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August 2013


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Another equipment-free abs workout: the Toe Touch!

Position A: lay on your back, extend your legs and arms and reach, activate your core- keep it tight!

Position B: extend your legs up and touch your toes!

Repeat 20x!



July 2013


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Printable Flat Abs Workout

I was inspired by you to create my first workout 1 sheet because of the positive reactions from yesterday’s criss cross workout for flat abs!

Here it is, it’s printable! Or save it in your phone for near future reference:)

Here is your Flat Abs Workout:

  1. Bridge Pullover 20x
  2. L Stand 10x per leg
  3. Side Plank with Crunch 10x per side
  4. Ab Roll Up 10x
  5. Water Warrior 10x

Do moves 1-5 3x to burn 110+ calories (depending on your weight & level of fitness).

Photos are by Ron Gejon!



July 2013


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Happy Monday! This week we are focused on equipment-free workouts. You do not need a gym membership to workout, most machines are actually limiting in fitness progress. Variety and progress is always good, so step off the machines and try equipment-free workouts (from this blog;)

The Skater Lunge works your outer thighs and butt! Here’s how to do them:

Position A: take a big step forward diagonally with your right foot, hands on your hips for better balance.

Position B: lower into a lunge – go as low as you can without letting your knees touch the floor. Repeat!

Do 20 reps per side; 2 sets- go!



July 2013


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Last week we did the Spider-Man! This week I wanted to try the Superman, in lieu of the movie in theatres currently, Man of Steel!

This works your core, glutes, and lower back.

Here’s how to do the Superman:

Position A: lay flat on your stomach, arms and legs extended (like Superman when he’s flying).

Positions B: raise your right arm and left leg, hold. Repeat with opposite limbs.

Tip #1: Keep your head down to avoid a neck strain.

Tip #2: Remember to activate your core (abs tight)!

15 reps; 3 sets- go!

(Photography by Ron Gejon!)

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July 2013


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The standard push-up!

We started with the counter push-up, the the knee push-up and have now progressed into a standard push-up!

Here’s how to do them:

Position A: get into plank positions, palms to the floor elbows lined up under your shoulders, make sure your hips are down (don’t stick your butt up).

Position B: make sure your abs and glutes are tight as you press your upper body down, back up and repeat!

Do 10 to 15; 2 sets.



July 2013


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Plié Squat Jumps!

I like adding jumps to squats to gain some cardio to my toning.

Plié Squats work a different part of your thighs and butt than the traditional squats – it’s always good to vary it up.

Here’s how to do them:

Positions A: hands straight in front of you, feet turned out and shoulder width apart, good posture, chin up!

Position B: and you push down to a squat, lean forward as you stick your butt out, get ready to jump..

Position C: jump high! Tip: use your arms to propel yourself up as you sweep your hands and feet behind you.

Do 20! x



July 2013

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We are continuing with bikini body workouts- the focus this week. I tend to forget about upper body when thinking bikini but it’s just as important as your abs, legs..

So last week I posted the counter push-up, the next step up is the knee push-up which works the upper body. I struggle with upper body strength so I find these modified push-ups a good way to work my upper body without weights.

So here’s how to do a Knee Push-Up:

Position A: kneel on the floor on your hands and knees. Your wrists are shoulder width apart, cross your ankles and have your feet up in the air.

Position B: lower your body by bending your elbows until you are parallel to the ground, then press back up, straightening your elbows.

Do 20! x



July 2013

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The focus this week is bikini body workouts- inspired by my trip to Miami last week. Here’s for your core:

Side plank with crunch!

Position A: lie on your sides and balance your body weight on your forearms, hands placed behind your head.

Position B: bring your elbow down to the floor twisting your torso.

10 reps – switch sides and repeat!



July 2013

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My mantra today has been to ‘Forge Ahead’, to be brave enough to really move forward and pursue what is meaningful to me, to invest in my goals with the full intention of sticking to it.

Today I invested in a training program to become certified within the fitness field. I’m really excited about cultivating this interest of mine and sharing what I think would be useful to you along the way.

I have a ton of ambition, and I know I need to forge ahead now!

For the past few months I’ve given intense thought and spoken to family and friends about my new idea. The ones that listen tirelessly without judgement are the ones I can thank (Mom & BFF Heather to name two) for helping me make this decision. I don’t plan for it to be easy- but with a little support from peers and a whole lot of intent on my part, I want to make things happen and forge a new path! 



July 2013

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A full body workout, The Water Warrior!

Tempted to do this right now as I’m sitting in front of clear blue water in SoBe!

Here’s how to do the Water Warrior:

Position A: stand up straight, hands on your hips, knees bent up to the sky.

Position B: slowly kick your knees back into a straight kick-back as you lower your back, chin down, hands lengthened backwards to be aligned with your leg. Repeat!

10 reps per leg; 3 sets- go!



July 2013

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The ab roll-up! The focus here is mainly abs but works out your full-body because of the added cardio. This is not your average ab workout- it’s challenging and definitely worth a try:)

Here’s how to do an ab roll-up:

Position A: start by sitting with your knees bent in front of you.

Position B: roll back to lay flat on your back as you propel your legs straight up to the sky, butt lifted of the floor, point your toes!

Position C: legs back down bent in front of you to get ready to sit up.

Position D: sit with knees bent in front of you, get ready to jump..

Position E: get up and stand up straight, jump up high, hands to the sky!

10 reps; 3 sets- go!



July 2013

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We are continuing the week with a full body workout focus! The standard push-up works your entire body (chest, shoulders, triceps, legs, abs, lower back..). However, the standard push-up can be tough for beginners. So in order to strengthen your upper body to prepare for standard push-ups we should start with counter push-ups, then eventually knee push-ups, then finally the standard!

So here is how you do counter push-ups:

Position A: palms on the ledge, shoulder width part, feet together and knees slightly bent.

Position B: lower your upper body to within a few inches of the counter, or in my case a large rock at Central Park.

25 reps; 2 sets- go!



July 2013

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The L Stand! Tones your upper back, shoulders, arms, core, glutes.. It’s super effective and works your FULL BODY- the focus this week!

I am traveling this week and need to be in good shape fast, so the most effective and efficient way to do this is to incorporate workouts that will tone and tighten my entire body at the same time- time saver!

So, this is how you do the L Stand:

Position A: palms flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. Walk your feet up a wall or sturdy base (in my case a big rock at Central Park) until your legs are parallel to the floor so your body is at a 90 degree angle.

Position B: raise your leg to activate your core.

Position C: point your toes! Lower your leg and repeat with your other leg.

10 reps each leg; 2 sets- go! Stop & drop if you feel light-headed.



July 2013

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Just a Friday recap!

Hope you liked the butt workouts all week! I can’t wait to show what’s next up on the blog for the coming weeks.

Pic 1: that was a candid shot from this mornings fitness photoshoot with my photog, Ron Gejon, at Central Park. I was taking a quick break because I was a bit winded after one particular move lol.

Pic 2: Fireworks! My 4th of July was beautiful, could not have asked for a more over-the-top BBQ celebration hosted by my BFF x

Pic 3: The Samsung Galaxy camera has been on my wish list for a few weeks and I was so ecstatic to be surprised with one from the BF. He says it is a motivational gift to continue to focus on the development of my fitness blog.

Awwwwwww, the sweetest ever and so supportive!!!!

Feeling super blessed, and couldn’t be more thankful for everything I already have.

Love love! Happy Friday.
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June 2013

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Did you make it to the gym this morning? I didn’t.. which is why tonight’s workout is going to kick my a** for a full hour, even though I’m a bit under the weather from my immune system breaking down after my recent red-eye flight. No excuses!

Anyway- Glute Kickbacks!

Here’s how to do them properly:

Position A: get on your knees with palms flat on the floor, shoulder width apart.

Position B: exhale as you flex your foot and push straight up through the heel. Squeeze and hold. Inhale and slowly lower your leg down to starting position.

25 reps each leg; 2 sets. Go!
Making it my priority to get the the gym bright and early tomorrow morning.



June 2013

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Workout in the morning! What an amazing way to start the day. That’ll be my personal fitness aim + focus on the blog this week. I’d love to make morning workouts before breakfast my daily habit!

Here is one move I do for abs during a quick AM workout, the ball crunch!

Position A: Stabilize yourself on the ball in basic crunch position, flat back, hands behind your head, legs bent, and chin up!

Position B: Lift your upper body from your core and crunch! Repeat 50x, 3 sets. Go!


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