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August 2015


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Linette manages the marketing and social media at L’Oreal. She’s also a co-creater at EM cosmetics. This busy beauty girl and I started working out together on May 1st 2015! She’s a beautiful girl with a healthy body awareness and confidence. She just wanted to tighten up, stretch, and feel healthy.
Linette’s body goals were to tone up, and to slim down her waistline.

Here’s what we did:
A workout based vinyasa yoga with toning, cardio, glutes, obliques focus. Ends with a cool-down stretch with aromatherapy Savasana of course! Linette’s favorite part lol
2x a week.

SLT – megaformer Pilates
In my classes I focus a lot of my attention on butt and waist for my clients. I love to enhance and shape the natural figure of a woman!
1x a week (sometimes 2x a week).

Clean eating and a variety of juices. She had doughnuts once, and indulged in Korean food while away to see her parents lol. But for the most part she was super on point with her nutrition. It is not so sane to be so strict. It is okay to eat! It is about awareness.

Linette’s dedication, perseverance, positive attitude has inspired me the past 12 weeks. Open to change, ready to work, put in 100%, and most importantly had FUN with it. We had specific body goals to work towards. We weren’t stressing, we just wanted to feel good. The results were exactly what she was looking for, for her trip to Greece! And now it’s time for a bikini in the Mediterranean!

Love and light.



June 2014


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A summer ab workout + yoga for anti-aging benefits!

[ABS] Flutter Kicks, Cherry Pickers
[ANTI-AGING] Plow, Shoulder Stand, Plow, Fish Pose.

Inversions pull everything down. Through the flow process, blood travels and circulates towards our organs, brain, head, and face. Shoulder stand is an amazing pose for preventing and reducing wrinkles increasing overall circulation of the blood to the face, and therefore improving the complexion for glowing skin.

xx love & light! <3



June 2014


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Happy Monday! Here are five tips on how to travel light (mind-wise), and fit tips for your summer travels!   sunina_travel_fit

Fit Tip #1 Be A Morning PersonRise and Shine. Yes! Wake up a little earlier than normal. Just 15 minute should do the trick. It is a commitment to stay fit and starting early is important especially since you most  likely have a set day-to-day itinerary for your trip. Make no excuse and keep the mornings your time to workout and ensure that you will set the tone of the day to be a healthy one.

For the ambitious: Wake up an additional 30 minutes earlier to meditate so you can start your day with a clear and fit-focused mind. Yogis recommend daily meditation for 30 minutes in the morning for a balanced life no matter where you are.


Fit Tip #2 But First, WaterFor a Healthy Skin Glow. Drinking water within 10 minutes of waking up in the morning, speeds up your metabolism thus supporting weight loss and/or maintaining a  balanced and healthy weight. It hydrates and detoxifies the body, purifying your internal system. Drinking water first thing in the morning clears out internal impurities therefore making the skin glow with health.

For the ambitious: Add lemon to your water for a multitude of benefits including clear skin, a natural energy boost, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, potassium, fiber, iron, and magnesium.



Fit Tip #3 Work Your CoreFor flatter abs and a stronger core. You can do leg lifts as soon as you wake up from the comfort of your bed- equipment, no excuses! Interlace the hands behind your head, deep inhale, exhale lift the chest up as you flex the feet and hover over the surface of the bed or ground (wherever you’ve chosen to do the workout). Inhale, keep the chest lifted and core engaged as you lift the legs up energetically at a 90 degree angle. Exhale lower for 6 breaths, inhale lift for 5 breaths. That’s one rep. Try 12 slow reps. The time commitment is approximately 4 minutes.

For the ambitious: Add bicycle crunches, scissor kicks, and bridges.


Fit Tip #4 Stretch Post-Flight For Lengthening – Whether you are on a business trip or on a vacation, stress can easily creep into your body in the form of muscle tension and mind fatigue. De-stress from jet-lag with an easy spine lengthening and side-opening movement. Side Opener: Inhale, lift the arms up, grab a hold of your right wrist, lift the rib cage in and up to lengthen, then exhale bend to the left. Saturate the right side body with breath. Take 5 full breaths, switch sides. Repeat to release all muscle tension. Time commitment is approximately 2 minutes.

For the ambitious: Take a moment to close your eyes and mentally say a fit-focused affirmation as you stretch. Example: “I always find time for self-care.”


Fit Tip #5 Tone For Full Body ToningPosition A: Child’s Pose – stand on the knees, knees are wider than, fold over so the rib cage fits perfectly between the thighs, reach the arms out in front of you, forehead to the ground. Breathe in for 5 counts, breathe out for 6 counts. Flow into Position B: Plank Pose – tuck the toes, slowly shift forward while lifting the knees off the ground, engage the core, tuck the tailbone, puff up through the upper back, keeping the entire spine in neutral alignment. Breathe in for 5 counts, breathe out for 6 counts. Transition to Position C: Fallen Triangle Pose – bring the right knee in towards your chest, kick the foot out to the left side and place the outer edge of the foot to the ground, lift the hips high, shift the weight to the right side, engage the core, reach the left hand up to the sky as you open up the left side body. Breathe in for 5 counts, breathe out for 6 counts. Step the foot back to plank position. Repeat Positions A to C, left & right; 4 reps per side. The time commitment is 9 minutes.

For the ambitious: Add a chaturanga push-up after plank pose.



Fit Tip #6 Do Cardio AnywhereFor cardio, weight-loss, energy. Pack your sneakers! You can jog, run, sprint anywhere! Get your heart rate up any chance you get. It is the most efficient way to lose weight and to maintain healthy weight. Other forms of cardio include jumping jacks, plank mountain climbers, jump squats, burpees.

For the ambitious: Plan a full day committed to fitness by going hiking, biking, or swimming!


xx love & light




June 2014


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sunina navasana Mindfully working your core is the most essential part of any yoga practice or workout. It is from your core stability and strength that moves you with purpose.

Boat Pose or Navasana! I am doing an arm assisted version because I love how it feels in my hamstrings when the legs are up, the abs are completely engaged in this posture. Here’s how to do it: Deep inhale, with straight legs lift the legs up as you engage the core, back is straight, spine is tall, balance on the sits bones as you rise high. Feel as if your rib cage is pulling up away from your hips, lift the hands up by your sides, or as shown, grab the feet, flex the feet. Heart is open, chest is proud. Stay for 5 to 8 breaths.

xx love & light.

Yogini thought of the day, “how can I be a blessing to the world?”





September 2013


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So for the past 4 weeks I’ve been posting instavideos, mini workout clips every Friday.

The above is one from today, let me know what you think on insta! And try this workout! The key is progression. When you get bored it means you are no longer challenged and your body will not create new results. Keep going and get stronger everyday:)

xo have an amazing weekend!

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September 2013


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Do this ab workout 3x for a full ab workout. You’ll feel and look tighter tomorrow for sure!!

1) Crunch Sit-ups 20x
2) Ab Waves 20x
3) Bicycle Crunches 25x

Repeat 3x to burn approximately 100+ calories.

xo have an amazing weekend!!!



September 2013


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In continuation of an ab focus, a workout I’ve shown on the blog before- ab waves!

This move my BFF taught me one day and I’ve always kept it because its so easy to do anywhere.

Position A: lay flat on your back, hands at your side and legs straight up above you.

Position B: bend your knees towards your chest, keep your abs tight.

Position C: extend your legs out to form a straight line with your body.

Do 20 reps; 3 sets!

Will definitely be doing these tonight because I am traveling (in Cali!!!) and it’s easy to do anywhere, no excuses!!



September 2013


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This week I want to focus on your abs. You can never overwork your core.

Here is the first move of the week:
Ab Scissors, Vertical! These work your lower abs and hip flexors.

Position A: lay flat on your back, legs extended straight up, hands at your sides.

Position B: lower your right leg down to form a 90 degree angle with your legs.

Position C: switch legs, keep your abs tight! Repeat.

2 sets, 20 reps- go!



August 2013


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The Mermaid!! This is the final workout of the waist for a slim waist!

Here’s how you do the Mermaid:
Get on your side and form a straight line, arms and legs extended. Then, uniformly life your legs and arms to cinch your waist. Try 3 sets of 10 reps! x



August 2013


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Triangle Crunch

The Triangle Crunch! This move is great for your abs, legs, and butt!

Position A: kneel, place left hand lightly on back of head, right hand on floor to side.

Position B: crunch to left while raising left leg, so body forms a straight line from hip to toe. Lower leg and repeat.

Do 25 per side!



August 2013


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Okay, let’s get motivated!!! It’s the final movement for this weeks inspiration, Pilates!

I learn so much just by posting and writing here everyday. I always want to ensure that the movements I post are of correct form and helpful! You can do any of the exercises I post anywhere because they are equipment free. All you need is a little motivation.

So, today’s workout is the Teaser II. There is one position for it with a slight movement:

Get into position- balance with your legs and hands extended up, see above. Then lower and raise your legs for 3 to 5 reps. Do 3 sets!!

Great for your abs.



August 2013


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Continuing with our yoga week! It’s my favorite yoga pose actually. The pose itself feels like you’re opening up completely to the world around you! It’s not just about holding a pose and making it look good- it increases your energy level + builds your confidence. It’s like an instant energy switch!

Physically, it strengthens your core and upper body.

Characteristics associated with this pose: open, adventurous, bold.

Here’s how you do the rockstar:

Position A: start at downward dog split with your left leg, bend your leg towards the right. Keep a strong balance here for a second.

Position B: keep your right leg firmly balanced to the floor as you curve your body backwards and plant your left foot to the floor. Your right palm is firmly planted into the floor for balance and left hand is reaching far back behind you! Hips up to the sky. Pose, hold!

Do 30 to 60 seconds per side.



August 2013


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tumblr_mr4c2sWG9h1qahmfgo1_1280 tumblr_mr4c2sWG9h1qahmfgo2_1280 tumblr_mr4c2sWG9h1qahmfgo3_1280


Burpees are so challenging – but it’s such an effective full body cardio workout- try it!

How to do a Burpee:

Position A: crouch into a squat.

Position B: jump-kick feet back to plank.

Position C: hop feet back between your palms to squat.

Position D: jump up to the sky!

Advanced: add a push-up to your plank.

10 to 20 reps- go!



August 2013


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Another equipment-free abs workout: the Toe Touch!

Position A: lay on your back, extend your legs and arms and reach, activate your core- keep it tight!

Position B: extend your legs up and touch your toes!

Repeat 20x!



July 2013


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Printable Flat Abs Workout

I was inspired by you to create my first workout 1 sheet because of the positive reactions from yesterday’s criss cross workout for flat abs!

Here it is, it’s printable! Or save it in your phone for near future reference:)

Here is your Flat Abs Workout:

  1. Bridge Pullover 20x
  2. L Stand 10x per leg
  3. Side Plank with Crunch 10x per side
  4. Ab Roll Up 10x
  5. Water Warrior 10x

Do moves 1-5 3x to burn 110+ calories (depending on your weight & level of fitness).

Photos are by Ron Gejon!



July 2013


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tumblr_mqr95rehRq1qahmfgo4_r1_1280 tumblr_mqr95rehRq1qahmfgo1_r1_1280 tumblr_mqr95rehRq1qahmfgo3_1280

The Cross Cross Reach! These will flatten your abs. No equipment necessary!

Position A: back straight, palms to the floor at your sides, legs extended out in front of you.

Position B: lift your left leg up, reach your right arm towards your toes- touch your toes!

Position C: other leg/arm!

15 reps each side; 2 sets- go!



July 2013


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This move is amazing for your glutes and abs- the bridge pullover!

Here’s how to do the Bridge Pullover:

Position A: lay flat on your back, arms straight and extended above you, left knee bent, right leg extended straight up.

Position B: activate your core, lift your hips up to the sky as you reach your arms up and over to your sides.

Position C: lower your right leg to bend and hips down to the floor as you raise your hands back up to starting position.

Position D: now your left left extends up, hips up to the sky, and arms pulled over to your sides! Repeat.

20 reps; 3 sets- go!

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July 2013


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You can work your core everyday, there’s no such thing as overworking your core!

There are four parts to your core: internal obliques, external obliques, transverse & rectus abdominal.

Here’s how to do the Torso Twist in order to warm up your abs or even incorporate it as an ab workout:

Position A: lay flat on your back, knees bent into a 90 degree angle, arms weightlessly spread out.

Position B: activate your core and twist your knees to the left, hold and repeat!

Do 30; 3 sets-go!



July 2013


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It’s the Spiderman! It works your core mostly and a great workout to get yourself summer ready:)

Position A: place your forearms on the floor, elbows under your shoulders, and extend your legs behind you, knees on the floor, right leg extended to be parallel to the floor.

Position B: bend your right knee toward the outside of your right elbow. Hold & repeat.

15 reps; 3 sets- go!



July 2013

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The focus this week is bikini body workouts- inspired by my trip to Miami last week. Here’s for your core:

Side plank with crunch!

Position A: lie on your sides and balance your body weight on your forearms, hands placed behind your head.

Position B: bring your elbow down to the floor twisting your torso.

10 reps – switch sides and repeat!

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