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September 2014


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In the wake of Fall, good-bye Summer (LOVE YOU), here are ways to embrace change and move with the seasons. Everyday, every second of every moment change happens. We are not quite the same as we were a year, a month, a week, a minute, and even a second ago. We are constantly changing. To resist is to create tightness, inflexibility in the mind, body. To embrace is to create an open mind, open heart, open abundance.

Here are 4 Ways to Embrace Change:

1) Move your body. Movement inspires a cleansed mind. I always think of working out, stretching, running, whatever it is that you do to sweat– as moving meditation. You are 100% focused on the present moment. Zero room for indecisive regrets, and zero room for worry. Sweat opens up the body, the mind.

2) Eat superfoods. There is something so cleansing about filling yourself up with the good good. We all know the chia seeds, flaxseeds, ginger, salmon, greens– basically anything our vitamix/ninja can chop up– is good for you. But take note of how you feel after filling yourself up with the good, natural stuff vs. heavy fried foods, glutenous foods, sweets, and meats. It’s totally different and the less distraction you have from a heavy body vs. a light and open body, the more you are able to focus and energize yourself for the meaningful. Like money, food is fuel and support! Tools that support you to reach higher, to raise your vibrations.

3) Be unaffected by the good/bad opinions of others. With change comes the opinions of others. There is never neutral, it is either good energy or bad energy. Energy is so strong it can’t even be disguised by words. So whichever it is– whether it is praise or the opposite, be unaffected from the comments/actions. Only you, your inner self can guide you and lead you in the perfect direction.

4) Let go! My friend East took me to an amazing meditation session over the weekend by Donna D’Cruz. Her guided meditation was truly a ‘dip into heaven’, with the super soothing and simple mantra of ‘Let Go”. So effective, and so simple yet we forget. It’s truly about letting go of the old so we can embrace the new. Look forward to the abundance life has to offer you.

Always keep your heart and mind open to new experiences!

xx love & light.



June 2014


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Happy Monday! Here are five tips on how to travel light (mind-wise), and fit tips for your summer travels!   sunina_travel_fit

Fit Tip #1 Be A Morning PersonRise and Shine. Yes! Wake up a little earlier than normal. Just 15 minute should do the trick. It is a commitment to stay fit and starting early is important especially since you most  likely have a set day-to-day itinerary for your trip. Make no excuse and keep the mornings your time to workout and ensure that you will set the tone of the day to be a healthy one.

For the ambitious: Wake up an additional 30 minutes earlier to meditate so you can start your day with a clear and fit-focused mind. Yogis recommend daily meditation for 30 minutes in the morning for a balanced life no matter where you are.


Fit Tip #2 But First, WaterFor a Healthy Skin Glow. Drinking water within 10 minutes of waking up in the morning, speeds up your metabolism thus supporting weight loss and/or maintaining a  balanced and healthy weight. It hydrates and detoxifies the body, purifying your internal system. Drinking water first thing in the morning clears out internal impurities therefore making the skin glow with health.

For the ambitious: Add lemon to your water for a multitude of benefits including clear skin, a natural energy boost, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, potassium, fiber, iron, and magnesium.



Fit Tip #3 Work Your CoreFor flatter abs and a stronger core. You can do leg lifts as soon as you wake up from the comfort of your bed- equipment, no excuses! Interlace the hands behind your head, deep inhale, exhale lift the chest up as you flex the feet and hover over the surface of the bed or ground (wherever you’ve chosen to do the workout). Inhale, keep the chest lifted and core engaged as you lift the legs up energetically at a 90 degree angle. Exhale lower for 6 breaths, inhale lift for 5 breaths. That’s one rep. Try 12 slow reps. The time commitment is approximately 4 minutes.

For the ambitious: Add bicycle crunches, scissor kicks, and bridges.


Fit Tip #4 Stretch Post-Flight For Lengthening – Whether you are on a business trip or on a vacation, stress can easily creep into your body in the form of muscle tension and mind fatigue. De-stress from jet-lag with an easy spine lengthening and side-opening movement. Side Opener: Inhale, lift the arms up, grab a hold of your right wrist, lift the rib cage in and up to lengthen, then exhale bend to the left. Saturate the right side body with breath. Take 5 full breaths, switch sides. Repeat to release all muscle tension. Time commitment is approximately 2 minutes.

For the ambitious: Take a moment to close your eyes and mentally say a fit-focused affirmation as you stretch. Example: “I always find time for self-care.”


Fit Tip #5 Tone For Full Body ToningPosition A: Child’s Pose – stand on the knees, knees are wider than, fold over so the rib cage fits perfectly between the thighs, reach the arms out in front of you, forehead to the ground. Breathe in for 5 counts, breathe out for 6 counts. Flow into Position B: Plank Pose – tuck the toes, slowly shift forward while lifting the knees off the ground, engage the core, tuck the tailbone, puff up through the upper back, keeping the entire spine in neutral alignment. Breathe in for 5 counts, breathe out for 6 counts. Transition to Position C: Fallen Triangle Pose – bring the right knee in towards your chest, kick the foot out to the left side and place the outer edge of the foot to the ground, lift the hips high, shift the weight to the right side, engage the core, reach the left hand up to the sky as you open up the left side body. Breathe in for 5 counts, breathe out for 6 counts. Step the foot back to plank position. Repeat Positions A to C, left & right; 4 reps per side. The time commitment is 9 minutes.

For the ambitious: Add a chaturanga push-up after plank pose.



Fit Tip #6 Do Cardio AnywhereFor cardio, weight-loss, energy. Pack your sneakers! You can jog, run, sprint anywhere! Get your heart rate up any chance you get. It is the most efficient way to lose weight and to maintain healthy weight. Other forms of cardio include jumping jacks, plank mountain climbers, jump squats, burpees.

For the ambitious: Plan a full day committed to fitness by going hiking, biking, or swimming!


xx love & light




March 2014


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As long as you are breathing, you are a limitless being. It is not just in a select few of us, it is in all of us. You are ‘the chosen one’ if YOU choose to be. Firmly believe in yourself, know who you are, and don’t mind naysayers. It is up to you to accomplish your purpose in life. Trust yourself, love yourself, be kind to yourself.

Ways to break excuses, expand your limits, clear your mind:

  • Run – glisten once a day, get your heart rate up.
  • Do Yoga – do more, think less.
  • Meditate – 30 minutes day and night.
  • Be Present  – in whatever you are doing.
  • Find Your Edge – challenge yourself in whatever you do, never stand still. Always strive to learn and do your best.


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xx love & light.

Photos by Nikko La Mere.




August 2013


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It’s the Hur Side-Kick! I had to name this one after my dad, Min Hur, because he is my fitspo!! Plus he was the first person to teach me this move at 4. I was on the phone with him last night and he had just come home late from working at his newest Tae Kwon Do school location. He was tired but still enthusiastic about all the new members that signed up. 30+ years in the business and he still teaches when he can. He is super hands on with his TKD locations, his TKD skills, his students.. and I am constantly inspired by him! As a little girl I remember him doing flying sidekicks, breaking bricks with his bare feet/knuckles, splits everywhere, lol.

So yes, the ‘Hur Side-Kick’. Here’s how you do them:

Position A: find balance on your left foot, right leg up to hip level, fists up!

Position B: look to the right, chin up, kick!

Do 20, then repeat with left!

PS – TKD is an amazing form of cardio!

Style by Sophie Wu
Photo by Ron Gejon



August 2013


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We are continuing with our week of cardio:) You don’t need much, but a little bit everyday will go a long way!

For an effective workout, try high intensity interval training. I recommend the ‘Jog, Run, Sprint’ workout below if you want simultaneous toning and weight loss.

High Intensity Interval Training:

  • 1 minute walk
  • 2 min jog
  • 2 min run
  • 1 min sprint
  • 30 sec jog
  • 30 sec sprint
  • 30 sec jog
  • 30 sprint (at your max speed!)
  • walk it out for 1 min

This is only 9 minutes! It burns approximately 110 to 130 calories.




August 2013


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Burpees are so challenging – but it’s such an effective full body cardio workout- try it!

How to do a Burpee:

Position A: crouch into a squat.

Position B: jump-kick feet back to plank.

Position C: hop feet back between your palms to squat.

Position D: jump up to the sky!

Advanced: add a push-up to your plank.

10 to 20 reps- go!



August 2013


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Cardio sans equipment is the focus this week. If you have the opportunity and freedom of space— get off the treadmill and try some leaps! I was happy to take advantage of the beach over the weekend to do some freestyle cardio:)

Here’s why cardio is so important:

  1. Keeps your heart happy! Your heart controls every organ in your body, keep it beautifully healthy!
  2. Lose weight and get to your goal weight quickly. It is the fastest way to lose body mass.
  3. Increases your energy level. Your body’s energy currency multiplies when you do cardio!
  4. Helps you sleep well. Helps your sleep rhythms get back on track. I personally love that I can fall asleep at bedtime within minutes..
  5. Gets you naturally happy by releasing endorphins! It’s the most natural stress reliever. Your body’s toxins and any negative energy you may have releases- getting your mind/body back on track again.

So, try this form of cardio..

How-To Leap:

    1. Get a running start, chin up.
    2. Hands to the sky as you leap- smile!

Get moving, happy Monday!


photo by Ron Gejon; style by Sophie Wu



July 2013

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I love my green juice! 

It’s so convenient that I can ensure I am getting my days worth of greens in one large cup of green juice!

Remember, nutrition is the most important part of any fitness goal!

The four elements of change are motivation, nutrition, resistance training, and cardio..



April 2013

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The 10-day workout plan!

So the boyfriend surprised me with a birthday vacation to the Bahamas! It’s an excellent thing that he gave me somewhat of an advance notice so that preparations could ensue on my end. A girl needs to be prepared!

Here’s how I used 10 days to prep for a beach vaca:

Day 1
Barry’s Bootcamp – Some serious cardio and ‘hardcore abs’.

Eat: Tiny portions of healthy fruits, veggies, and clean + fresh foods. Yes to quinoa! No to carbs! Clean means no fried foods, no sauces, no dressings for your greens, if you have to question it the answer is NO. Include wheatgrass shots 4 to 8 times during this 10-day plan, it will help you go:)

Mentality: You are aiming to be a better, stronger, faster you! Your workout only starts when you want to stop- so keep going! Clearly define your fitness goals. Make an amazing 1-hour long playlist and pick a workout theme song:) Mine was Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

Day 2
Rest aka a full day of sore muscles!
Snack regularly: apricots, cashews, grapes, tea, lots of water!!!

Day 3 
Barry’s Bootcamp

Day 4 
Barry’s Bootcamp
Workout through your soreness- you will be proud you got through a class even when sore!

Day 5 
Don’t forget to track your weight:)

Day 6 
Fly Barre – All about toning!

Day 7 
Even on your days of rest you should be holding in your abs at all times – and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. All the little things add up!

Day 8 
Barry’s Bootcamp

Day 9 
Fly Barre

Day 10 
Barry’s Bootcamp
You should be super toned and bikini-ready now!

‘1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this!’ -Kanye [The Workout Plan]

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