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March 2016


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This post is inspired by the guy who rang me up at juice press in the upper east side the other day. I asked for soup options as I bought my rosewaters and ginger waters, they all sounded great and super healthy but I just said “Nah, no thanks..” He says “are you sure we also have this this…” And kept pressing– haha juice press… So I finally had to admit, “I’m just going to get pizza. Thanks..” With a chuckle he approved. I mean, pizza. 

How I eat for nutrition, body, skin, and sanity.. 

  • Drink lots of fluids, H2O, love all the new additions of waters at Juice Press (aloe, vitamin C, ginger, and especially rose water) 
  • Start your day with something very clean and hydrating. I love an acai bowl or fruit smoothie in the morning. Sometimes it’s just a youthberry tea 
  • I love pizza, I love white rice, and I will have it when I want 😎 
  • I choose fruits for snacks instead of processed foods and if I can go gluten free with snacks, why not? If I am craving potato chips I’ll go for sweet potato chips cooked with coconut oil. 
  • I use coconut oil to cook my foods 
  • I make a lot of my own shakes so I know what goes in it. 

When I crave it, I get it. When you allow a craving to go for a while is when you have a bigger chance of going overboard. 

Yesterday a friend asked me if I have cheat days.. And I guess by assumption you would assume I am extra healthy all the time but really I just enjoy what I love when I want. I don’t feel the need to over eat because I have a healthy relationship with my food. I eat only until I am just under full. So there really isn’t a “cheat day” I would consider everyday a cheat in that case because my day is balanced by what I want and not truly ruled by any strict diet. 

I usually consume nutritious foods because that is naturally what I crave. But if I want Pizza or Taco Bell I will have it. 

Eat for health and sanity:) xx love and light 


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