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April 2014


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Try this dynamic side lunge to stretch the glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Start with a wide-legged stance, bend the left knee all the way down and balance on your tip toe as you extend the right leg all the way out energetically. Lengthen the spine on an inhale, then twist towards the right extending the right hand up to the sky while opening up the chest. With every inhale you lengthen, and every exhale you deepen the stretch. Stay for 3 to 5 breaths. Switch sides.

Get out of the mind and into the muscles.

xx love & light.



August 2013



August 2013


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sideslimmerA SideslimmerB

The Side Slimmer!

The focus this week will be ‘Slim Waist.. Cute Butt!!!’

K~ so now that that’s settled, here’s how you do the Slide Slimmer:

Position A: sit ladylike with legs to the side, palms to the floor on the opposite side at shoulder width apart.

Position B: extend your top leg out as you push up, repeat 12 times! 3 sets, then switch sides.

12 reps; 3 sets- go!



August 2013


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Plank Cross

The Plank Cross works your abs, obliques, shoulders, and butt.

Here’s how to do the Plank Cross:

Position A: start in plank position with wrists directly beneath shoulders.

Position B: engage abs as you bring your right knee to the left. Return to plank and repeat on opposite side.

Do 30!

Beauty P.S. I am working up the will to cut my hair. Why is hair so emotionally connected to us?? Does it signify that we are yearning for a dramatic change, not only in appearance but in situational circumstances, relationships, or career? Thoughts anyone? Read this good article about the psychology of hair from YouBeauty.

Edit, 1 hour later: and here’s why I’ve already decided against chopping off my hair.. ”I’m thrilled with how my hair looks right now, which, as you all know, is the perfect time to fuck with it and make myself miserable. ” –Babe Walker.




August 2013


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Burpees are so challenging – but it’s such an effective full body cardio workout- try it!

How to do a Burpee:

Position A: crouch into a squat.

Position B: jump-kick feet back to plank.

Position C: hop feet back between your palms to squat.

Position D: jump up to the sky!

Advanced: add a push-up to your plank.

10 to 20 reps- go!



July 2013


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Happy Monday! This week we are focused on equipment-free workouts. You do not need a gym membership to workout, most machines are actually limiting in fitness progress. Variety and progress is always good, so step off the machines and try equipment-free workouts (from this blog;)

The Skater Lunge works your outer thighs and butt! Here’s how to do them:

Position A: take a big step forward diagonally with your right foot, hands on your hips for better balance.

Position B: lower into a lunge – go as low as you can without letting your knees touch the floor. Repeat!

Do 20 reps per side; 2 sets- go!



July 2013


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This move is amazing for your glutes and abs- the bridge pullover!

Here’s how to do the Bridge Pullover:

Position A: lay flat on your back, arms straight and extended above you, left knee bent, right leg extended straight up.

Position B: activate your core, lift your hips up to the sky as you reach your arms up and over to your sides.

Position C: lower your right leg to bend and hips down to the floor as you raise your hands back up to starting position.

Position D: now your left left extends up, hips up to the sky, and arms pulled over to your sides! Repeat.

20 reps; 3 sets- go!

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July 2013

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The L Stand! Tones your upper back, shoulders, arms, core, glutes.. It’s super effective and works your FULL BODY- the focus this week!

I am traveling this week and need to be in good shape fast, so the most effective and efficient way to do this is to incorporate workouts that will tone and tighten my entire body at the same time- time saver!

So, this is how you do the L Stand:

Position A: palms flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. Walk your feet up a wall or sturdy base (in my case a big rock at Central Park) until your legs are parallel to the floor so your body is at a 90 degree angle.

Position B: raise your leg to activate your core.

Position C: point your toes! Lower your leg and repeat with your other leg.

10 reps each leg; 2 sets- go! Stop & drop if you feel light-headed.



July 2013

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Just a Friday recap!

Hope you liked the butt workouts all week! I can’t wait to show what’s next up on the blog for the coming weeks.

Pic 1: that was a candid shot from this mornings fitness photoshoot with my photog, Ron Gejon, at Central Park. I was taking a quick break because I was a bit winded after one particular move lol.

Pic 2: Fireworks! My 4th of July was beautiful, could not have asked for a more over-the-top BBQ celebration hosted by my BFF x

Pic 3: The Samsung Galaxy camera has been on my wish list for a few weeks and I was so ecstatic to be surprised with one from the BF. He says it is a motivational gift to continue to focus on the development of my fitness blog.

Awwwwwww, the sweetest ever and so supportive!!!!

Feeling super blessed, and couldn’t be more thankful for everything I already have.

Love love! Happy Friday.
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July 2013

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Plié squats! These are amazing for your legs and butt.

I loved ballet as a little girl ‘til my teen years.. plié squats were a standard at the barre during warmup. Here they are, just like a classic squat, except  with your feet turned out.

Here’s how to do them:

Position AFeet turned outwards and shoulder width apart, hands on your hips, good back posture, chin up!

Position BLean forward as you squat and intentionally stick your butt out, chin up!




July 2013

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We are continuing with our week of glutes! Romanian deadlifts work your butt, thighs, and abs..

Here’s how to do them:

Position A: Stand up straight, hold weights in front of you, arms straight, chin up.

Position B: back stays straight as you bend from your waist and lower weights past your knees. Squeeze your butt to bring yourself back up to position A.

Hint: keep your abs tight to get the maximum benefit of this workout.

Do 15 reps; 3 sets. Go!



June 2013

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Did you make it to the gym this morning? I didn’t.. which is why tonight’s workout is going to kick my a** for a full hour, even though I’m a bit under the weather from my immune system breaking down after my recent red-eye flight. No excuses!

Anyway- Glute Kickbacks!

Here’s how to do them properly:

Position A: get on your knees with palms flat on the floor, shoulder width apart.

Position B: exhale as you flex your foot and push straight up through the heel. Squeeze and hold. Inhale and slowly lower your leg down to starting position.

25 reps each leg; 2 sets. Go!
Making it my priority to get the the gym bright and early tomorrow morning.

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