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September 2013


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When the season changes many other things adjust- your wardrobe choices, workout routine, makeup colors, and skincare routine.. all very important life decisions!!! No sarcasm here:)

Here are a few beauty related items I am focusing on this Fall!

1) Eyebrows. Specifically korean styled eyebrows that are straight and full. Think Kim Hee Sun and Song Hye Kyo!

2) A simplified skincare routine focusing on eye cream, brightening creams from any sun damage over the summer, and hydrating masks as well as heavier moisturizers for the colder months in NY. I really want to try Chanel Le Lift Créme.. for optimal firmness!

3) Deep dark lips. Like its the 90’s.

4) Consistent Workouts. Do it for yourself, always do it for yourself. Glow
in the heart of winter like its still summertime 2013:-)

5) Lemon water. Would love to get back into dropping lemons in every cup of water I drink. Cucumbers too! Benefits include: vitamin C, fiber, fresh breath(!), and helps you keep your weight at your ideal best.

What is your Fall Beauty Focus?

Let me know in comments or twitter! Xo.



August 2012

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I love when I can find 40 minutes to visit the steam room at the spa. Steaming once a week would be ideal- so moisturizing for your skin! It relaxes muscles, detoxifies the body, opens up pores to flush away impurities, and de-stresses.

The lemon water and Hadanomy mask is always an amazing addition to my steam sessions. Lemon water is great for your digestive system, liver, and overall health. Always ask for lemon with your water at restos.

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