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June 2014


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Be bright, be you! Happy Monday.

My message to you for the week is to be unapologetically you. You are free to express your talents in any way you feel is natural to you. As long as you are not hurting anyone, and the intent behind your message is positive –  you are in the position of service to the world, no matter how big or small you feel the impact is. Don’t compare your standards to anyone else’s beliefs, don’t conform to what society tags as ‘right’. If you admire your thigh gap, your big butt, your beautiful mind, your itty bitty waist, your fitness progress, your amazing personality, do it unapologetically! If you want to express yourself by yoga selfie-ing all around the world, do it! Don’t worry about criticism, don’t worry about naysayers. DO YOU! It’s your expression. Be bright, be you. You should never have to tone yourself down to ensure that the insecurities in others do not flare up, that is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to share your talents in the brightest way possible so that you can influence the same action in others. There are enough carbon copies in the world, there aren’t enough of YOU- because there is only one you. Love yourself, believe in yourself- firmly! Never compare, never complain, never explain.

xx love & light. 1 yoga 250 Sunina 04109 cover 2 be bright 3 yoga sunina face 4 yoga 055 Sunina 03711 5 yoga 161 Sunina 03954 6 yoga 086 Sunina 03798 yogini prayer

Photos in Turks & Caicos with my BFF barbie, Heather <3 thanks for being a constant fit inspiration to me! Girl, you are a positive light in my life.




March 2014


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As long as you are breathing, you are a limitless being. It is not just in a select few of us, it is in all of us. You are ‘the chosen one’ if YOU choose to be. Firmly believe in yourself, know who you are, and don’t mind naysayers. It is up to you to accomplish your purpose in life. Trust yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself.

Ways to break excuses, expand your limits, clear your mind:

  • Run – glisten once a day, get your heart rate up.
  • Do Yoga – do more, think less.
  • Meditate – 30 minutes day and night.
  • Be Present  – in whatever you are doing.
  • Find Your Edge – challenge yourself in whatever you do, never stand still. Always strive to learn and do your best.


sunina_limitless_1cover sunina_limitless_2 sunina_limitless_4 sunina_limitless_5 sunina_limitless_6 sunina_limitless_7 sunina_limitless_8 sunina_limitless_9


xx love & light.

Photos by Nikko La Mere.




September 2013


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This week I want to focus on your abs. You can never overwork your core.

Here is the first move of the week:
Ab Scissors, Vertical! These work your lower abs and hip flexors.

Position A: lay flat on your back, legs extended straight up, hands at your sides.

Position B: lower your right leg down to form a 90 degree angle with your legs.

Position C: switch legs, keep your abs tight! Repeat.

2 sets, 20 reps- go!



August 2013



August 2013


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sideslimmerA SideslimmerB

The Side Slimmer!

The focus this week will be ‘Slim Waist.. Cute Butt!!!’

K~ so now that that’s settled, here’s how you do the Slide Slimmer:

Position A: sit ladylike with legs to the side, palms to the floor on the opposite side at shoulder width apart.

Position B: extend your top leg out as you push up, repeat 12 times! 3 sets, then switch sides.

12 reps; 3 sets- go!



August 2013


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Plank Cross

The Plank Cross works your abs, obliques, shoulders, and butt.

Here’s how to do the Plank Cross:

Position A: start in plank position with wrists directly beneath shoulders.

Position B: engage abs as you bring your right knee to the left. Return to plank and repeat on opposite side.

Do 30!

Beauty P.S. I am working up the will to cut my hair. Why is hair so emotionally connected to us?? Does it signify that we are yearning for a dramatic change, not only in appearance but in situational circumstances, relationships, or career? Thoughts anyone? Read this good article about the psychology of hair from YouBeauty.

Edit, 1 hour later: and here’s why I’ve already decided against chopping off my hair.. ”I’m thrilled with how my hair looks right now, which, as you all know, is the perfect time to fuck with it and make myself miserable. ” –Babe Walker.




August 2013


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Kneeling Sidekick

Another Pilates move today! Kneeling Sidekicks, they are great for your glutes, obliques, chest, shoulders.

Position A: get on all fours, chin down, right leg extended straight back behind you.

Position B: kick to the side without rocking your body. Keep your hips steady (do not rock them back and forth). Repeat!

Do 30 per side- go! 




August 2013


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Here’s to a Pilates inspired week! Happy Monday.

The leg climb has been challenging to me because of the flexibility factor. How high can you climb up your leg without compensating good form?

How to do the Leg Climb:

Position A: sit with both feet stretched out in front of you, kick your right leg straight up! Hold your calves from a comfortable distance.

Position B: straight back- pulse your legs into your chest as you climb up as much as you can. Switch legs.

Try this on a daily basis to progressively increase your flexibility.

Do 20 reps!



August 2013


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How to do a Headstand!! This has to be my most favorite pose because it took a lot for me the first time I tried this— to completely erase the fear of falling. Try it! This will improve your upper body strength and balance.

Here’s how you do it!

Position A: get on your elbows and knees, fold your hands together, and place them on the ground in front of you, strong forearms.

Position B: firmly position the top of your head in front of your folded hands. Step up on your toes and inch forward bit by bit.

Position C: stay balanced on your forearms, slowly lift your right leg up.

Position D: lift your left leg up. Do not hunch your shoulders, and keep your forearms strong. Most of your weight will be at your forearms, not so much on your head. Balance and hold!

Try this everyday for 30 seconds to a minute.. If you don’t get it at first, keep trying steps A to C until you get to D 🙂

I hope the yoga inspired movements this week motivated you to go and practice it whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi bear.

PS- just a few words of encouragement… you won’t always get the support you need from every single important person in your life, what’s important is knowing what you want, and going for it no matter what. People will be there to protect you and look out for what they believe is for your best interest. But only you know what’s inside you and only you know what’s best for you. Don’t get beat by outside influences. Stay true to what you believe in, firmly believe in it until you get it.



August 2013


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Balance, activate and strengthen your core with the Side Plank Pose!

Here’s how you do the Side Plank:

Position A: start at plank, plant your palms firmly to the ground.

Position B: place your left leg over your right as you turn to your side, the edge of your bottom foot should be balancing you up, hips high, left hand high up to the sky. Advanced? Look up! Balance and hold for 30 seconds.

30 seconds each side- go!



August 2013


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Continuing with our yoga week! It’s my favorite yoga pose actually. The pose itself feels like you’re opening up completely to the world around you! It’s not just about holding a pose and making it look good- it increases your energy level + builds your confidence. It’s like an instant energy switch!

Physically, it strengthens your core and upper body.

Characteristics associated with this pose: open, adventurous, bold.

Here’s how you do the rockstar:

Position A: start at downward dog split with your left leg, bend your leg towards the right. Keep a strong balance here for a second.

Position B: keep your right leg firmly balanced to the floor as you curve your body backwards and plant your left foot to the floor. Your right palm is firmly planted into the floor for balance and left hand is reaching far back behind you! Hips up to the sky. Pose, hold!

Do 30 to 60 seconds per side.



August 2013


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tumblr_mr7yvcwVI11qahmfgo1_1280 tumblr_mr7yvcwVI11qahmfgo2_1280

It’s the Hur Side-Kick! I had to name this one after my dad, Min Hur, because he is my fitspo!! Plus he was the first person to teach me this move at 4. I was on the phone with him last night and he had just come home late from working at his newest Tae Kwon Do school location. He was tired but still enthusiastic about all the new members that signed up. 30+ years in the business and he still teaches when he can. He is super hands on with his TKD locations, his TKD skills, his students.. and I am constantly inspired by him! As a little girl I remember him doing flying sidekicks, breaking bricks with his bare feet/knuckles, splits everywhere, lol.

So yes, the ‘Hur Side-Kick’. Here’s how you do them:

Position A: find balance on your left foot, right leg up to hip level, fists up!

Position B: look to the right, chin up, kick!

Do 20, then repeat with left!

PS – TKD is an amazing form of cardio!

Style by Sophie Wu
Photo by Ron Gejon



August 2013


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We are continuing with our week of cardio:) You don’t need much, but a little bit everyday will go a long way!

For an effective workout, try high intensity interval training. I recommend the ‘Jog, Run, Sprint’ workout below if you want simultaneous toning and weight loss.

High Intensity Interval Training:

  • 1 minute walk
  • 2 min jog
  • 2 min run
  • 1 min sprint
  • 30 sec jog
  • 30 sec sprint
  • 30 sec jog
  • 30 sprint (at your max speed!)
  • walk it out for 1 min

This is only 9 minutes! It burns approximately 110 to 130 calories.




August 2013


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tumblr_mr4c2sWG9h1qahmfgo1_1280 tumblr_mr4c2sWG9h1qahmfgo2_1280 tumblr_mr4c2sWG9h1qahmfgo3_1280


Burpees are so challenging – but it’s such an effective full body cardio workout- try it!

How to do a Burpee:

Position A: crouch into a squat.

Position B: jump-kick feet back to plank.

Position C: hop feet back between your palms to squat.

Position D: jump up to the sky!

Advanced: add a push-up to your plank.

10 to 20 reps- go!



August 2013


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Cardio sans equipment is the focus this week. If you have the opportunity and freedom of space— get off the treadmill and try some leaps! I was happy to take advantage of the beach over the weekend to do some freestyle cardio:)

Here’s why cardio is so important:

  1. Keeps your heart happy! Your heart controls every organ in your body, keep it beautifully healthy!
  2. Lose weight and get to your goal weight quickly. It is the fastest way to lose body mass.
  3. Increases your energy level. Your body’s energy currency multiplies when you do cardio!
  4. Helps you sleep well. Helps your sleep rhythms get back on track. I personally love that I can fall asleep at bedtime within minutes..
  5. Gets you naturally happy by releasing endorphins! It’s the most natural stress reliever. Your body’s toxins and any negative energy you may have releases- getting your mind/body back on track again.

So, try this form of cardio..

How-To Leap:

    1. Get a running start, chin up.
    2. Hands to the sky as you leap- smile!

Get moving, happy Monday!


photo by Ron Gejon; style by Sophie Wu



August 2013


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Another equipment-free abs workout: the Toe Touch!

Position A: lay on your back, extend your legs and arms and reach, activate your core- keep it tight!

Position B: extend your legs up and touch your toes!

Repeat 20x!



July 2013


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Printable Flat Abs Workout

I was inspired by you to create my first workout 1 sheet because of the positive reactions from yesterday’s criss cross workout for flat abs!

Here it is, it’s printable! Or save it in your phone for near future reference:)

Here is your Flat Abs Workout:

  1. Bridge Pullover 20x
  2. L Stand 10x per leg
  3. Side Plank with Crunch 10x per side
  4. Ab Roll Up 10x
  5. Water Warrior 10x

Do moves 1-5 3x to burn 110+ calories (depending on your weight & level of fitness).

Photos are by Ron Gejon!



July 2013


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tumblr_mqr95rehRq1qahmfgo4_r1_1280 tumblr_mqr95rehRq1qahmfgo1_r1_1280 tumblr_mqr95rehRq1qahmfgo3_1280

The Cross Cross Reach! These will flatten your abs. No equipment necessary!

Position A: back straight, palms to the floor at your sides, legs extended out in front of you.

Position B: lift your left leg up, reach your right arm towards your toes- touch your toes!

Position C: other leg/arm!

15 reps each side; 2 sets- go!



July 2013


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You can work your core everyday, there’s no such thing as overworking your core!

There are four parts to your core: internal obliques, external obliques, transverse & rectus abdominal.

Here’s how to do the Torso Twist in order to warm up your abs or even incorporate it as an ab workout:

Position A: lay flat on your back, knees bent into a 90 degree angle, arms weightlessly spread out.

Position B: activate your core and twist your knees to the left, hold and repeat!

Do 30; 3 sets-go!



July 2013

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The focus this week is butt! Yes, it is glutes week for me- need to get ready to be in a bikini again soon. I’m sure you are too. Find a stable stool and do Step-Up Lunges! These will work out your butt and thighs:

Here’s how to do them:

Position A: Hands on your hips, right leg up on the stool.

Position B: Step-up, left knee to the sky – keep your balance!

Position C: Step back down to starting position.

Position D: Right leg drops backwards into a lunge, go as low as you can! Repeat.

Hint: The leg you step-up with is the leg you lunge on. Do 10 reps leg; 3 sets. Go!


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