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April 2014


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sunina_bright The other day I spent my morning at Mercedes while waiting for service. I had to go teach that night so I took a complimentary ride from Mercedes to my studio while the brake pads were getting fixed overnight. During the 20 minute drive to my studio I unexpectedly had the most enlightening conversation with the driver, who was 65+. He was a retired real estate guy that travelled a ton when he was younger. He had bright happy eyes and you could just tell he was a yogi-hearted man at first glance. We talked about so much in such short time, it fulfilled my need for spiritual talk for sure! I can’t really describe why or how but you just know when you’ve connected with not just another person, but with another soul- that’s truly powerful. When you look beyond a persons color, creed, eyes.. you see the soul. Here are a few enlightening highlights of our conversation:

  • He got to know himself through his travels, you’ve got to know yourself to truly be at peace. To be free of judgement, to not be disturbed by external disturbances, to be happy- know yourself.
  • You can’t preach, you can only ‘awaken’ those who are sleeping by guiding and showing by example.
  • We are all one. We are all the same inside, and one day in the future we will all be the same color (my prediction!) A true oneness among society.
  • You can see from the eyes of most people, those who are truly happy and living — and those who are just alive.
  • He meditates 30 minutes every morning (!) Love it.

I think back to another time I connected in this way and it was with an older man also, 65+, I sure do have a type! Old souls who are still young at heart are so beautiful. As young people can learn so much from them. Truly the types that have whoever they come across leave happier. If your gramps is a spiritual yogi, please lend him to me – they are blessings!

xx love & light.


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