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September 2014


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Keep reaching, keep moving, keep dreaming, keep on!

Today’s post is inspired by my PIC, my babe, my fiancé!

“Ever since I was young, his words [Jay-Z] always stood out to me. Kid from Brooklyn who didn’t want to be average. My 8th grade teacher gave me a card for graduation and it said “you were meant for greatness” and I read that and thought “wow she knows my secret” like I was Superman lol. Gotta keep grinding harder, gotta keep getting bigger.. gotta keep doing something. There is no momentum without movement, so keep it moving.”

Cues to reach up higher in Rockstar:

Lift up the toes, activate the core, ground the knuckles down to the ground, lift the hips to the sky, energetic fingertips to touch the sky, engage the glutes, relax the neck & shoulders, drop the crown of the head back, breathe.

xx love & light.



May 2014


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sunina_anger I normally have zero interest in celebrity gossip but in light of all of this Solange, Beyonce, and Jay Z speculation regarding the elevator video, I’ve been supremely interested because of the topic it brings up. From reports, I’ve gathered that this was not Solange’s first time acting out in violence. When celebrities bring a real issue like this into the spotlight, and you really can’t find any valuable reads on it, it makes me as a blogger, yoga teacher, and woman want to write about this important subject. This is for the girls out there that may have spiraled out of control but have no idea how they’ve gotten there time and time again. It’s time to break the pattern and take control. I have deep compassion for those girls because they are the ones that need the most help, love, light.

Where Does Anger Come From? Thoughts, not real events, they are illusions. They are unreleased pain, grudges, which your heart holds onto. It is important to realize the anger, let yourself feel it, be aware of the passing emotion, then release it – simply breathe it out. Otherwise, it will for sure come out again and like layers upon layers stay with you. Do not suppress the anger, you must let it go. You are only hurting yourself when you hold onto grudges. When we hang on to resentment, we poison ourselves then eventually poison others. It is your personal responsibility to let go of the poison before you affect others. If you are not yet strong enough to be unaffected by negativity, it is important to at least let it go before you harm another. Negativity is contagious just as positivity is contagious. We all carry energy and energy is our power. How another person acts is not your responsibility, how you react is.

Identifying Anger/Rage: It’s a gut feeling, where you feel so much heat and fire you feel like you will erupt. The Yogis identify it in the area of the 3rd Chakra, the emotion is anger. When this chakra is balanced your mind is calm and you treat all as equal. However if it is too domineering, every minor event becomes a battle, and need constant reassurance. The sign of a weak chakra is obvious when you feel powerless, without a voice, lack of direction, restless.

How to Stop Your Violent Patterns: To stop violent anger is to first be aware, then to understand where it comes from (read above), then get to the root of the problem and take action. Maintain balance and use techniques whenever it happens again.  Identifying the pattern first is important. Know that the way a person makes you feel is not their fault. It is in your ability to shift your perception. When you’ve reached that point of a perception shift (high-five!), all will be clear on how to handle as you’ve allowed the anger to dissipate. You might reach a point where it is just a healthy conversation or better yet a ‘walk away’ solution.

Immediate Technique To Use: Breathe. Nothing fancy, simply breathe it out. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Inhale for 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Exhale for 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Repeat until the feelings just drift by. It could take 30 seconds or 15 minutes. Keep going until you feel calm. No one is responsible for the way you feel except you.

Long-Term Cure: Know yourself, know what you are feeling. Know that thoughts are not you, feelings are not you. The true you is the one witnessing all of this. The true you is a supreme being with unlimited power to make change for a better world. To undo layers, meditate, try passive backbends in yoga. Read, eat clean, change your lifestyle, take time for yourself – at least 2 hours a day. Meditate for 10 minutes a day, if you don’t have time, meditate for 30. Prioritize your self-care, reclaim your personal power. Here is a suggestion to start your path to self-care: 7-Minute Yoga.

Violence is inexcusable, unacceptable behavior. Correct and reflect before it ruins you and your relationships. You are what you repeatedly do.

xx love & light.




October 2012

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Just got home from seeing Jay-Z at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn- oh, brought me back to the days when I was obsessed with those heart shaped Chloe glasses!

But anyway- it’s super late, and way past my bedtime but I’m still hyped to try out these ciaté nails – thank you Jane at D2 PR in NY! x

Polishing away at 12:30am! Update on my fancy new nails soon x

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