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August 2013


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Cardio sans equipment is the focus this week. If you have the opportunity and freedom of space— get off the treadmill and try some leaps! I was happy to take advantage of the beach over the weekend to do some freestyle cardio:)

Here’s why cardio is so important:

  1. Keeps your heart happy! Your heart controls every organ in your body, keep it beautifully healthy!
  2. Lose weight and get to your goal weight quickly. It is the fastest way to lose body mass.
  3. Increases your energy level. Your body’s energy currency multiplies when you do cardio!
  4. Helps you sleep well. Helps your sleep rhythms get back on track. I personally love that I can fall asleep at bedtime within minutes..
  5. Gets you naturally happy by releasing endorphins! It’s the most natural stress reliever. Your body’s toxins and any negative energy you may have releases- getting your mind/body back on track again.

So, try this form of cardio..

How-To Leap:

    1. Get a running start, chin up.
    2. Hands to the sky as you leap- smile!

Get moving, happy Monday!


photo by Ron Gejon; style by Sophie Wu



May 2013

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How To Pose For Your Body Type:

  1. I’ve got skinny legs! But it doesn’t have to be a flaw and you should embrace whatever body parts you believe are ‘less than perfect’. To me there is no such thing! Embrace and perfect!
  2. Practice moving in front of the mirror until it feels natural to find angles that work for you. It’s like choreographing a dance. You start somewhere comfortable and you move to the rhythm.. good music certainly helps.
  3. Learn how to smile with your eyes. Confident facial expressions are key- and have more than one! Selfies are a good way to practice.

A Vine clip of me having fun posing in front of the camera, by The House of Makeuphttps://vine.co/v/bVzMKvTgWnV

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