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March 2013

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3 Don’ts of a Classy Girl:

  1. Don’t badmouth others in social media space, or any other space for that matter. “What Sally says about Susie says more about Sally than of Susie.” True?
  2. Don’t talk about your private parts publicly. It is awkward, a bit of a turnoff for both genders, and truly unladylike. If you’re trying to call attention to yourself, charming hints of femininity is more than suffice. 
  3. Don’t come with one, and leave with another. Frank Sinatra sang it best; reference Luck Be A Lady:

A lady never leaves her escort
It isn’t fair, it isn’t nice
A lady doesn’t wander all over the room
And blow on some other guys dice

Lets keep this party polite
Never get out of my sight
Stick with me baby, Im the guy that you came in with
Luck be a lady tonight

A lady never flirts with strangers
Shed have a heart, she’d be nice…


Photo above is from a beautiful wedding at the Plaza in NYC, with my shared pseudo-date.



March 2013

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Saturday was bridal gown inventory day! So here is the sneak peak of one of my favorites.

Went through hundreds of dresses with my team to select 22 of the best. Can’t wait to show it at our Spring event!

Any brides that want to get ahead of the game and choose a dress before my Spring show, contact me! patricia@sunina.com 

x All things Bridal Beauty! 



March 2013

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It’s been so busy! Definitely working through all my projects as quality focused as possible. Can’t wait to present them all slowly but surely throughout 2013.

The Radiance Pre-Launch Event went amazingly well. Pinkbook is really excited to bring the next event this Spring. Brides will especially be happy. Details, once the winter is through!



January 2013

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Another image from the bridal doll shoot at Image Powerhouse. All things bridal have been on my mind because I have an exciting new event coming up I’m sure most brides would be extremely interested to attend. 

It will be a beauty event at the Hotel Giraffe in NYC on 1/24/13. A 90-minute pampering session is all yours.. read full details and purchase tickets here: www.pinkbooknyc.eventbrite.com. Sign up for my email newsletters to be reminded! 

I’m really, really excited to host this one, and especially excited to soft-launch my newest venture within the bridal industry. 




January 2013

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Here is the Bridal Beauty close-up!

Makeup is by the ‘House of Makeup’, photographed by JP at Image Powerhouse Studios in New York. So much fun and so coincidental that I was given this look to go along with my upcoming projects for especially for brides-to-be!
Details soon x



January 2013

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Both work-life and social life has been supremely hectic since the new year! Must say that that itself is truly a blessing.

So I’ve been working on many bridal-related beauty projects. There are many new exciting events coming up this year and I can’t wait to share! Brides-to-be, stay tuned please. Also, if you’d like to join my email list you can subscribe at the right side of this blog x or click here.

The above image is a quick sneak peak at my ‘Bridal Doll’ look a few weeks back.

I’ll officially post the video soon.

x Patricia



November 2012

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Bridal Doll Look at Image Powerhouse.

Love the look of love!

It took tons of hair spray and some contouring to achieve this perfect bridal doll look.

The bride red lips made the look just right. I just had an extensive conversation about who makes the best red lipstick. For matte, it’s Mac’s Red. For a glossy finish, it’s Dior.




August 2012

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Serendipity Magazine Spring/Summer 2012.

I wrote an article about my trip to Italy with Ray earlier this year. Throughout the trip I noted some tips on what to eat, see, and do in Venice, Rome, and beautiful Florence for the article. The number one tip has to be, “Do not travel with anyone you do not love”, quoted by Ernest Hemingway.

All supporting photos were taken by my iPhone, filtered through Instagram. The layout is by Serendipity. If you’d like to read the full article, a PDF can be viewed here: Over the Moon in Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Enjoy! x Patricia

Instagram: suninacom



July 2012

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Skinny Girl Margaritas + Skinny Girl Cosmos were served after the first ever held ‘Bridal Bootcamp’ class inside the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza in NYC.

Post sweat session the bride-to-be, Annie, and I decided to continue the momentum of our workout by walking from the Plaza at 59th street, all the way home- Chinatown for her, FiDi for me. The pretty walk down 5th Ave, extra cardio burn*, and light alcohol buzz kept the walk/girl chit-chat going (for 65+ blocks!)

*Extra skinny and sore today.

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