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October 2014


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It’s a beautiful life! I’ve always loved the summer, and never really noticed the beauty of Fall until I was fully immersed in it this past weekend with my best friend. Now that we are fully in Fall many things may already be in full swing for you as it is for me.

I’ve 100% focused in my work, I feel so blessed to be in the business of body:) and wedding planning! I’ve slowly started to get more and more involved. I have to stop myself when I keep thinking, ‘omg so cheesy’. Because really it’s not and although I’ve always been uncomfortable expressing love that is really all I want to stand for.. is love and light! Even though the NY in me kind of cringes at all the frills, I have to be honest.. this is going to be an incredible journey.

How to Have an Incredible Journey (in anything you do):
1) Get rid of excuses. You are the only one stopping yourself from everything that is possible for you.
2) Release control of the things and people you cannot control. Everyone has their own mind. What will be will be.
3) You can have it all, don’t be so limited. Be open. Open up the mind and the heart and you will realize your want for ‘all’ is not actually that much.. We sometimes think we need more than we actually do. In the end, simplicity is king.

Xx love & light!



September 2013


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When the season changes many other things adjust- your wardrobe choices, workout routine, makeup colors, and skincare routine.. all very important life decisions!!! No sarcasm here:)

Here are a few beauty related items I am focusing on this Fall!

1) Eyebrows. Specifically korean styled eyebrows that are straight and full. Think Kim Hee Sun and Song Hye Kyo!

2) A simplified skincare routine focusing on eye cream, brightening creams from any sun damage over the summer, and hydrating masks as well as heavier moisturizers for the colder months in NY. I really want to try Chanel Le Lift Créme.. for optimal firmness!

3) Deep dark lips. Like its the 90’s.

4) Consistent Workouts. Do it for yourself, always do it for yourself. Glow
in the heart of winter like its still summertime 2013:-)

5) Lemon water. Would love to get back into dropping lemons in every cup of water I drink. Cucumbers too! Benefits include: vitamin C, fiber, fresh breath(!), and helps you keep your weight at your ideal best.

What is your Fall Beauty Focus?

Let me know in comments or twitter! Xo.



September 2013


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Squat Kickbacks!

The last high intensity workout of the week. Hope you liked the new moves!! I get bored so easily that I always like to incorporate new moves that are equipment free which you can do anywhere.

Try Squat Kickbacks! Amazing for your bum and thighs. Tone and get tight!!! Summer is just about over but the new Fall season is no excuse to slack off:) it’s for your health!

Position A: Feet firmly planted to on floor, slightly wider than shoulder width apart, hands extended out in front of you, push your butt out to push down and squat.

Position B: as you pop up sweep your hands behind you and kick your feet back- boom! Repeat and alternate legs.

3 sets of 10 reps- go! xo



November 2012

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A slight bit late, but I’m on the hunt for some more big and SOFT sweaters- can’t stand an itchy sweater. This one is from Topshop.

Photo: Sitting on my bosses stoop in the west village. Not my phone, cig, or lighter! I don’t smoke x



September 2012

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The sudden drift of this breezy Fall weather has gotten me excited for two reasons: 1) Transitional outfits!!! Love shorts for bare legs paired with boots and a big sweater on top- or a curve-hugging long sleeve + scarf. 2) Fall/Winter shopping selections. 

My strategy to avoid over-spending is to create a wish list on Net-a-Porter, Shopbop, Barneys, and… obviously Sephora. Once the wish list is complete, purchases can be made for only the “can’t live withouts”. [A strategy I learned from my shopaholic assistant.]

Also, time to test moisturizers strong enough to withstand -17 degree NYC weather! Woot. 

Video: a Saturday at the Studio [Image Powerhouse].



September 2012

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Love being driven around the city when it’s gorgeous out, we went from soho to 97th street, then back again. It was a low-key Labor day, and now ready for the work week.

A Labor Day thought: I’ve never abided by the “no white” rule after labor day, it’s just a nice reminder that summer is pretty much over and that it’s time to bust out your boots and put away your summer pastels.


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