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October 2013


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This is how I feel about learning anatomy as it pertains to Yoga, crammed into 3 fully energetic days:

Abduct your hips at hip width, elevate your left hip as you depress your right hip, evert your right foot as you plantar flex, flex your left shoulder + flex your left wrist, place your right hand on your hips, expose your zygomatic process (smile!).

If you are a fascianista, you will know how to get your body into the pose above. I am so elated that I can direct and understand anatomical language. And if you are fascianated with the direction of movements (DOM’s) above, I highly recommend taking Yoga Tune-up with Trina Altman! She is PHENOMENAL. I’ve taken anatomy before, but her technique for teaching through demonstration and embodiment was truly helpful. Can’t wait to take her class in Santa Monica’s EQ! I was also really happy with AcroYoga teacher, Taylor Dunham, and her passion for anatomy. Elizabeth Wipff, completely dynamic and on-point with her fitness advice. And great job Courtney Mitchell! It was not too long ago that I randomly picked up an issue of Healthy Living Magazine, read about Yoga Therapy, and was completely inspired by it. So this course, and the people I’ve met during this course, has been a blessing. Through Yoga Tune Up I was reminded that self-care is truly an ongoing process. The yoga therapy balls (shown in photo) is a must-have for every body. Trina taught a million techniques on how to use them, and now every chance I get I am on the floor with these balls. Ha!

So in conclusion- it was an amazing, information-filled weekend which I couldn’t wait to share first thing Monday morning at 9:27am, after my coffee of course. Busy day ahead but will post a new workout this afternoon as usual- our Monday workout! Happy Monday!!!




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