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August 2016


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12 purple roses for the month of December; 20 weeks pregnant ♀

So happy to finally reveal my pregnancy and to share some Mind Body Beauty topics on my experience so far.

To start, I am so happy and grateful for all of the blessings that have unfolded the past few years and all of the things that led up to it. Blessings are given to you when you are open for and truly ready.

I am currently in my 2nd trimester of 20 weeks/5 months and I am SO happy to be here because I am feeling great.

This post topic will be on the first trimester (Week 1-13/First 3 months).

So! Here we go. To say it in one phrase to describe the 1st trimester: ‘Beautiful Nightmare’. My husband Ray and I were so ecstatic, and while I was beyond grateful, I was also terribly sick, nauseous, fatigued, and bloated! Ha- all of the greatest things that come with the 1st trimester. To stay afloat I did my best to go on with my day to day activities. Here is how:

MIND: I wrote one serenity styled prayer in my moleskin and read it a few times a week. I also had affirmations in the notes section of my iPhone which I read nightly. Here is one example that I love: “There is perfect coordination in every part of my body because the Spirit of perfection is acting in and through me.” This specific affirmation can be used by anyone- whether you are pregnant or not.

BODY: I continued to work out and I think this is what saved me. Pre-pregnancy I did SLT once or twice a week, Yoga once or twice a week. During my pregnancy I did SLT at least once a week; Yoga at least once a week although some weeks were skipped. I felt really good while in class and did all workout moves as normal since I didn’t have a bump yet. During this time I got weekly body massages as well. I remained the same weight during the 1st trimester.

It is very good to try and stay in the same level of activity you are accustomed to once you get pregnant. It’s okay to ease up a bit but to stop completely  is not necessary nor is it benefical for you. It is most beneficial to continue on with your normal activities as long as you are mindful in your movements and confident in your workout.

BEAUTY: As soon as I found out I was pregnant I decided to become a monthly member of Ling Skincare so that I could see my esthetician every month consistently. I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall off the wagon with this one. During this time my skin was extremely dry and sensitive so I am glad I decided to get the extra help each month.

Below photo is at 10 weeks pregnant; no bump just a little more bloated than normal:

IMG_2455 On another note, I’ve made a list of video/blog requests from my YouTube comments and my Instagram comments. If there are any others, leave them here or email me: suninayoung@sunina.com – would love to know what I should talk about in the near future! x

love & light



April 2016



April 2016


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IMG_0040 IMG_0035 IMG_0037 IMG_0039



IMG_0041 Here is Part II of Ally Love and I’s beauty post; Part I can be found here. Ally know’s the importance of putting her mind and body at ease to achieve beauty seemingly effortlessly. She jets around New York on modeling shoots as a Wilhelmina model, is a Brooklyn Nets Host, and passionate devotee of all things wellness, so its no wonder she is also founder of ALLYLOVEBLOG.COM; It is all about empowering yourself and other women in the game, hence #LOVESQUAD – check it out!

I was so thrilled to have spent the day with her for all things beauty, we took our time to meditate (as seen on our last post), and to do a mini spa facial as well. We are both constantly on the go, so it is great to share with you a 20-minute self-care ritual that you can do for yourself at anytime. It’s about that glow on the go! Here’s what we did to achieve a quick glow while we were both on the go:

Step 1: Hello Kitty Narikiri Face Mask – these are so fun. I picked these up in Japan at a stopover in Narita Airport. It’s a super simple mask that contains water, soybean extracts, collagen, and other ingredients for brightening – perfect for a quick glow. Keep this on for just 15 Minutes.

Step 2: A nice mist after the mask to serve as a toner: Whamisa Olive Leaf Mist – This is one of my favorites to keep around with me at all times. I take them around the city with me and even spritz while teaching, after working out, or anytime i just need a little pick me up or glow in the skin.

Step 3J.One Hana Cream – These little capsules are just the right amount to give you full moisturizing coverage. It is a dramatic anti-aging cream. Use this after you pat your mist dry. Use gentle circular motions.

And, don’t forget your SPF if you are headed outside while the sun is still out! And you’re done!

xx love & light.



February 2016


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 It is February, right at the heart of winter in New York. Some winter months I tend to get a wave of unmotivated energy – any one else out there? It is the month that I have to pump up my self-care: pump up my meditation & yoga, work out efficiently (thank you SLT), pay special attention to how and what I eat, and take extra special care of my dry skin.

Here are 3 simple steps to unwinding out of your, dare I say, rut:

Come back to your center: meditate, do yoga, eat clean. Do lots of yoga positions that are uplifting the heart (upward facing dog). When you repeatedly remind yourself of your truth, and when you count all your blessings a rut is impossible.

Get your energy back: for extroverts, surrounding yourself with a lot of friends re-energizes you. For introverts, surrounding yourself with a few that you love is just enough, and mostly quiet time to recharge your energy is what you need.

Wake up earlier: when you are in a rut, you tend to wake later, start your day later, and it becomes a downward spiral of rushing through the day when you have things to do. Start your day earlier and have ample time for the things you want to accomplish for the day.

xx love & light



December 2015


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IMG_1613 Dear Friends,
December is usually the time of year that I define my desires for the new year ahead, and express gratitude for all that manifested in the year past. I wanted to share a piece of this, for you to manifest all of your desires, in the next Yoga Glow session next Thursday, Dec 17th at 7pm. Direct sign up is here.

What is Yoga Glow?
50-minutes of breath-synchronized movement dedicated to waist slimming, derrière lifting, and anti-aging asanas. Move to energetic and soothing tunes. It ends with an ahhhhmazing ‘spa-vasana’. You will relax with eucalyptus aromatherapy in a hydrating mask while guided into a conscious relaxation meditation.

I am extra excited about the brands collaborating with Yoga Glow for this session: Peach and Lily providing all K-beauty facial masks. And Sakara Life providing beauty water for all guests. Because why wouldn’t you drink rosewater for beauty?:)

xx love & light



October 2015


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Image by Andy Hur: @THEWHELMING

Image by Andy Hur: @THEWHELMING

Intention energizes; action transforms.

What is my real intention? This is the question I had to ask myself subconsciously the past few weeks when I’ve felt an energy block. Work wasn’t flowing so easily, opportunities seemed blocked. I had to look inwards and call out my intention. What I realized was that I actually did have a lot of opportunities in front of me. I just wasn’t recognizing each opportunity with its own unique possibilities. I was dismissive. I had my mind set on my own set of outcomes. When I released the idea of exclusivity, and of only doing jobs based on how ‘cool’ it would be for me, the block seemed to slowly release. I started to open up and embrace jobs that were more based upon the big picture, the jobs that would further my purpose which is to inspire, uplift, and cleanse- and this can happen in as many places and platforms that I am able to effectively. It is not at all about me, nor is it about ‘branding’. I put my ego to the side. It gave me a renewed energy to go out and get it- or in this situation.. give it, and to take action on the true intention.

Action was missing because I was so in tune with ‘branding’ and only waiting for jobs that were of a certain tier. I looked beyond my high expectiations, and saw what the real opportunity would be in each and every one of the inquiries for work/collaborations I already had in front of me. When I have my true intention in mind, the work in front of me feels exciting. And when it feels exciting, you should definitely do it! I decided to take action and, like Nike, just do it.

Slowly I see and feel a transformation and feel supported- and almost immediately after this shift, I open my email and I get more favorable inquiries. The block was released. Recently I’ve noticed signs, I kept seeing the numbers 777, which according to spiritual numerology, is a ‘sign that I am on my authentic life path and making progress towards accomplishing my purpose’. My energy now feels balanced and my perception has shifted.

If you feel blocked, I encourage you to look inwards at your own intentions for doing what you do. If you feel you are at a standstill in your work, relationship, or life in general, set your ego aside and ask yourself why you do what you do. What is your intention? Then, take action on that intention to experience transformation.

pose in photo: side angle pose / utthita parsvakonasana 🙂

outfit: The Sweat Bar

xx love & light




September 2015


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When I first started wedding planning I knew exactly how I wanted it to be, and what my dream wedding would look like: stress-free! Which is why the first vendor I hired was a wedding planner. I could care less about the ‘dream dress’ the ‘dream flowers’ the ‘dream etc etc etc’. All I knew is that I had my dream man, and that is all that counts 😉 I kept my expectations very low, but was very decisive and selective about quality within the choices I had. My planner would say, “You are the most zen bride- – that requests all the most fabulous things”. Precisely..

Day of the wedding, I kept telling myself to be in the moment, be present. I am glad I did because there were some amazing moments I was able to take in fully.

Here is what I did to get my mind, body, beauty as best as it could possibly be. (I did not change much in what I usually do, however I was definitely way more careful and conscious of what I was doing, making sure I was getting enough sleep, etc.)

30-Day Wedding Preparation:

  1. Mind
    Meditation daily with affirmations
    A Course In Miracles Reading twice a week + Yoga once a week – self practice.
  2. Body
    SLT twice, just twice within the month- why only twice? Because SLT really works. And it works instantly. So I knew I had to keep it at a minimum as I like my shape a specific way. I don’t like to look too ‘cut’.
    Green Juice + Watermelon Juice and/or Acai Bowl everyday.
    Frank Bod Body Scrub – twice a week.
    Korean Spa + Scrub – once every 2 weeks.
  3. Beauty
    Affirmations every other day.
    Eye Mask + Sheet Mask everyday Leaders InSolution
    Gel Manicure every 10 days.
    Eyelash Extensions one week before the wedding
    Glycolic + Enzyme Facial Peel (Triple Peel Facial) 10 days before the wedding
    IPL Treatment – 2 days before the wedding

Morning of Wedding Preparation:

  1. Mind
    Group meditation with bridesmaids + I led a prayer.
  2. Body
    Body Scrub (not a group effort 🙂 )
  3. Beauty
    Leaders Insolution Sheet Masks for all of us before hair & makeup.

Venue: Newly opened in 2015, The Current, at Chelsea Piers – http://bit.ly/1OveXSu

Hotel: The Standard – http://bit.ly/1XH0QQb

Wedding Planner: K.I.M. Media – http://bit.ly/1Ng5ijI

Dress #1: Vera Wang – http://bit.ly/1K5Z314

Dress #2: L’impasse in Greenwich Village, NYC

Dress #3: Elizabeth & James – http://bit.ly/1UEztBJ

Bridesmaids Dresses: Revolve Clothing – http://bit.ly/1K604pV

Photography: Jana Williams – http://bit.ly/1PZhx3k

Filmography: Aubert Films – http://bit.ly/1Uz00pv

Flowers: Bride & Blossom – http://bit.ly/1KZe7yi

Hair + Makeup: Daryon Haylock – http://bit.ly/1EMPXWY

Officiant: Yogi Charu – http://bit.ly/1Li4AhF



August 2015


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This is the 2nd Sunday Selfcare Skincare video!
Rejuvenated Skincare routine perfect for a morning after a long night – enjoy!

Links to all products used in the video is below:

DHC Oil Cleanser: http://bit.ly/1U0fWRf
Neutrogena Makeup Wipes: http://bit.ly/1Eb7gAr
Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask: http://seph.me/1KdfuJl
Cotton Pads: http://bit.ly/1NtzwBd
Be The Skin Toner: http://bit.ly/1Jd5w8R
Cremorlab Mineral Essence: http://bit.ly/1EcsZIi
All-In-One Snail Repair Cream: http://bit.ly/1h4NeNk

I believe in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for the mind, body, beauty.

xx love & light.






July 2015


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I teach to purify and uplift. Why do you do what you do? Sometimes your passion burns out and you have to re-inspire yourself and ask why you do what you do to get you back to the root of the reason. Remember why you started. When the passion burns out ask yourself why. It’s taking a step back and being mindful. Set the ego aside, and get depth in your reasoning.

Here are a few statements to get you thinking:

I am a _________.
Examples: Healer, lover, warrior, inspiration, supporter, game changer.

I do what I do to __________.
Examples: Heal, love, be strong, inspire, support, make change, help and restore.

I _________ to ___________ .
Examples: I blog to inspire change. I cook to create a healthy lifestyle for my family. I create videos to express my passion for yoga.

Xx love and light.



July 2015


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A 9-minute yoga sequence for toned legs:

Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Peaceful Warrior

Tree Pose
Warrior 3
Half Moon
Standing Split

xx love & light.

I believe in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for the mind, body, beauty.

Filmed by: Cyril Mahe

Sunina Young is a Mind Body Beauty Blogger, Yoga + SLT Megaformer Instructor, and Model in New York City.

♡ http://sunina.com
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May 2015


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Wherever you go in the midst of movement and activity, carry your stillness within you.

With this awareness, outer circumstances or any chaotic situations could overshadow your inner calm. You have full control of your mind, body. You have full control of your actions and reactions in any situation.

When you are busy and going about your day, keep stillness in mind. This will keep stress away.

Access your stillness and your pure creativity by meditating. The noise silences, the answers to your questions surface, fear floats away.

Make time for your self everyday. It could be a moving meditation like yoga, a jog by yourself for silence and cardio, a facial, meditation..

Mega tip & reminder for the day<: start your day with a 30-minute meditation, end it with a 30-minute meditation. Xx love and light.



May 2015


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My fear is my strength.

When I was younger I had a fear of speaking in front of people. My voice would get shaky, my mind would go blank. My voice hinted at shyness. I remember a handful of times I would have to say, “I am not shy, I am soft-spoken”. Because, I knew what I felt inside and it was not shyness it was the exact opposite: fiery, open.

I ran into this fear, as I’m sure many of us do, many times in life. Whether it’s for a presentation for work, speaking in front of friends or family, speaking in front of a big group for whatever occasion. I recognized this fear, and I kept creeping towards it.

As a Yoga teacher, and SLT Pilates instructor I can say I’ve really overcome my fear of speaking in front of a group of people. It of course creeps up sometimes but I know how to manage it so that my voice isn’t shaky, and my mind doesn’t go blank. Lol.

This fear has led me to now what I believe is my strength. A strength muscle that I work on many times during the week, a muscle I can continuously work to improve. How I overcame? Practice.

Another fear, going upside down physically! It’s been a year since I’ve been practicing handstand. This photo is my first hollow back. The way I overcame this specific fear of hollowing back was simple.. I just did it! Sometimes you just have to go for it. Nike said it best: just do it. It helped that the wonderful person behind the camera encouraged it. Surround yourself with good people who cheer you on!

What is your fear? Do you believe that your feelings of fear is a nudge for you to walk towards it to face and to overcome?

Tips to review from this post on how to overcome your fears is very simple:)
1) Practice
2) Just do it.

Xx love & light.

Photo: David Tufino



April 2015


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WHO_7556_1 Be yourself.

When you are working for a ‘competitive edge’, trying so hard to be different, and plain simply being competitive with another person or a group of people, a business, etc.- you are not working from an authentic place. You are pulling from a place inside you that thinks some people are special and others aren’t. You are thinking levels, instead of acknowledging that no one being is above or below you. You are discrediting your own unique skills and talents.

The fateful excuse of ‘this market is saturated’, only leads to giving up before you’ve even tried. In any market, you will be different if you are working from an authentic place. You will have something completely unique to offer if you are just simply being your authentic self, because there is not one single person in the world that is exactly like you. Not a single person has the exact struggles, accords, familial upbringing, experiences as you do, that make you unique. Every tiny detail you may overlook about yourself are the collection of experiences you’ve had, lessons you’ve learned, that you are expressing everyday in the energy and vibes that you give. No one has the same exact touch, the same exact ideas, the same exact execution as you.

It is not what you do, it is how you do it. Everyone has something unique to offer, and a unique experience to share. Keep going:)

xx love & light.

Photo: David Tufino



April 2015


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Avid followers of Sunina know how important meditation and mindfulness are to our daily lives, but still there are people who find it hard to learn how to meditate, or appreciate what meditation can do for you. A service called Headspace, however, is seeking to change all that.

Headspace advertises itself as “meditation for modern living”, and one of the biggest reasons why it works is that it’s so accessible. The service guides you through developing a habit for meditation, acting as “your very own personal trainer… to help train your mind.” This is because research has shown that meditation and mindfulness exercises often affect the brain physically, reshaping it so you can better deal with stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. Users can listen to training and read up on information no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.

This is largely thanks to the fact that the service is available as a free mobile app. Headspace aims to make meditation accessible to as many people as they can, and with the company behind mobile gaming website Iceland Bingo saying that growth in mobile internet is the among the strongest trends on the internet landscape to date, the mobile industry seems to be the way to do this. Their app has received stellar reviews, as well as some surprising celebrity support.

“It’s an app that teaches you how to meditate. It’s kind of genius,” Emma Watson tweeted to her followers when she started using the service.

It’s worth noting that the man who designed the app and the content used by the service really knows his stuff, too. 22-year old Andy Puddicombe traveled across the world to research meditation and even became a Buddhist monk before he returned to Britain to establish Headspace. So far, it’s gained quite a following, and a supportive community of millions of users means that using the service is a breeze to get used to.

The Headspace app is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore for free, while subscriptions range from $12.95 a month to $419.95 for a lifetime membership.



March 2015


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Being able to book doctors through apps straight from my phone has helped me so much this past February. I don’t know what it is, but this weather has gotten me so flustered! Staying healthy is a chore on it’s own when it is 7 degrees out with hail shooting at you from the sky every other day, but the speediness of technology has really supported me in continuing a healthy lifestyle even through this tough Winter. Some companies, like Oscar Health Insurance in New York and New Jersey, have apps that let their members book doctor’s appointments, refill prescriptions and even talk to a doctor on the phone anytime through a “Doctor on Call” feature. I realize if you take advantage of technology in an efficient way, we are all able to do it for optimum health. You are able to book fitness classes, have peace of mind and book a glam squad to come to your house if you are going to an event. Do yoga through an app, book a car through an app.. I’ve even been able to keep my home clean when I am not able to pick up after my own mess with an app too! So much can be done to keep the clutter out, so that I can focus my energy on my work, on the inner well-being of my mind. I put together my top 7 apps that were fitting for me that has helped support the well-being of my mind, body, and beauty routines more recently::

1) ZocDoc the most painless way to book your doctors visits.

2) MindBody to book your fitness classes.

3) Yoga Studio for a ready-made yoga classes.

4) Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax for guided meditations.

5) Glam Squad – The glam squad comes to you!

6) Homejoy for a clean home.

7) Lyft for an alternative to Uber.


xx Stay on top of your health even in the Winter!

love & light.



October 2014


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It’s a beautiful life! I’ve always loved the summer, and never really noticed the beauty of Fall until I was fully immersed in it this past weekend with my best friend. Now that we are fully in Fall many things may already be in full swing for you as it is for me.

I’ve 100% focused in my work, I feel so blessed to be in the business of body:) and wedding planning! I’ve slowly started to get more and more involved. I have to stop myself when I keep thinking, ‘omg so cheesy’. Because really it’s not and although I’ve always been uncomfortable expressing love that is really all I want to stand for.. is love and light! Even though the NY in me kind of cringes at all the frills, I have to be honest.. this is going to be an incredible journey.

How to Have an Incredible Journey (in anything you do):
1) Get rid of excuses. You are the only one stopping yourself from everything that is possible for you.
2) Release control of the things and people you cannot control. Everyone has their own mind. What will be will be.
3) You can have it all, don’t be so limited. Be open. Open up the mind and the heart and you will realize your want for ‘all’ is not actually that much.. We sometimes think we need more than we actually do. In the end, simplicity is king.

Xx love & light!



October 2014


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IMG_7340 Love is love.

Siblings compete with one another for the love and attention of their parents. Some parents believe putting their children before their spouse is the way. Doing so means that you are giving less love to one than another and ‘less love’ is not real love. Why shouldn’t all the friends and family you love share the same space. There are different expressions of course- the way you express your love for a child, a spouse, a friend, a sister, etc. But the essence is all one in the same, love is love.

Thinking that there is a #1 Spot is 100% ego.

Break the thought pattern that there are levels. We are all one. We are all one in the same. There are no levels in love. There is an abundance of love for you to give and receive.

It is the ego that forces you to think that there isn’t enough.

Stay abundant.

Xx Love & light.



September 2014


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6 ways to luxury now (not the material kind, the kind that are the best.) The best things in life are free..

1) De-clutter the home! Stop buying needless things, stop buying in excess. Buy only what you need. Simplify the home. Too many things around the house (or in your bag) cheapens the look of your sanctuary. Keep it simple.

2) This is a sub category to the first.. Clean your home! Scrub scrub make it sparkle.

3) Meditate/ workout / do yoga. Self-care is the ultimate expression of luxury. Health is wealth. Keep your thoughts clean, de/clutter the mind.

4) Watch what you say. Authenticity is beautiful. Be positive. Don’t allow trash to exit your mouth. Be classy, speak in eloquence.

5) Create an atmospheric experience in your home with scented candles, colorful flowers, uplifting music, and white sage to create clean energy.

6) Love! Love heals all. Relinquish all forms of fear in your heart and mind. Replace it with love and all luxuries you love multiplies!

Xx love & light. Mind, body, beauty <3



September 2014


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4 yoga 055 Sunina 03711

Here are three things to never do when you are working towards manifestation. Work on your imagination!

#1 Never place your head in any thoughts/scenarios you would not want to materialize. AKA stop worrying. Like if you love scuba diving, stop thinking about sharks lurking around ready to eat you. All you are doing is attracting a higher probability of it happening to you.

#2 Never contaminate your thoughts by limiting yourself to what you are used to or how things used to be like. You are then automatically placing yourself and your potential reality into a box which never really changes or evolves. Therefore, keeping you in the same place. Change your story- change your imagination.

#3 Never allow someone else’s ideals be placed into your imagination. Like, maybe when you were younger your parents wanted you to be a certain way and so they plant seeds in your head to be a doctor or something. Or your gf/bf, spouse says you should be doing this/that.. say ok, alright. And then do what you want, imagine what you want.


xx Love & light always keep your thoughts pure & beautiful!

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