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April 2016



April 2016


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IMG_0041 Here is Part II of Ally Love and I’s beauty post; Part I can be found here. Ally know’s the importance of putting her mind and body at ease to achieve beauty seemingly effortlessly. She jets around New York on modeling shoots as a Wilhelmina model, is a Brooklyn Nets Host, and passionate devotee of all things wellness, so its no wonder she is also founder of ALLYLOVEBLOG.COM; It is all about empowering yourself and other women in the game, hence #LOVESQUAD – check it out!

I was so thrilled to have spent the day with her for all things beauty, we took our time to meditate (as seen on our last post), and to do a mini spa facial as well. We are both constantly on the go, so it is great to share with you a 20-minute self-care ritual that you can do for yourself at anytime. It’s about that glow on the go! Here’s what we did to achieve a quick glow while we were both on the go:

Step 1: Hello Kitty Narikiri Face Mask – these are so fun. I picked these up in Japan at a stopover in Narita Airport. It’s a super simple mask that contains water, soybean extracts, collagen, and other ingredients for brightening – perfect for a quick glow. Keep this on for just 15 Minutes.

Step 2: A nice mist after the mask to serve as a toner: Whamisa Olive Leaf Mist – This is one of my favorites to keep around with me at all times. I take them around the city with me and even spritz while teaching, after working out, or anytime i just need a little pick me up or glow in the skin.

Step 3J.One Hana Cream – These little capsules are just the right amount to give you full moisturizing coverage. It is a dramatic anti-aging cream. Use this after you pat your mist dry. Use gentle circular motions.

And, don’t forget your SPF if you are headed outside while the sun is still out! And you’re done!

xx love & light.



April 2016


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IMG_0032 IMG_0036

Ally Love (Ally Love Blog) and I had a spa session just in time for our birthdays! (Happy Birthday Ally!) We split it up into two parts: Mediation and Skincare. (The skincare post will be up on Friday). For included meditation into our beauty focused spa session because we know, love, and feel the importance of meditation for our healthy glow. Here is a curated list of what meditation means to us for beauty.

The Beauty Benefits of Meditation:

Slows Aging, as you meditate you bring energy (prana aka life) and fuller breaths into your body. It pumps more oxygen into the places that are tight and weak, it also brings a glow to your skin. You may notice after some time meditating that there is less tension in your face and you can really feel the difference when you are done. Breathing mindfully transforms the tissues and cells in your body. It brightens your complexion and makes you look and feel younger; working that natural glow from the inside out!

Builds Confidence, meditation keeps your mood even and calm, giving you an even keeled demeanor. It can instantly improve your mood and this builds your self-confidence as well. Meditation helps you get to know your true self, and when you know yourself you can only shine bright with confidence.

Healthier Choices, when you make mediation a habit you build your awareness muscle. As that muscle gets stronger you are more in the moment with everyday life which gives you the benefit of making better and healthier choices. It is when we are mindlessly moving through life that we make not so great choices that could effect our health. And, health is not only wealth-  but beauty as well.

xx love and light.



December 2015


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This Christmas I am sharing a few of my favorite things. These are items I use, love, and can’t wait to giveaway! Peach and Lily Beauty Gift box, Carbon 38 $100 Gift Card, Yoga Glow class for 3, and 7-day Supply of Sakara Beauty Water!

There are a few days left to enter to win. Check out www.instagram.com/suninayoung to enter.

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November 2015


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I am so excited to share with you, Yoga Glow, a class dedicated to your expression of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for the mind, body, beauty. I have been refining and working towards this concept for a few years and now it is finally ready for you!!

Here are the details:

Thursday, November 12th at 7pm! Location: Penthouse at Wyndham Hotel, NYC.

50-minutes of breath synchronized movement dedicated to waist slimming, derrière lifting, and anti-aging asanas! Move to energetic and soothing tunes. It ends with an ahhmazing ‘spa-vasana’. You will relax with eucalyptus aromatherapy in a hydrating mask while guided into a conscious relaxation meditation.

Mats, towels, blocks, and juices provided for guests.

Masks and gift bags provided by Peach and Lily.

Click here to sign up!

I believe that the beauty of a woman is in the way that she carries herself. Supremly confident, but not superior. Shares her dynamic presence not by boasting, but by simply being. She takes the time to take care of herself, both in the mirror and in meditation. Outer self care is not frivolous, it is our divine duty to take care of our skin, our bodies, our essence. To be spiritual does not mean to suppress your goddess self. It means to uncover it, reveal it, embrace it. Take care of your inner self just as much as you do your outer self. Men, do not shy away as this is for you too! We are all emotional beings that can do so much more if we let go of the things that hold us heavy. Self-care is for everyone, and it is an expression of love for yourself.

Connecting with our inner selves is our divine duty. Feeling good is our divine duty. Glowing from the inside out is true beauty.

Once again, I am so excited and I cannot wait for the 12th. I hope to share my practice with you there!

Xx love and light.



November 2015


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Today’s self-care Sunday is for the girls that just want to have a lazy Sunday! The splash mask only takes 15 seconds! The sea-kelp mask has amazing benefits, it is straight from Jeju Island in South Korea. So excited to show you this one. Happy Sunday.

Links to Products at Glow Recipe:

Blithe Patting Splash Mask – Soothing & Healing: http://bit.ly/1P4C5uA

Whamisa Organic Sea Kelp Facial Sheet Mask: http://bit.ly/1iw14IN

Giveaway Items:
Nancy Rose Performance: http://bit.ly/1RmgY4Q
Hadanomy Collagen Facial Mist: http://amzn.to/1hGldfF



October 2015


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Bragging vs. Being.

Bragging by definition is to ‘talk or write about oneself in a proud or self-impressed way; arrogant talk or manner. Bragging is a verbal kind of showing off.  (Humblebrags included!) We all know someone who does this, have done this, and at some point you may have been guilty of it too. This is a sign of ego getting in the way of truth. Truth does not need to brag. It is when we feel inadequate, insecure, or in need of attention.

Being. Simply being you, the true you that is happy when you are doing what you love is when you naturally shine bright. It is an energy that is so strong that anyone around you can feel it. Being you no matter how insecure it may make others feel is not bragging or showing off, it is simply being you. Playing down abilities, your opinions, your taste, or your talents because you are afraid of making others feel insecure is not of your concern. You are here to 100% be you and to express what you’ve been given to do your work here.

xx love & light

Beauty bonus – I literally always have this spray by my side – consistently since 2011! See in photo – the pink bottle:) My all-time favorite collagen mist, the bottle above is probably like my 27th bottle! It has surpassed expectations of many of my beauty products in my beauty closet and I want to share with you what, why, when, where, how! Guess where I found it, the best way to use it, and why it is the best of all mists I’ve tried. To discover all this, Sign up for my newsletter (column on the right) – will be talking all about it in my newsletter tomorrow. PS There will be a giveaway:)



October 2015


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Self-care Sunday!

Facial Fitness – super simple massage techniques you can do anywhere, anytime. For a plump, youthful complexion with a healthy glow do this twice a day everyday for 2-5 minutes. Also included: Beauty Affirmations!

Using any face oil will do, even do it while cleansing.
Some examples:
Rosehip oil: http://amzn.to/1G6Hb6t
Vitamin E oil: http://bit.ly/1hGkF9s
DHC Cleansing oil: http://bit.ly/1U0fWRf

I believe in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for the mind, body, beauty.

xx love & light.



October 2015


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Self-Care Sunday! Start the week off with self-care to set the tone for the rest of the week. There are so many natural beauty benefits in roses, discover them in this video with a soothing face mask and relaxing bath 🙂

SheaMoisture Bubbles: http://bit.ly/1jo7SsM
Ahava Dead Sea Bath Crystals: http://amzn.to/1N6N9UE

DHC Facial Cleansing Oil: http://bit.ly/1U0fWRf
Son & Park Beauty Water: http://bit.ly/1O1nHPQ
Fresh Rose Face Mask: http://bit.ly/1QivcmH
Aura Cacia Rosehip Oil: http://amzn.to/1G6Hb6t

xx love & light.

I believe in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for the mind, body, beauty.



October 2015



August 2015


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This is the 2nd Sunday Selfcare Skincare video!
Rejuvenated Skincare routine perfect for a morning after a long night – enjoy!

Links to all products used in the video is below:

DHC Oil Cleanser: http://bit.ly/1U0fWRf
Neutrogena Makeup Wipes: http://bit.ly/1Eb7gAr
Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask: http://seph.me/1KdfuJl
Cotton Pads: http://bit.ly/1NtzwBd
Be The Skin Toner: http://bit.ly/1Jd5w8R
Cremorlab Mineral Essence: http://bit.ly/1EcsZIi
All-In-One Snail Repair Cream: http://bit.ly/1h4NeNk

I believe in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for the mind, body, beauty.

xx love & light.






March 2015


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In 2011, I bought this beautiful corset with boning detail with the full intention to use it as a primary waist-loss (not weight loss 🙂 solution. I did it for a total of 1 hour and never looked at it again. I wasn’t so turned on by how hard it was to get into and how much of an effort waist training is.

Recently, I’ve gotten engaged and I wanted to incorporate some sort of waist training back into my ‘bridal body beauty plan’, so I dug through the lingerie section of my closet and found this at the very bottom- ahhh. So pretty! Now with a renewed perception, and some adjustments I tried waist training again for 10 days. Here is my recent experience and tips:

  • It minimizes your appetite, so you do not overeat.
  • It’s recommended you wear this corset for 4 to 6 hours a day. I opted for 3 a day- much more manageable so I do not have to actually wear it out.
  • Try not have it on too tight to start, keep it slightly tight but not so much so that you feel entrapped (scary feeling if you tend towards feeling claustrophobic!)
  • Get the type of corset that has boning, it is much more structured for a better fit.
  • Waist-training is not a primary source of losing weight or waist:) What really works? SLT! Maybe I am biased but working out is what will get you the results, waist training is a gradual, time-consuming process.
  • You have to be committed to win it! What are your goals? Be precise before you start. Measure yourself. Work out, eat healthy. Waist training is not the primary solution:)

This is not only about how many inches you can lose off your waist or how tiny you can make it. It is about your empowerment as a woman to have the curvatures you love. I was reminded of it when I saw how beautiful, feminine, empowered, and confident CINDERELLA (Lily James) looked in a corseted gown.

In other news, after spending the Winter isolated, I’ve come full circle and was reminded of how grateful I am of EVERYTHING the world has to offer. This includes this once in a lifetime period that I am living in engagement bliss- so I should be sharing my moments and my love for self-care for the mind, body, beauty. I’ve created a hashtag where I will be sharing some of my self-care efforts to feel my best in time for my big day! Very excited, stay in the light xo

Love & Light.

Edit: I got mine at www.corsetdeal.com

Photo on 3-23-15 at 1.11 PM #2



January 2015


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IMG_8980 We hear so much about how the sun is damaging, hide from the sun, etc. etc! Then Winter in New York comes along, and all you can dream about is the sun in your face, and that salt water taste. The cold weather has just as much damaging effects if not more on your mind, body, beauty (skin). I recently went away with my fiancé to Grand Cayman to ‘change the forecast’ last weekend, and WOW. You could FEEL the therapeutic effects and natural remedies of Mother Earth just getting to work on you right away. We are naturally made of what’s found in sea water (magnesium), so when we spend time in it we become balanced in our mind, in how we feel in our bodies, and in the glow of our skin. As soon as I got back home, I hit a few health food stores to get a few things to incorporate into my skincare regimen: 100% pure sea salt, avocados, lemons, manuka honey, and pure aloe.

Here’s one at-home toner I made so that I can spritz at anytime in case I get serious beach nostalgia: mix 4 ounces of warm water with a tablespoon of sea salt. Allow the sea salt to dissipate, then apply to skin as a toner. (I use a container with a pump so its easy to spritz).

xx love & light

(ALWAYS USE SPF under the sun even in the winter & constantly reapply after swimming if you are on vaca or just live in an all year round sunny state!)




September 2014


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Every time I fly 5+ hours, I make sure to have a very select few beauty essentials on board with me in my carry on. It is so important to me to stay hydrated, and to feel uplifted. Here are 5 beauty essentials that ensure me to meet those goals:

1) Honey sheet mask by Real Nature. I get them at the Face Shop in Ktown, NYC. Sheet masks originated in South Korea but you can find them just about everywhere now! Check out Sephora for a hydrating kind.

2) Bright Eyes Gel Patch. This noticeably brightens my undereye area. This is also from the Face Shop in Ktown, NYC.

3) Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The spray of the scent is instantly uplifting. It smooths and brightens the complexion instantly for glowing skin. I like to use this before or after makeup application. Get the 1 oz., airplane approved size ($18).

4) Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil. It comes in a rollerball which I love because 1, it’s tiny and easy to carry. And 2, because the rollerball can be used all over the face to massage your face which is so good for blood circulation. Which also equals to glowing, vibrant skin. It instantly brings energy to you face. Get the rollerball size for airplane approval.

And last, eye cream!
5) Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream I love the uplifting scent of this eye cream. It is gentle and smooths out any signs of creasing. Obsessed! Get the tiny travel size.

Xx love & light.



July 2014


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yoga forward fold sunina young Standing forward fold is a great inversion to get your blood circulation going! It’s great to relieve tension and stress. It strengthens and stretches the leg muscles, ankles, feet. It lengthens the spinal column, creating space for more flexibility and movement.

Here’s how to do it: Stand up straight in mountain pose with feet together, hands by the sides. Inhale, hands up to the sky. Exhale, swan dive forward, drop the crown of the head down fully. Stay for 3 to 5 breaths. Think about creating space in each of your tense joints and releasing all impurities in the body.

xx love & light.

Bonus: This inversion helps you achieve a healthy skin glow throughout your entire body because of the increased blood circulation.



June 2014


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SUNINA_24KGOLD Friday is (outer) beauty day! Remember to prioritize self-care.

I loved this treatment! My friend and esthetician, Melly, pampered me with this 24K Gold facial. It has an instant brightening effect, plumps up your skin with the added collagen, and improves blood circulation. I was so inspired by the brightening results I even got myself a 24K Gold Moisturizer from South Korea.

Here are the benefits:

– 24 Karat Gold is combined with great ingredients for maximum results.

– Stimulates blood circulation to repair and prevent damaged cells.

– Excellent eye treatment to minimize puffiness and flakiness.

– Fight free radicals to protect skin for external environment.

– Great anti-aging product, it improves skin elasticity.

– Leaves skin lively and youthful looking.

If you’ve had a great week of being kind to people, kind to yourself – you definitely need your cherry on top – with an ahhhhmazing spa day.

If you liked this post, please share 🙂


xx love & light.



October 2013


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xxmakeup xxmakeup1


It’s Thursday! And I want to talk about a few new products in my beauty cabinet!

When bedtime hits you’ve got to make sure every speck of makeup is off your face. I got this new cleansing lotion by PureVivi, and I love it. That along with these Japanese cleansing pads ensure an immaculately clean face for bedtime. Plus it’s so quick!!! It literally melts the makeup off my face, even my mascara without leaving any cotton residue behind. I also love the fact that its alcohol and fragrance free- and no oils! I have mixed feelings about oils, are they good for your face or not??

Will Work For Makeup🙂 So I’ve been wanting to write about Mac cosmetics for a while because they’ve been so gracious with gratis- thank you Christine!!! I love modeling for Mac Artists! Here are a few I’ve used from my gratis so far:

Lips + Cheeks: So here is one lipstick I got over the summer, Love Goddess, a very pretty pink toned RED from the Marilyn Monroe collection. A bronzer I got more recently Nude on Board– love it and use it on my cheeks for days I want to look and feel like I have a healthy sun-kisses glow!

http://www.maccosmetics.com/ xo.



September 2013


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When the season changes many other things adjust- your wardrobe choices, workout routine, makeup colors, and skincare routine.. all very important life decisions!!! No sarcasm here:)

Here are a few beauty related items I am focusing on this Fall!

1) Eyebrows. Specifically korean styled eyebrows that are straight and full. Think Kim Hee Sun and Song Hye Kyo!

2) A simplified skincare routine focusing on eye cream, brightening creams from any sun damage over the summer, and hydrating masks as well as heavier moisturizers for the colder months in NY. I really want to try Chanel Le Lift Créme.. for optimal firmness!

3) Deep dark lips. Like its the 90’s.

4) Consistent Workouts. Do it for yourself, always do it for yourself. Glow
in the heart of winter like its still summertime 2013:-)

5) Lemon water. Would love to get back into dropping lemons in every cup of water I drink. Cucumbers too! Benefits include: vitamin C, fiber, fresh breath(!), and helps you keep your weight at your ideal best.

What is your Fall Beauty Focus?

Let me know in comments or twitter! Xo.



August 2013


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tumblr_mrmv7gzfOP1qahmfgo1_1280 tumblr_mrmv7gzfOP1qahmfgo2_r2_1280 tumblr_mrmv7gzfOP1qahmfgo3_r2_1280   Photo 1: a question from you that inspired me for today’s Q&A post!

Photo 2: a photo sent to me this morning from my assistant lol, my ideal breakfast according to her.

Photo 3: me! to you <3 Soo.. here’s my in-depth answer to the q in photo 1:)

You can always be better than you were yesterday. That is one of the greatest blessings we have- to be able to have a second chance everyday that we wake up! We can all be limitless.. For everyone it’s different- but for me, here are some tips/skills I have subconsciously used and developed for use on a daily basis – and remember ‘Savoir-Fair’, knowing what to do in any situation.

I broke them down into six important categories:

1) Beauty: my morning/night routine is very simple, and it’s less than five minutes long. Simplicity is key. Know your skin type, know what your skincare goals are and use a few products that will take care of that. Slightly switch it up every few months by switching eye creams or moisturizers. Get a cute makeup pouch for key staple beauty items to carry with you wherever you go– always be ready:)

2) Appearance: I pick out my clothes in less than 5 minutes. I can do this very quickly because my wardrobe is minimal and concise. Every single new friend that has ever seen my closet has said the same exact thing to me.. “Wow, I always thought your wardrobe would be much larger”. The key here is knowing what looks good and FEELS right to you and your true style. Shop only when you need to go to an event (I rarely like to go out to social events wearing the same outfit twice- and if I do it is months apart). Every season purchase only a few key items you know you will need. Basics are best, vary it up with color. For special events, use Rent The Runway. Love their efficient service- all businesses should run like them! Again, simplicity is key! A dress should be worn to showcase a woman’s beauty, the star is the woman- not the dress.

3) Mind: Yoga + exercise at least 4 times a week, bi-weekly therapy sessions even if you don’t believe you are stressed and especially if you live in NY. Eat clean, nutritionally beneficial foods. And, we all need to do this more: SMILE.

4) Body: Feel good from workouts to look good! Your inner self shines through when you glow health from the inside!

5) Work: work smart AND hard, stay focused, define specific goals with dates. Always, visualize the big picture.

6) People: it’s simple, always spread your sparkle. My Typical Weekday: Wake up at 7:30am, get ready + leave at 8am. Blog! Get to work (social media director at a high-fashion luxury agency in New York). Go to yoga or do cardio at Equinox in the afternoon, one-hour of exertion relaxation. I typically leave work at 6. Ray picks me up either from work or the gym (I go twice a day sometimes). We then go have a low-key dinner. If there are any events that come up they are usually spontaneous so I have an extra dress in the car- and I’m in heels 99% of the time so I can be ready for anything. Whatever time we get home is our own individual alone time for however long ‘til bedtime. This is when I work on Sunina- edit my video/respond to questions/logistics for the next shoot, etc. I like to shower and be in bed by midnight! I need more sleep so it should really be 11! So all in all, efficiency and simplicity is key! Eat fruits and your green juice, only shop when you NEED to, and don’t forget to bring your sparkle wherever you go. FYI– I am not perfect, and I do not claim to be! The point here is to be better than you were yesterday, and to strive to live by your own standards of excellence- and hopefully continue to lift up your standards as you expand your threshold! Keep the questions coming- love them! Have an amazing weekend, and sign up for my newsletter for a preview of next weeks topic. XO:)



June 2013

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Happy Friday!! I hope my fitness guide this week was helpful, I’m excited to introduce more fitness how-to’s throughout the summer.

I love all of the questions I’ve gotten about fitness so far, what are some of your concerns? What do you want to see more of? Let me know, I love hearing from you!! 

Sign up for my weekly health + beauty newsletter for a chance to win a Lifting Facial Mask this week, ends 6/21. I will choose a random winner by next Friday.

Sign up here.

xo have an amazing weekend!

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