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April 2016



May 2013

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Cute gifts from cute friends!

1st Pic: Cake box, hair mask, eye masks, face masks.

2nd Pic: Glam Glow (Givenchy, Pop, and Chanel nail colors in the background). I’ve used it once so far and it was VERY tingly. Loved the results and the unexpected green tea leaf pieces- cool!




September 2012

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The sudden drift of this breezy Fall weather has gotten me excited for two reasons: 1) Transitional outfits!!! Love shorts for bare legs paired with boots and a big sweater on top- or a curve-hugging long sleeve + scarf. 2) Fall/Winter shopping selections. 

My strategy to avoid over-spending is to create a wish list on Net-a-Porter, Shopbop, Barneys, and… obviously Sephora. Once the wish list is complete, purchases can be made for only the “can’t live withouts”. [A strategy I learned from my shopaholic assistant.]

Also, time to test moisturizers strong enough to withstand -17 degree NYC weather! Woot. 

Video: a Saturday at the Studio [Image Powerhouse].



September 2012

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Hangin’ out at Sephora like a beauty bum, ahem queen.

Caught a glimpse of a girl staring at me for longer than the awkward 9 seconds you are allowed to stare without being rude. (maybe it is because I am taking iPhone self portraits of myself here while waiting for Raebear to pick me up..?)

Love Sephora.

I feel completely at home here, everyone’s so nice and full of compliments! One Sephora girl said, “Wow! You look hydrated!” I am über excited to share my skin products with you tomorrow at FNO!

Photo: Post photo shoot for Manhattan Magazine in Soho. Super fun, even more fun now that I’m in my playhouse x



August 2012

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Supremely happy to be so blessed with everything that’s happened, and to spend time with those I have enjoyed the year with!

Most of my Summer has flown by because of constant movement, but it’s great to have a Saturday off to…

-Have a full day without makeup- ahhhh! Breathe skin, breathe.
-Sprint, run, speed walk, then repeat at Equinox.
-Pull myself out from under the rock and discover new music on Spotify.
-Mani, pedi, facial!
-Shop Sephora
-Walk the dogs ‘til they drop.
-Imagine all other possibilities- prep more for FNO? Yes.

Love my me-time!

PS- [photo] this is the other dress I found earlier this week at the consignment shop, Tokio7.



December 2011

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I was running late for my lunch date with Heather, so she wanders off to browse Sephora until I arrive. Upon my arrival we take a whirl around Eataly on 23rd & 5th, then finally sit for lunch. She then passes me a gift-wrapped Sephora box with a very sparkly Hello Kitty compact inside. What a surprise- thoughtful bunny! She knows how much I [not so] secretly love hello kitty.

I’m late, and the bestie gifts just because xx

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