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August 2013


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A 30 second preview of how to do Plié Squat Jumps! I get butt-lift questions a lot and thought this would be the best workout to show as my first video!! I love doing the photo how-to’s but this is just another way to really show how to do a workout properly.

Butt Lift Workout – How to do Plié Squat Jumps! This is a mini workout you can do anywhere. So here it is….. click, click!!

Video Voiceover:

  • Arms straight out in front of you, feet turned out, and a slight bit wider than shoulder width apart, good posture + chin up!
  • Lean forward and stick your butt out.
  • Push down to squat and jump as high as you can while swinging your arms and legs behind you.
  • Engage your core, this works your butt and thigh.
  • Try 3 sets of 10 reps.
  • Take breaks like this in between if necessary.
  • Stay hydrated!

Let me know your thoughts, & what you want to see next. I want to know what you want!!!! xo




August 2013


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Okay, let’s get motivated!!! It’s the final movement for this weeks inspiration, Pilates!

I learn so much just by posting and writing here everyday. I always want to ensure that the movements I post are of correct form and helpful! You can do any of the exercises I post anywhere because they are equipment free. All you need is a little motivation.

So, today’s workout is the Teaser II. There is one position for it with a slight movement:

Get into position- balance with your legs and hands extended up, see above. Then lower and raise your legs for 3 to 5 reps. Do 3 sets!!

Great for your abs.



August 2013


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Kneeling Sidekick

Another Pilates move today! Kneeling Sidekicks, they are great for your glutes, obliques, chest, shoulders.

Position A: get on all fours, chin down, right leg extended straight back behind you.

Position B: kick to the side without rocking your body. Keep your hips steady (do not rock them back and forth). Repeat!

Do 30 per side- go! 




August 2013


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Here’s to a Pilates inspired week! Happy Monday.

The leg climb has been challenging to me because of the flexibility factor. How high can you climb up your leg without compensating good form?

How to do the Leg Climb:

Position A: sit with both feet stretched out in front of you, kick your right leg straight up! Hold your calves from a comfortable distance.

Position B: straight back- pulse your legs into your chest as you climb up as much as you can. Switch legs.

Try this on a daily basis to progressively increase your flexibility.

Do 20 reps!



August 2013


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Cardio sans equipment is the focus this week. If you have the opportunity and freedom of space— get off the treadmill and try some leaps! I was happy to take advantage of the beach over the weekend to do some freestyle cardio:)

Here’s why cardio is so important:

  1. Keeps your heart happy! Your heart controls every organ in your body, keep it beautifully healthy!
  2. Lose weight and get to your goal weight quickly. It is the fastest way to lose body mass.
  3. Increases your energy level. Your body’s energy currency multiplies when you do cardio!
  4. Helps you sleep well. Helps your sleep rhythms get back on track. I personally love that I can fall asleep at bedtime within minutes..
  5. Gets you naturally happy by releasing endorphins! It’s the most natural stress reliever. Your body’s toxins and any negative energy you may have releases- getting your mind/body back on track again.

So, try this form of cardio..

How-To Leap:

    1. Get a running start, chin up.
    2. Hands to the sky as you leap- smile!

Get moving, happy Monday!


photo by Ron Gejon; style by Sophie Wu



July 2013

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The focus this week is bikini body workouts- inspired by my trip to Miami last week. Here’s for your core:

Side plank with crunch!

Position A: lie on your sides and balance your body weight on your forearms, hands placed behind your head.

Position B: bring your elbow down to the floor twisting your torso.

10 reps – switch sides and repeat!



July 2013

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I love my green juice! 

It’s so convenient that I can ensure I am getting my days worth of greens in one large cup of green juice!

Remember, nutrition is the most important part of any fitness goal!

The four elements of change are motivation, nutrition, resistance training, and cardio..



July 2013

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I love Miami!! It’s such a quick & easy trip from NY.. 

The photo set above is a hint at what this week’s focus will be..

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July 2013

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Plié squats! These are amazing for your legs and butt.

I loved ballet as a little girl ‘til my teen years.. plié squats were a standard at the barre during warmup. Here they are, just like a classic squat, except  with your feet turned out.

Here’s how to do them:

Position AFeet turned outwards and shoulder width apart, hands on your hips, good back posture, chin up!

Position BLean forward as you squat and intentionally stick your butt out, chin up!




June 2013

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I made it to the gym bright and early and did a 6 minute walk/jog 5.0 to 6.0; 1.0 incline + 2 minute sprint 7.0 to 8.5 to get my heart rate up. Then, I did these: plank + leg pulses!

Here’s how:

Get into plank position! Lift and extend your legs up to be parallel to your core, then pulse 30 seconds for each leg.

This leg pulse move builds long sleek muscles in your thighs and backside.

In addition I stretched and did abs, I always do abs. In total my morning session was a speedy 25 minutes- all before breakfast:) today’s fitness goal done!



June 2013

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My BFF, who is also my personal fitness guru, taught me this one- and I love! I feel like a mermaid, sort of. We are continuing with the ‘Travel Fit’ focus this week, so if you’re somewhere beachy (lucky you!) go with me on this one and think mermaid with this workout – ha!

Here’s how to do the ab wave

Position A: Lay flat on the floor, hands under your back, legs straight up, your body should form a perfect 90˚ angle.

Position B: Then your knees bend towards your chest. 

Position C: From your chest, your legs flow straight out in front of you.

Position D: Legs flow straight up

Position E: Use light momentum to lift your butt slightly while extending legs beyond Position A.

Hold each position for only 1 second. Your legs should flow in a full circle. Do 25 to 50, go! x

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