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June 2015


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The most difficult people you cross paths with are the greatest teachers for your personal growth. Know when to stay in the situation and know when you are ready to graduate from it.

The angriest and the most resistant to love are the ones that need it the most.

Are you patient enough to see beyond the difficult situations and people? How do you look above your own cloudiness so you don’t get intertwined with the turmoil? Because above that thick cloud is peace. If you can see above and beyond you don’t have to be involved with the chaos that comes with the difficult people / situations.

Stretch, breath, let go and let God ♡



September 2014


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4 yoga 055 Sunina 03711

Here are three things to never do when you are working towards manifestation. Work on your imagination!

#1 Never place your head in any thoughts/scenarios you would not want to materialize. AKA stop worrying. Like if you love scuba diving, stop thinking about sharks lurking around ready to eat you. All you are doing is attracting a higher probability of it happening to you.

#2 Never contaminate your thoughts by limiting yourself to what you are used to or how things used to be like. You are then automatically placing yourself and your potential reality into a box which never really changes or evolves. Therefore, keeping you in the same place. Change your story- change your imagination.

#3 Never allow someone else’s ideals be placed into your imagination. Like, maybe when you were younger your parents wanted you to be a certain way and so they plant seeds in your head to be a doctor or something. Or your gf/bf, spouse says you should be doing this/that.. say ok, alright. And then do what you want, imagine what you want.


xx Love & light always keep your thoughts pure & beautiful!



September 2014


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sunina_clouds The greatest challenge is to constantly stay inspired. Are you always looking for the next thing? Rather than stopping, looking, and being grateful for everything that is happening right now? We definitely need moments in our day where we just stop and appreciate. Being in NY, it’s easy to get caught up in what is next rather than what is now. It is easy to get caught up in mindless drama, catty issues, and the negative little things. Just a moment watching world news reports can whip you back into gratitude. How about appreciating all the positive little things? Your morning coffee that gives you a burst of energy, the priceless smiles you can give to strangers, the breath that you breathe.

Today should be a day to witness all the little things. Sometimes, stop thinking so hard about what’s next. Stop, look up, breathe, appreciate. See the beauty in all things. Pray for world peace, yes.. but know that “Peace starts with me.”

xx love & light.




September 2014


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I love including this into my yoga sequence in classes for balance, core engagement, leg strengthening, mind focus, clarity, and a quick confidence boost.

The way to properly execute this pose is to stand up tall, or else you lose balance.

Some tips for Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose:

  1. Open up your shoulders, chest is proud.
  2. Breathe in through your nose, out through your nose.
  3. Standing leg knee is locked.
  4. Lift up the toes of the standing leg.
  5. Your fingers and toes are interlocked tightly.
  6. Core is engaged.
  7. Chin is up – relax the jaw, and maybe even smile!

xx love & light.




September 2014


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3 yoga sunina face When you start to plan something big, or even something you consider small – you can easily falter into the details, nitty gritty, and stressful parts of planning. You miss the big things! You have to know where you are going before you start going, yea? Whether you are planning career goals, life goals, life events.. here are tips on how to plan, sans stress:

Set the intention, plan, then set it free. Let all things that will be, just be. You’ve done your magic on how you’d like it to be, trust & let the universe go above and beyond.

-Do not stress the details so much. Don’t sweat the small stuff, sweat the big things. All small things will fall into place – without stress!

-Create a long-term vision board, write down short-term + long-term goals, free-write wishes.

-Stay with your self-care routine. Do not let anything get in your way of your ahhh moments. Whether its reading a book, going to the spa, giving yourself a facial, playing with your pups.  You need your time! I say 2 hours a day at least, is just for you <3

-Just hire a professional. Or professionalsss. Clean home, happy home – pay for external peace of mind. Life coaches are everywhere to keep you responsible for your goals, planners, etc. Time is the most valuable asset. Don’t place so much emphasis on $. Money is a tool that you USE. People are out there in your times of need!

xx love & light.

Thought of the day: To perform every action artfully is yoga. – Swami Kripalu




September 2014


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Hi! I’m back. Back from vacation and now Back to Basics! We sometimes complicate the simplest of situations with our own self-importance, aka the ego. Everyday you have the choice of either waking up to be bright with a day full of miracles – or you can choose to wake up full of stress with a day full of complaints and struggles. Why even think to choose the latter? Don’t you deserve the very best? When all else fails, simplify! Get back to basics. Don’t point out all the wrongs, point out all the rights, only the best.

How to get back to basics:

Forgive, constantly! Not everyone and everything will go your way. Don’t trip up on angry people, difficult situations. Understand that every individual has a reason for why they are the way they are and then keep it moving. It’s not your job to analyze and criticize. Work on self-reflection so much so that you have no time to criticize others. Forget bad situations, keep it moving.

Be present! Learn to be where you are when you are there. Don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t think about yesterday. What is now in front of you is all that matters, take in every moment.

Spend ample time with nature. What I love about being at the beach (salty hair & flowers in the air!) is that it is so naturally healing. The breeze, the salty water, the open air – all amazing for your mind, body.

Body. Take care of it! There is no shame in taking care of your face, your body, it is the carrier of your soul. Revitalizing your body everyday is so important. Stretch, work out, meditate, get a massage, do an at-home DIY facial. Do what works for you. Stay healthy.

Let go of clutter and noise. A huge part of getting back to basics is to forget the unnecessary. Sometimes, that means giving yourself space from situations or even people who may emotionally drain you, and are energetically negative. Spend time with uplifters, high thinkers, the funny- the best types to be around. “With every encounter, we exchange information and energy, and we come away changed just a little bit.” -Deepak Chopra


xx love & light.



July 2014


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yoga DSC_0368 Side Plank Variation! Great for overall body balance, obliques, strength, core, leg stretch, chest opener, and hamstring stretch. It is also a great hip opener.

Get into a side plank, tuck in the tailbone, open up the chest, lift the hips up high, find balance here first, then slowly lift the top leg up, bend the knee and bring them into the chest as you take your peace fingers and interlace them to the big toe. Straighten the leg, lift the hips up higher, and breathe.

xx love & light!

Yogini thought of the day: Sometimes we get lost in the material ways of the world. Choose this affirmation to get back to your center: I don’t need much, I love what I have, and I am open to abundance~



July 2014


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yoga bird of paradise sunina

Bird of Paradise is a great move to improve flexibility, open the hips, strengthen the legs, and stretch the groins.

A: Start with legs hip width apart, squat down low and stick your butt out. Swing the left hand behind the back, place the right hand underneath the right thigh, interlace hands as close to the base of your back as you can, you’re binded! Shift all of your weight into the left heel of the foot, tighten the core, lightly pick up the right foot &  feel it become weightless.

B: Inhale, lift up the entire upper body with your weightless right foot. Left leg is locked and energized with balance. Take your shoulders back as much as possible without releasing the bind.

C: Exhale, straighten the right leg and point the toes.

xx love & light.

Yogini thought of the day: Get started today, even if you feel like you suck, HEHE. Don’t be afraid to put it out there, especially if they are good vibes, express yourself! Who cares what anyone else thinks:) No project or venture is too big or too small. Start now.



July 2014


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It’s so simple but sometimes we complicate things! Love your story, if you don’t- change the words, change the outcome by changing what you do right now at this very moment. Let go of all the excuses, let go of the same old story you keep telling yourself- ‘I’m not good enough.. not talented enough.. not pretty enough.’ Let go of that struggle! Your function in life is to be happy. If you are not happy, you are not on the correct course. Everyone has a course, a purpose, if you are not fulfilling it, you will know it because you will be sad. It is your birthright to be happy. Let go of the walls you put up, and fight through the inner ego that tells you ‘NO’. Release the ‘I can’t’ and welcome the ‘I will’.

Love & light~

TGIM, Thank God It’s Monday!

P.S. I am so happy and grateful for everyone who reads this mind body beauty blog. If you can find inspiration in the words and visuals I share, I am fully fulfilled! Also, it has happened twice so far (both while on vacation!), and I am so HUMBLED, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for approaching me and letting me know that you follow this blog. Much appreciated, and so impressed that you pronounce SUNINA correctly. xx yoga DSC_0304 love DSC_0046 DSC_0128 yoga DSC_0194_2



July 2014


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yoga DSC_0016 I’ve been so into Bikram lately, this ‘Warrior 3’ is balancing stick pose! Love it. When you are in this pose make sure you are stretching the arms forwards, the arms are right up against your ears, no space in between, and your legs are extending all the way back – like a tug of war. The standing leg is straight, knees are locked. Tummy is tucked in all the way up in towards your spine. Point the back foot, breathe!

xx love & light.



June 2014


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yoga 140 Sunina 03917 One-Legged King Pigeon Pose or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana! This is an amazing hip opener. Start at Half-Pigeon Pose. Bring the shoulders all the way back so the shoulder blades kiss, then bring the back heel towards the tailbone. To go for the bind, wrap the arm on the same side as the heel around the toes, grab fingers with the other hand. Pow, One-Legged King Pigeon!

My inspiration today from A Course In Miracles: “You are not the victim of the world you see because you invented it. You can give it up as easily as you made it up. You will see it or not see it, as you wish. While you want it you will see it; when you no longer want it, it will not be there for you to see.”

My interpretation: This is the idea of cause and effect. Every moment of your life you have a choice. That is your power. Your power is to make the choice to either choose the happy thought, or the negative thought. You create your personal story, one thought at a time, that eventually becomes your reality.  Choose to thrive, not to struggle.

xx love & light!



May 2014



April 2014


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sunina_bright The other day I spent my morning at Mercedes while waiting for service. I had to go teach that night so I took a complimentary ride from Mercedes to my studio while the brake pads were getting fixed overnight. During the 20 minute drive to my studio I unexpectedly had the most enlightening conversation with the driver, who was 65+. He was a retired real estate guy that travelled a ton when he was younger. He had bright happy eyes and you could just tell he was a yogi-hearted man at first glance. We talked about so much in such short time, it fulfilled my need for spiritual talk for sure! I can’t really describe why or how but you just know when you’ve connected with not just another person, but with another soul- that’s truly powerful. When you look beyond a persons color, creed, eyes.. you see the soul. Here are a few enlightening highlights of our conversation:

  • He got to know himself through his travels, you’ve got to know yourself to truly be at peace. To be free of judgement, to not be disturbed by external disturbances, to be happy- know yourself.
  • You can’t preach, you can only ‘awaken’ those who are sleeping by guiding and showing by example.
  • We are all one. We are all the same inside, and one day in the future we will all be the same color (my prediction!) A true oneness among society.
  • You can see from the eyes of most people, those who are truly happy and living — and those who are just alive.
  • He meditates 30 minutes every morning (!) Love it.

I think back to another time I connected in this way and it was with an older man also, 65+, I sure do have a type! Old souls who are still young at heart are so beautiful. As young people can learn so much from them. Truly the types that have whoever they come across leave happier. If your gramps is a spiritual yogi, please lend him to me – they are blessings!

xx love & light.



March 2014


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sunina_crescent Crescent Lunge or Alanasana! Brighten up your energy with this high lunge pose. Raise your vibration, look inwards. Strengthens your core and your balance. Amazing chest opener and spine strengthener. Hip flexor opener and stretch. Expand your horizons with this pose.

Here’s how to do it: Start at Downward Facing Dog. Step the right foot forward, activate the core and rise up, hands reach up to the sky. Back leg stays strong. For an extra stretch in the chest, core, back- lift the rib cage up and reach back for a back bend. Front knee stays bent over the ankle. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths.

xx love & light.

Photo by Rebecca Tello.




March 2014


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LOVE is greater than your ego. That is the message this week! Love has the power to diminish the ego. The ego is interlaced with fear, anger, ‘problems’ and illusions of the mind. Love is brave, compassionate, and true to your authentic self. Anytime I feel like there is a problem with something or someone, I realize love is always the answer. To diminish your ego because you value your peace of mind more than doing something to impress or to strive to be ‘right’. Re-frame egotistical thoughts with loving thoughts, then experience the transition from dark to light within you. Love for a brighter world, for heaven on earth. Meditate whenever possible to clear the chatter in your mind. Smile when you’re experiencing a negative vibration within you. Let go of thoughts that do not serve you. Choose the magic of gentle shifts to lift your spirits. Yoga is 1% theory, and 99% practice. Take your ‘I know’ and make it an ‘I do’. Practice yoga off the mat. Let your life be a moving meditation. Be curious, never let go of your inner child. Be in awe of yourself, the ever-changing life around you. Just be♡

You’ve got that Yoga Glow!

Xx love & light.

Photos by Rebecca Tello.



August 2013


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tumblr_mrmv7gzfOP1qahmfgo1_1280 tumblr_mrmv7gzfOP1qahmfgo2_r2_1280 tumblr_mrmv7gzfOP1qahmfgo3_r2_1280   Photo 1: a question from you that inspired me for today’s Q&A post!

Photo 2: a photo sent to me this morning from my assistant lol, my ideal breakfast according to her.

Photo 3: me! to you <3 Soo.. here’s my in-depth answer to the q in photo 1:)

You can always be better than you were yesterday. That is one of the greatest blessings we have- to be able to have a second chance everyday that we wake up! We can all be limitless.. For everyone it’s different- but for me, here are some tips/skills I have subconsciously used and developed for use on a daily basis – and remember ‘Savoir-Fair’, knowing what to do in any situation.

I broke them down into six important categories:

1) Beauty: my morning/night routine is very simple, and it’s less than five minutes long. Simplicity is key. Know your skin type, know what your skincare goals are and use a few products that will take care of that. Slightly switch it up every few months by switching eye creams or moisturizers. Get a cute makeup pouch for key staple beauty items to carry with you wherever you go– always be ready:)

2) Appearance: I pick out my clothes in less than 5 minutes. I can do this very quickly because my wardrobe is minimal and concise. Every single new friend that has ever seen my closet has said the same exact thing to me.. “Wow, I always thought your wardrobe would be much larger”. The key here is knowing what looks good and FEELS right to you and your true style. Shop only when you need to go to an event (I rarely like to go out to social events wearing the same outfit twice- and if I do it is months apart). Every season purchase only a few key items you know you will need. Basics are best, vary it up with color. For special events, use Rent The Runway. Love their efficient service- all businesses should run like them! Again, simplicity is key! A dress should be worn to showcase a woman’s beauty, the star is the woman- not the dress.

3) Mind: Yoga + exercise at least 4 times a week, bi-weekly therapy sessions even if you don’t believe you are stressed and especially if you live in NY. Eat clean, nutritionally beneficial foods. And, we all need to do this more: SMILE.

4) Body: Feel good from workouts to look good! Your inner self shines through when you glow health from the inside!

5) Work: work smart AND hard, stay focused, define specific goals with dates. Always, visualize the big picture.

6) People: it’s simple, always spread your sparkle. My Typical Weekday: Wake up at 7:30am, get ready + leave at 8am. Blog! Get to work (social media director at a high-fashion luxury agency in New York). Go to yoga or do cardio at Equinox in the afternoon, one-hour of exertion relaxation. I typically leave work at 6. Ray picks me up either from work or the gym (I go twice a day sometimes). We then go have a low-key dinner. If there are any events that come up they are usually spontaneous so I have an extra dress in the car- and I’m in heels 99% of the time so I can be ready for anything. Whatever time we get home is our own individual alone time for however long ‘til bedtime. This is when I work on Sunina- edit my video/respond to questions/logistics for the next shoot, etc. I like to shower and be in bed by midnight! I need more sleep so it should really be 11! So all in all, efficiency and simplicity is key! Eat fruits and your green juice, only shop when you NEED to, and don’t forget to bring your sparkle wherever you go. FYI– I am not perfect, and I do not claim to be! The point here is to be better than you were yesterday, and to strive to live by your own standards of excellence- and hopefully continue to lift up your standards as you expand your threshold! Keep the questions coming- love them! Have an amazing weekend, and sign up for my newsletter for a preview of next weeks topic. XO:)

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