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September 2013


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Squat Kickbacks!

The last high intensity workout of the week. Hope you liked the new moves!! I get bored so easily that I always like to incorporate new moves that are equipment free which you can do anywhere.

Try Squat Kickbacks! Amazing for your bum and thighs. Tone and get tight!!! Summer is just about over but the new Fall season is no excuse to slack off:) it’s for your health!

Position A: Feet firmly planted to on floor, slightly wider than shoulder width apart, hands extended out in front of you, push your butt out to push down and squat.

Position B: as you pop up sweep your hands behind you and kick your feet back- boom! Repeat and alternate legs.

3 sets of 10 reps- go! xo



August 2013


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Triangle Crunch

The Triangle Crunch! This move is great for your abs, legs, and butt!

Position A: kneel, place left hand lightly on back of head, right hand on floor to side.

Position B: crunch to left while raising left leg, so body forms a straight line from hip to toe. Lower leg and repeat.

Do 25 per side!



August 2013


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Plank Cross

The Plank Cross works your abs, obliques, shoulders, and butt.

Here’s how to do the Plank Cross:

Position A: start in plank position with wrists directly beneath shoulders.

Position B: engage abs as you bring your right knee to the left. Return to plank and repeat on opposite side.

Do 30!

Beauty P.S. I am working up the will to cut my hair. Why is hair so emotionally connected to us?? Does it signify that we are yearning for a dramatic change, not only in appearance but in situational circumstances, relationships, or career? Thoughts anyone? Read this good article about the psychology of hair from YouBeauty.

Edit, 1 hour later: and here’s why I’ve already decided against chopping off my hair.. ”I’m thrilled with how my hair looks right now, which, as you all know, is the perfect time to fuck with it and make myself miserable. ” –Babe Walker.




August 2013


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Kneeling Sidekick

Another Pilates move today! Kneeling Sidekicks, they are great for your glutes, obliques, chest, shoulders.

Position A: get on all fours, chin down, right leg extended straight back behind you.

Position B: kick to the side without rocking your body. Keep your hips steady (do not rock them back and forth). Repeat!

Do 30 per side- go! 




August 2013


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Here’s to a Pilates inspired week! Happy Monday.

The leg climb has been challenging to me because of the flexibility factor. How high can you climb up your leg without compensating good form?

How to do the Leg Climb:

Position A: sit with both feet stretched out in front of you, kick your right leg straight up! Hold your calves from a comfortable distance.

Position B: straight back- pulse your legs into your chest as you climb up as much as you can. Switch legs.

Try this on a daily basis to progressively increase your flexibility.

Do 20 reps!



August 2013


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Good morning!

Good morning!

Hair up, ready to work!

Hair up, ready to work!

Shooting stills..

Shooting stills..

Tough workout! Whew. Ron got tired just from helping me count!

Tough workout! Whew. Ron got tired just from helping me count!



It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap!

Feeling good about the shoot!! x

Feeling good about the shoot!! x

Loved the serenity of shooting & working out at the beach- especially with a team that is driven enough to wake up so early in the morning to grind with me! I can’t be happier and more thankful for a team like mine.

We each woke up at around 5am to drive to Robert Moses Beach in Long Island, NY. The scenic drive was gorgeous. One thing I love about my team is how fast we work- preparation is key!

Ron’s definitely got the hang of how fast I like to go through each fit move- we usually get it in two takes. He also corrects my form here and there while we shoot, which is fantastic. He’s like my mirror.

Cyril has been my #1 videographer and friend since we met at a fashion show at 1 Oak in NYC years ago. We usually get into crazy deep conversations about random life wonders while we shoot cute footage, ha.

I just started working with Sophie- she is like a little sister who likes to dress you up. Her eclectic taste opens my eyes to all the other trendier possibilities I could have. I’m so basic and I only stick to a few things I know and love. But, I appreciate the fairy-like sparkle she brings into my life when we shoot!

Love my team!!!!!!!!! xo

Happy Friday! Have an amazing weekend + subscribe to my newsletter for a preview of next week’s fit focus! xo



August 2013


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We are continuing with our week of cardio:) You don’t need much, but a little bit everyday will go a long way!

For an effective workout, try high intensity interval training. I recommend the ‘Jog, Run, Sprint’ workout below if you want simultaneous toning and weight loss.

High Intensity Interval Training:

  • 1 minute walk
  • 2 min jog
  • 2 min run
  • 1 min sprint
  • 30 sec jog
  • 30 sec sprint
  • 30 sec jog
  • 30 sprint (at your max speed!)
  • walk it out for 1 min

This is only 9 minutes! It burns approximately 110 to 130 calories.




August 2013


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Burpees are so challenging – but it’s such an effective full body cardio workout- try it!

How to do a Burpee:

Position A: crouch into a squat.

Position B: jump-kick feet back to plank.

Position C: hop feet back between your palms to squat.

Position D: jump up to the sky!

Advanced: add a push-up to your plank.

10 to 20 reps- go!

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