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August 2016


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12 purple roses for the month of December; 20 weeks pregnant ♀

So happy to finally reveal my pregnancy and to share some Mind Body Beauty topics on my experience so far.

To start, I am so happy and grateful for all of the blessings that have unfolded the past few years and all of the things that led up to it. Blessings are given to you when you are open for and truly ready.

I am currently in my 2nd trimester of 20 weeks/5 months and I am SO happy to be here because I am feeling great.

This post topic will be on the first trimester (Week 1-13/First 3 months).

So! Here we go. To say it in one phrase to describe the 1st trimester: ‘Beautiful Nightmare’. My husband Ray and I were so ecstatic, and while I was beyond grateful, I was also terribly sick, nauseous, fatigued, and bloated! Ha- all of the greatest things that come with the 1st trimester. To stay afloat I did my best to go on with my day to day activities. Here is how:

MIND: I wrote one serenity styled prayer in my moleskin and read it a few times a week. I also had affirmations in the notes section of my iPhone which I read nightly. Here is one example that I love: “There is perfect coordination in every part of my body because the Spirit of perfection is acting in and through me.” This specific affirmation can be used by anyone- whether you are pregnant or not.

BODY: I continued to work out and I think this is what saved me. Pre-pregnancy I did SLT once or twice a week, Yoga once or twice a week. During my pregnancy I did SLT at least once a week; Yoga at least once a week although some weeks were skipped. I felt really good while in class and did all workout moves as normal since I didn’t have a bump yet. During this time I got weekly body massages as well. I remained the same weight during the 1st trimester.

It is very good to try and stay in the same level of activity you are accustomed to once you get pregnant. It’s okay to ease up a bit but to stop completely  is not necessary nor is it benefical for you. It is most beneficial to continue on with your normal activities as long as you are mindful in your movements and confident in your workout.

BEAUTY: As soon as I found out I was pregnant I decided to become a monthly member of Ling Skincare so that I could see my esthetician every month consistently. I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall off the wagon with this one. During this time my skin was extremely dry and sensitive so I am glad I decided to get the extra help each month.

Below photo is at 10 weeks pregnant; no bump just a little more bloated than normal:

IMG_2455 On another note, I’ve made a list of video/blog requests from my YouTube comments and my Instagram comments. If there are any others, leave them here or email me: suninayoung@sunina.com – would love to know what I should talk about in the near future! x

love & light

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