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August 2013


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tumblr_mrmv7gzfOP1qahmfgo1_1280 tumblr_mrmv7gzfOP1qahmfgo2_r2_1280 tumblr_mrmv7gzfOP1qahmfgo3_r2_1280   Photo 1: a question from you that inspired me for today’s Q&A post!

Photo 2: a photo sent to me this morning from my assistant lol, my ideal breakfast according to her.

Photo 3: me! to you <3 Soo.. here’s my in-depth answer to the q in photo 1:)

You can always be better than you were yesterday. That is one of the greatest blessings we have- to be able to have a second chance everyday that we wake up! We can all be limitless.. For everyone it’s different- but for me, here are some tips/skills I have subconsciously used and developed for use on a daily basis – and remember ‘Savoir-Fair’, knowing what to do in any situation.

I broke them down into six important categories:

1) Beauty: my morning/night routine is very simple, and it’s less than five minutes long. Simplicity is key. Know your skin type, know what your skincare goals are and use a few products that will take care of that. Slightly switch it up every few months by switching eye creams or moisturizers. Get a cute makeup pouch for key staple beauty items to carry with you wherever you go– always be ready:)

2) Appearance: I pick out my clothes in less than 5 minutes. I can do this very quickly because my wardrobe is minimal and concise. Every single new friend that has ever seen my closet has said the same exact thing to me.. “Wow, I always thought your wardrobe would be much larger”. The key here is knowing what looks good and FEELS right to you and your true style. Shop only when you need to go to an event (I rarely like to go out to social events wearing the same outfit twice- and if I do it is months apart). Every season purchase only a few key items you know you will need. Basics are best, vary it up with color. For special events, use Rent The Runway. Love their efficient service- all businesses should run like them! Again, simplicity is key! A dress should be worn to showcase a woman’s beauty, the star is the woman- not the dress.

3) Mind: Yoga + exercise at least 4 times a week, bi-weekly therapy sessions even if you don’t believe you are stressed and especially if you live in NY. Eat clean, nutritionally beneficial foods. And, we all need to do this more: SMILE.

4) Body: Feel good from workouts to look good! Your inner self shines through when you glow health from the inside!

5) Work: work smart AND hard, stay focused, define specific goals with dates. Always, visualize the big picture.

6) People: it’s simple, always spread your sparkle. My Typical Weekday: Wake up at 7:30am, get ready + leave at 8am. Blog! Get to work (social media director at a high-fashion luxury agency in New York). Go to yoga or do cardio at Equinox in the afternoon, one-hour of exertion relaxation. I typically leave work at 6. Ray picks me up either from work or the gym (I go twice a day sometimes). We then go have a low-key dinner. If there are any events that come up they are usually spontaneous so I have an extra dress in the car- and I’m in heels 99% of the time so I can be ready for anything. Whatever time we get home is our own individual alone time for however long ‘til bedtime. This is when I work on Sunina- edit my video/respond to questions/logistics for the next shoot, etc. I like to shower and be in bed by midnight! I need more sleep so it should really be 11! So all in all, efficiency and simplicity is key! Eat fruits and your green juice, only shop when you NEED to, and don’t forget to bring your sparkle wherever you go. FYI– I am not perfect, and I do not claim to be! The point here is to be better than you were yesterday, and to strive to live by your own standards of excellence- and hopefully continue to lift up your standards as you expand your threshold! Keep the questions coming- love them! Have an amazing weekend, and sign up for my newsletter for a preview of next weeks topic. XO:)


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