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July 2016


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Practicing and feeling genuine gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful. Your blessings multiply. Your perception changes. Your appreciation multiples. The best part is it is not hard to achieve and you can do it for yourself in minutes, even seconds.. Here are a few simple and practical ways to practice gratitude now. 

  1. Keep a journal. Write one or two lines a day, “I am thankful for..” It can be that simple, or it can be a full entry depending on how much you want to elaborate on why you’re thankful each day.  
  2. Read a few pages in that journal to reignite those feelings of gratitude. 
  3. Sit in meditation for a few minutes, with the mantra in mind, it can be a simple mantra, “I am grateful for my breath, which gives me life hope and energy”. 
  4. Keep a few statements of gratitude in the notes section of your iPhone. Read them before you sleep, and once you wake up. End and start your day with gratitude. 
  5. Share only words of gratitude with your friends and family when you see/speak with them. (i.e. Eliminate the habit of gossip). 
  6. Help others, be compassionate, be aware of the news around the world, but don’t allow it to encompass your mind and body out of its peaceful state. You be the peace that the world seeks by your daily actions and loving thoughts. 
  7. Imagine that the things that you want are already in your possession. Whether it’s health, a relationship, a job, anything. Think and talk of it as it is already yours or it is already in the works for you. 
  8. Move your body. Movement and exercise naturally brings feelings of gratitude for your mind and body. It motivates you to do more, be healthy, and clear the mind of cloudy, unnecessary thoughts. 

Xx love & light. 


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