body Beauty topics on my experience so far.

To start, I am so happy and grateful for all of the blessings that have unfolded the past few years and all of the things that led up to it. Blessings are given to you when you are open for and truly ready.

I am currently in my 2nd trimester of 20 weeks/5 months and I am SO happy to be here because I am feeling great.

This post topic will be on the first trimester (Week 1-13/First 3 months).

So! Here we go. To say it in one phrase to describe the 1st trimester: ‘Beautiful Nightmare’. My husband Ray and I were so ecstatic, and while I was beyond grateful, I was also terribly sick, nauseous, fatigued, and bloated! Ha- all of the greatest things that come with the 1st trimester. To stay afloat I did my best to go on with my day to day activities. Here is how:

MIND: I wrote one serenity styled prayer in my moleskin and read it a few times a week. I also had affirmations in the notes section of my iPhone which I read nightly. Here is one example that I love: “There is perfect coordination in every part of my body because the Spirit of perfection is acting in and through me.” This specific affirmation can be used by anyone- whether you are pregnant or not.

BODY: I continued to work out and I think this is what saved me. Pre-pregnancy I did SLT once or twice a week, Yoga once or twice a week. During my pregnancy I did SLT at least once a week; Yoga at least once a week although some weeks were skipped. I felt really good while in class and did all workout moves as normal since I didn’t have a bump yet. During this time I got weekly body massages as well. I remained the same weight during the 1st trimester.

It is very good to try and stay in the same level of activity you are accustomed to once you get pregnant. It’s okay to ease up a bit but to stop completely  is not necessary nor is it benefical for you. It is most beneficial to continue on with your normal activities as long as you are mindful in your movements and confident in your workout.

BEAUTY: As soon as I found out I was pregnant I decided to become a monthly member of Ling Skincare so that I could see my esthetician every month consistently. I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall off the wagon with this one. During this time my skin was extremely dry and sensitive so I am glad I decided to get the extra help each month.

Below photo is at 10 weeks pregnant; no bump just a little more bloated than normal:

IMG_2455 On another note, I’ve made a list of video/blog requests from my YouTube comments and my Instagram comments. If there are any others, leave them here or email me: suninayoung@sunina.com – would love to know what I should talk about in the near future! x

love & light



July 2016


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Practicing and feeling genuine gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful. Your blessings multiply. Your perception changes. Your appreciation multiples. The best part is it is not hard to achieve and you can do it for yourself in minutes, even seconds.. Here are a few simple and practical ways to practice gratitude now. 

  1. Keep a journal. Write one or two lines a day, “I am thankful for..” It can be that simple, or it can be a full entry depending on how much you want to elaborate on why you’re thankful each day.  
  2. Read a few pages in that journal to reignite those feelings of gratitude. 
  3. Sit in meditation for a few minutes, with the mantra in mind, it can be a simple mantra, “I am grateful for my breath, which gives me life hope and energy”. 
  4. Keep a few statements of gratitude in the notes section of your iPhone. Read them before you sleep, and once you wake up. End and start your day with gratitude. 
  5. Share only words of gratitude with your friends and family when you see/speak with them. (i.e. Eliminate the habit of gossip). 
  6. Help others, be compassionate, be aware of the news around the world, but don’t allow it to encompass your mind and body out of its peaceful state. You be the peace that the world seeks by your daily actions and loving thoughts. 
  7. Imagine that the things that you want are already in your possession. Whether it’s health, a relationship, a job, anything. Think and talk of it as it is already yours or it is already in the works for you. 
  8. Move your body. Movement and exercise naturally brings feelings of gratitude for your mind and body. It motivates you to do more, be healthy, and clear the mind of cloudy, unnecessary thoughts. 

Xx love & light. 



May 2016


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Ally Love and I share our gym bag essentials in this collaborative video. Enjoy!
Ally Love’s Gym Bag:

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer: http://bit.ly/277LkBn
Ole Hendrickson Wipes: http://bit.ly/24GL2PT
Valerie Beverly Hills Eye Patches: http://bit.ly/1XhdcyS
Tom’s Long Lasting Deoderant: http://amzn.to/24GLyNE
Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar Blueberry: http://amzn.to/23BQfpE
Garment Bag Inside Smarts: http://bit.ly/23BRbdA

Sunina’s Gym Bag:
Supergoop Setting Sunscreen Mist: http://bit.ly/1ZxcBrq
VMV Hypoallergenics Know-It-Oil: http://bit.ly/1T0XWAX
Olive Leaf Mist: http://bit.ly/1QmytEY
RXBar Blueberry: http://bit.ly/1WjfLAQ
Nude Stix: http://seph.me/1QWvxcT

xx love and light.



April 2016



April 2016


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Did you know that just 5 minutes of serious meditation in the morning can guarantee its light will guide you through the day? Here is a weeks worth of mantras for you to take-away and do:

  • Every day in every way I am better and better.
  • I am love, I am light.
  • I am peace.
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world.
  • Change my thoughts, change my world.
  • May all beings be happy and free.
  • Divinity is my birth right.

Sit quietly in meditation, repeat one mantra for a few until you get lost in calm within. Breathe and release.

xx love and light!



April 2016


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Monday mantra today is simple, what your mama always told you- what you give is what you get.    
 All that I give is given to me. When I do more yoga I feel good all around- mind, body, soul. When I meditate, I am more relaxed and I do not react, I just am. When I work out and sweat, I look and feel better. When I eat clean and balanced, I feel lighter and healthier. When I smile more, I get that energy back from the people around me, but multiplied. 

The opportunity is all around you to give, and be given. 

Happy Monday, love and light! 




April 2016


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IMG_0040 IMG_0035 IMG_0037 IMG_0039



IMG_0041 Here is Part II of Ally Love and I’s beauty post; Part I can be found here. Ally know’s the importance of putting her mind and body at ease to achieve beauty seemingly effortlessly. She jets around New York on modeling shoots as a Wilhelmina model, is a Brooklyn Nets Host, and passionate devotee of all things wellness, so its no wonder she is also founder of ALLYLOVEBLOG.COM; It is all about empowering yourself and other women in the game, hence #LOVESQUAD – check it out!

I was so thrilled to have spent the day with her for all things beauty, we took our time to meditate (as seen on our last post), and to do a mini spa facial as well. We are both constantly on the go, so it is great to share with you a 20-minute self-care ritual that you can do for yourself at anytime. It’s about that glow on the go! Here’s what we did to achieve a quick glow while we were both on the go:

Step 1: Hello Kitty Narikiri Face Mask – these are so fun. I picked these up in Japan at a stopover in Narita Airport. It’s a super simple mask that contains water, soybean extracts, collagen, and other ingredients for brightening – perfect for a quick glow. Keep this on for just 15 Minutes.

Step 2: A nice mist after the mask to serve as a toner: Whamisa Olive Leaf Mist – This is one of my favorites to keep around with me at all times. I take them around the city with me and even spritz while teaching, after working out, or anytime i just need a little pick me up or glow in the skin.

Step 3J.One Hana Cream – These little capsules are just the right amount to give you full moisturizing coverage. It is a dramatic anti-aging cream. Use this after you pat your mist dry. Use gentle circular motions.

And, don’t forget your SPF if you are headed outside while the sun is still out! And you’re done!

xx love & light.



April 2016


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IMG_0032 IMG_0036

Ally Love (Ally Love Blog) and I had a spa session just in time for our birthdays! (Happy Birthday Ally!) We split it up into two parts: Mediation and Skincare. (The skincare post will be up on Friday). For included meditation into our beauty focused spa session because we know, love, and feel the importance of meditation for our healthy glow. Here is a curated list of what meditation means to us for beauty.

The Beauty Benefits of Meditation:

Slows Aging, as you meditate you bring energy (prana aka life) and fuller breaths into your body. It pumps more oxygen into the places that are tight and weak, it also brings a glow to your skin. You may notice after some time meditating that there is less tension in your face and you can really feel the difference when you are done. Breathing mindfully transforms the tissues and cells in your body. It brightens your complexion and makes you look and feel younger; working that natural glow from the inside out!

Builds Confidence, meditation keeps your mood even and calm, giving you an even keeled demeanor. It can instantly improve your mood and this builds your self-confidence as well. Meditation helps you get to know your true self, and when you know yourself you can only shine bright with confidence.

Healthier Choices, when you make mediation a habit you build your awareness muscle. As that muscle gets stronger you are more in the moment with everyday life which gives you the benefit of making better and healthier choices. It is when we are mindlessly moving through life that we make not so great choices that could effect our health. And, health is not only wealth-  but beauty as well.

xx love and light.



April 2016


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Heightening of your inner world will instantly elevate the reality of your outer world.

However, easier said than done, right? Especially if you have not yet built the awareness around what holds you back from elevating your world instantly. How aware are you of your emotions and how it could take control of you. For this post, we will call it ‘shadow’, ie. your dark side, the heavier side of your emotions. First we identify what the shadow is, the ‘thing’ that holds you back from elevating your world.

Shadow Main Ingredients:

  • Secrecy – not to reveal basic desires
  • Shame
  • Judgement
  • Blame
  • Projection
  • Separation
  • Enemies
  • Struggle – constant state of inner vs. outer warfare

The result of your shadow is war, struggle, and unnecessary drama.

The solution to uncreate the shadow by accepting your duality of light and dark. It is to be aware of your shadow and to acknowledge it. Instead of allowing shadow to take charge, we must take charge as creators of our own lives.

Duality is where you are, your split self is your most damaging illusion. In other words, when you identify your bad side and your good side you’re creating a separation instead of saying both your good and bad is OK, they are emotions that you can identify with. You are not ashamed of your shadow. It is also the knowing that if you did not have your shadow you would not be able to experience light.

You also have choices. Choose to accept your shadow, here are the choices:

1.  Stop Projecting. Be open to your shadow, here are projection examples and what it truly disguises:

  • Superiority disguises your own fear of rejection.
  • Arrogance disguises bottled up anger, beneath that is deep seated pain.
  • Defensiveness disguises the feeling that you are unworthy and weak.
  • Blame disguises the feeling that you are at fault and should be ashamed.
  • Idealizing others disguises the feeling that you are a weak helpless child that needs protecting, also feelings of inferiority.
  • Prejudice disguises the feeling that you are inferior and deserve to be rejected. 
  • Jealousy disguises your own impulse to stray, or a sense of sexual inadequacy.
  • Paranoia disguises deap seated anxiety.

Make peace with your projections. Here’s how: alertness, willingness, openness, honesty, courage. Feel the fear, and say “I see you, you belong to me.” Make peace with your feelings. Once you feel what you have, you can choose to push it down, attack it further, judge it. Or you can heal the unwanted feeling, face it, and acknowledge it. Hopefully you choose the latter. If you do not heal it, it will persist.

2. Detach: I can get through this, I won’t feel better unloading on someone else, acting out leads to regret and guilt, i can be patient lets see if i can cool down, moods come and go even the worst moods, I know how to center myself.

3. Give Up Self Judgement: Every emotion is valid in some way but when you add self-judgement, any emotion can be damaging. Grant sympathy for yourself, and be understanding of yourself. The inner judge dissolves when you are kind to yourself, and you sympathize with your self. Let your sympathy flow.

4. Rebuild Your Emotional Body: keeping your emotional body as healthy as we keep our physical body. When we are not feeling nourished emotional we feel fatigued, anxious. Emotional body should remain pleasing to experience.

Mantra: The lightness of being.

Tips to Build Your Emotional Body:

  • Becoming more whole
  • Learning to be resilient
  • Dispelling the demons of the past
  • Healing old wounds
  • Expecting the best and highest for yourself
  • Adopting realistic ideals.
  • Giving of yourself
  • Being generous especially with your spirit
  • Seeing through your fears
  • Learning self acceptance
  • Communicating with your higher self

Awareness and consciously choosing your thoughts in order to elevate your world instantly takes some not so instant work:) Keep going!

xx love and light.

Inspired and Paraphrased by The Shadow Effect 




March 2016


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How do you sunscreen? My SPF routine for the Spring/Summer is different from the Fall/Winter. I wear it all year long but I go a bit extra with it for the Spring/Summer. 

My approach is simple, I use cream first then I carry a spray version to carry around. That way I have my base, and I can spritz throughout the day. Most SPF’s only last 1-2 hours at most. And with sweat, makeup, etc I don’t trust just one base for the day. 

Same with body. I use any SPF for body. But for face, here is what I use:

My base SPF: http://bit.ly/1XKQgFV

K-beauty’s Mizon is perfect. The consistency is nice and moisturizing. It’s not greasy, it feels more like a moisturizer than a sunscreen. 

My spray SPF: http://seph.me/1Rj2OR3

I love the size of this Supergoop spray SPF, easy to carry around. It smells nice, plus packed with antioxidants and rosemary. 

Xx love and light. 



March 2016


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This post is inspired by the guy who rang me up at juice press in the upper east side the other day. I asked for soup options as I bought my rosewaters and ginger waters, they all sounded great and super healthy but I just said “Nah, no thanks..” He says “are you sure we also have this this…” And kept pressing– haha juice press… So I finally had to admit, “I’m just going to get pizza. Thanks..” With a chuckle he approved. I mean, pizza. 

How I eat for nutrition, body, skin, and sanity.. 

  • Drink lots of fluids, H2O, love all the new additions of waters at Juice Press (aloe, vitamin C, ginger, and especially rose water) 
  • Start your day with something very clean and hydrating. I love an acai bowl or fruit smoothie in the morning. Sometimes it’s just a youthberry tea 
  • I love pizza, I love white rice, and I will have it when I want 😎 
  • I choose fruits for snacks instead of processed foods and if I can go gluten free with snacks, why not? If I am craving potato chips I’ll go for sweet potato chips cooked with coconut oil. 
  • I use coconut oil to cook my foods 
  • I make a lot of my own shakes so I know what goes in it. 

When I crave it, I get it. When you allow a craving to go for a while is when you have a bigger chance of going overboard. 

Yesterday a friend asked me if I have cheat days.. And I guess by assumption you would assume I am extra healthy all the time but really I just enjoy what I love when I want. I don’t feel the need to over eat because I have a healthy relationship with my food. I eat only until I am just under full. So there really isn’t a “cheat day” I would consider everyday a cheat in that case because my day is balanced by what I want and not truly ruled by any strict diet. 

I usually consume nutritious foods because that is naturally what I crave. But if I want Pizza or Taco Bell I will have it. 

Eat for health and sanity:) xx love and light 



March 2016


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   Whenever I feel frustrated, impatient, or assuming I track back to the four agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz). I just love the simple statements that bring you back to perspective.

The Four Agreements:

Be impeccable with your word: say what you mean and mean what you say. And if you say you are going to do something, follow through. If it isn’t possible, say it isn’t and be as consise as you can be.

Don’t take anything personally: don’t get offended, don’t misconstrue a message. Don’t worry about others taking your actions personally. Their feelings are not your responsibility. Yours, however are.

Don’t make assumptions: don’t assume someone did something to offend you, or did something to commend you. You never know what someone is going through or what their mindset is like. It could be very different from yours and you just cannot assume what they’re thinking.

Always do your best: whatever your best is at this very moment, that is all you need. There is no need to force what isn’t yet. And being lazy is show of character. So show up for yourself 100%.

In addition, think before you point fingers and blame. In most cases, just because it isn’t your fault doesn’t mean it’s someone else’s. Open your mind, get back into perspective. Loosen up and stop the blame. 😘  so much to be grateful for.

Happy Friday!

Xx love and light



February 2016


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A beautiful mantra for today, and any day: All that I give is given to myself.

A meditation guideline that I give myself today is the truth that when you give to another you are given the same. It feels good to give- when you are giving good energy you are receiving good energy. When you give bad vibes, it doesn’t feel good at all. It is hard sometimes when you are wrapped up in the petty. So meditate and release the petty and remember that what you give is what you are giving to yourself. Shake off petty. Make room and space in your mind and body for lightness and peace. 

Xx Love and light. 

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