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February 2016


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You can love wholeheartedly without guilt. You don’t have to “unlove” another just because you love one. Levels and comparison create guilt. You can love all without distinguishing a love greater than another. Love freely without restraint, comparison, or judgement. We like to say romantic love, self-love, motherly love, true love etc. but isn’t all love true? Otherwise it isn’t love. There is no category and it is much more simple than we make it out to be. There are no categories or separations, the true kind of love has no separation, distinction, or category- there is just one type of it: love. 

I don’t believe that you have to put anyone ‘first’ in your life, just because you should be loving them the most. This creates guilt. Love freely. Events constantly move, nothing is ever constant so why should someone or something always be placed first, second, third. Why are there levels? Love freely, and let your inner intuition guide you on what to do, how to do in each of your relationships and current situations.  

And I leave you with this. So eloquently written by Marianne Williamson..  
Xx love & light. 



February 2016


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 It is February, right at the heart of winter in New York. Some winter months I tend to get a wave of unmotivated energy – any one else out there? It is the month that I have to pump up my self-care: pump up my meditation & yoga, work out efficiently (thank you SLT), pay special attention to how and what I eat, and take extra special care of my dry skin.

Here are 3 simple steps to unwinding out of your, dare I say, rut:

Come back to your center: meditate, do yoga, eat clean. Do lots of yoga positions that are uplifting the heart (upward facing dog). When you repeatedly remind yourself of your truth, and when you count all your blessings a rut is impossible.

Get your energy back: for extroverts, surrounding yourself with a lot of friends re-energizes you. For introverts, surrounding yourself with a few that you love is just enough, and mostly quiet time to recharge your energy is what you need.

Wake up earlier: when you are in a rut, you tend to wake later, start your day later, and it becomes a downward spiral of rushing through the day when you have things to do. Start your day earlier and have ample time for the things you want to accomplish for the day.

xx love & light



January 2016


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So I got really comfortable in a city called Bonafacio Global City (BGC) in Manila during my stay. Naturally I found some places for Mind Body Beauty care within the city, here are my recommendations:


Beyond Yoga at BGC, it’s a clean and simple studio that offers yoga, dance, and aerial yoga. The power yoga class that I took was vigorous and just what I needed. 


Electric Studio at BGC, was blown away at this cycling studio. Such great vibes and good energy emitting from this place. I was not ready for what was coming during my session (did not hydrate properly) so I had to step out and drink some (2 bottles) of water before going back in. I’d like to say I kill’d it, but really it kill’d me:) Amazing music. Amazing instructors. 


I went to a spa for a Rosy whitening peel. I stepped out rosy looking and whiter, brighter in complexion. I was left peeling for a few days (looking oh so lovely) but I was able to heal myself with pure coconut oil. Luckily I knew to do this on my own.. as they were not very good with after-care instructions. 

Xx love & light 



January 2016


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IMG_2833 I am back! One day before leaving for the Philippines my husband and I moved into a new apartment (not stressful at all:). The next day we took a 14 hour flight to 80 degrees and sun. We spent 3 weeks in the Philippines, and a few days in LA to close up our holiday. Probably the longest vacation I’ve ever taken! Here are a few things I picked up during my time away..

Don’t Rush. I tend to rush everywhere, blame the New Yorker in me! Sometimes I stop and realize that rushing and multi-tasking actually slows me down. And whats even more tragic is that I don’t enjoy the process because I am too busy thinking about what I have to do next, or where I have to be. It wasn’t any specific situation or person but it was just the energy and vibes of the people as a whole in the Philippines that was just so chill. Responses were thoughtful and slow.

Observe more than I speak. This has a lot to do with just being present as well. Observing before I take action. Listening more than you speak, so that when it is time to respond you response with grace and clarity.

And last, appreciate someone (or people) exactly as they are, and watch them transform into the best version of themselves. How empowered do you feel when someone just understands, and acknowledges you in your own light without judgement. It is a beautiful feeling of acceptance.

Lately, back in New York and back to teaching (how I missed it!) I find myself slowing down no matter how mundane or exciting the task. I consume myself in the process of whatever it is that I am doing and really try and get 100% focused on it. Nothing like a 3 week vacation to get you back into perspective;)

Last- should I do a mind/body/beauty post on my Philippines trip?


love and light.



December 2015


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This Christmas I am sharing a few of my favorite things. These are items I use, love, and can’t wait to giveaway! Peach and Lily Beauty Gift box, Carbon 38 $100 Gift Card, Yoga Glow class for 3, and 7-day Supply of Sakara Beauty Water!

There are a few days left to enter to win. Check out www.instagram.com/suninayoung to enter.

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December 2015


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Desire is the root of all human existence. It is the natural force of attraction that drives you in every moment.

In review, the first step in the manifestation of your desires is to define and call out your desires – allowing awareness. The second is to be detached from the outcome – live freely with an open mind and heart to the vast possibilities and roads that can be taken for your desires to be fulfilled.

And last, hence the final leg of this 3-part series on fulfilling your desires, is action. Sitting still, wishing, and praying are all great. But in order for the manifestations of your desires to become your reality, you must work towards it. I believe that you can work smart and direct energy only towards the activities that are balanced and satisfying to you. Because ultimately those activities that make you happy will naturally lead you in the direction of your desires.

I hope you enjoyed this 3-part series on manifesting your desires! We will put some meditation tools and techniques into action at the next YOGA GLOW event in NYC on Thursday, Decemeber 17th. Hope to see you there!

Xx love and light.



December 2015


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Happy Self-Care Sunday!

Self-Care Sunday topic: Post Workout Skincare! I speak with Sarah at Glow Recipe (recently seen on Shark Tank!) about some tips on how to care for your skin before, during, and after your workout. We talk about a few essentials for your gym bag.

Dr. Oracle Snow Queen Powder Wash: http://bit.ly/1MaPLNJ
Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist: http://bit.ly/1QmytEY
Organic Flowers Eye Essence: http://bit.ly/1NXgHSb
Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum: http://bit.ly/1Opx1vA
Blithe Splash Mask: http://bit.ly/1P4C5uA
LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule: http://bit.ly/1SVDHFv



December 2015


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The Law of Detachment to me is the most important part of manifesting your desires. You completely let go of the attachment to the outcome or results of your desires.

You still keep your intention and desires in mind and heart but you let go of your clenching attachment to the outcome.

There are many reasons for this. One of which is that when you have tunnel vision with just one outcome you are missing the possible grander paths that was meant for you. Second, you may be missing out on opportunities that actually lead you to your desires because you are stuck on your ways. Your way is not the only way. And third, when you are attached it is basically a testament of your personal disbelief to your wishes coming true. When you are holding on tightly you are not trusting the divine process. And when you don’t believe in the reality of your desires, you don’t attract those desires.

You don’t give up your intention or your desire. But you do give up your attachment to the result. Attachment to them creates suffering. And why suffer? Unhealthy attachments to people, places, things, cause us to live in a constant state of false control and fear that we might lose the object of our desire.

Let go, just be, believe- and work for it! Don’t forget action is a major part of manifesting:) Don’t wait for anything, work for it and let it come to you.

xx love & light.

PS we will do a moving meditation for manifesting your desires for the new year at the next yoga glow session on 12/17. Sign up is available now! Find out more here: www.sunina.com/yoga-glow



December 2015


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We all have desires. What are yours?If you are not happy with the outcome of a certain situation, or maybe your goals are not being met and you’re stuck in a routine- you need a change. What you’re actually stuck on are limiting beliefs on yourself which need to be let go as the first step for change. There are three concepts you need to change your outcome:

  • Awareness – an awareness of your thoughts which lead to your actions. Being present and experiencing the events of your life as it is unfolding. It is when you are aware that you are able to choose your thoughts. When you are present and aware of your thoughts you have the ability to reframe your thoughts, choose another thought. Change your thoughts, which change your action, which lead to a different outcome.
  • Gratitude – gratitude for all that you have, so it multiplies. You must first be grateful for all that you have.
  • A burning desire – you must have a desire, a goal that get you so excited your heart pumps out of your chest for it. What is it that is calling out to you. This is essential, and should never be ignored. Call out your desires.

I will be continuing this 3-part blog post on desire fulfillment within the week here on the blog. Stay tuned! This dharma and tools for meditation will be practiced at the Yoga Glow event in NYC on Dec. 17th! For more info: www.sunina.com/yoga-glow

Xx love and light.



December 2015


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IMG_1613 Dear Friends,
December is usually the time of year that I define my desires for the new year ahead, and express gratitude for all that manifested in the year past. I wanted to share a piece of this, for you to manifest all of your desires, in the next Yoga Glow session next Thursday, Dec 17th at 7pm. Direct sign up is here.

What is Yoga Glow?
50-minutes of breath-synchronized movement dedicated to waist slimming, derrière lifting, and anti-aging asanas. Move to energetic and soothing tunes. It ends with an ahhhhmazing ‘spa-vasana’. You will relax with eucalyptus aromatherapy in a hydrating mask while guided into a conscious relaxation meditation.

I am extra excited about the brands collaborating with Yoga Glow for this session: Peach and Lily providing all K-beauty facial masks. And Sakara Life providing beauty water for all guests. Because why wouldn’t you drink rosewater for beauty?:)

xx love & light



December 2015


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I hope you enjoyed my extended skincare series for the past few months! I was only planning on doing 3, but I continued on with the Self-Care Skincare and I hope you enjoyed it!!

Today, I am sharing something a slight bit different. I would love to show you how I connect with my inner self, how I experience the higher sense of beauty. It is my connection with my inner goddess that centers me, brings me to peace, and makes me feel good from the inside out.

You only need a few minutes a day. Happy meditating, happy self-care Sunday! Make self-care everyday! 🙂

xx love & light!



December 2015


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This has been a big year of amazing collaborations for me and I am so excited to announce my newest affiliation as an ambassador for Carbon 38. I could not be happier to be aligned with such a fresh, chic, badass fitness destination.

Here is my code for $50 off your first $200 order on www.carbon38.com: SUNINAYOU50.


PS – Here is some BTS footage via my snapchat at their collection preview event a few weeks ago.



December 2015


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IMG_1321 IMG_1370 IMG_1310 I have mentioned here and there some of the things I like to eat. I very rarely show what I eat, but when I do you know I love to eat foods for the skin – foods that enrich and enhance beauty. In this post I will share with you some of my essentials! I keep things very simple in my everyday life in all areas, so it is the same with my nutrition. I keep it simple!


I love to start my day with my favorite skin food: a super healthy and super purple (haha) acai bowl, granola, bananas! This is me on my fancier days. When I have time, I love to make myself Avocado toast.

I need to have my coffee. So coffee is my thing. Black.

Simpler mornings are oatmeal and tea, water with lemon & honey.


When I am teaching, the easiest thing to do is grab a juice at Juice Generation and keep it by my side. A habit I’ve recently formed is grabbing my Muscle Milk Organic from the fridge and jetting out the door. It is gluten-free! I am always on the go so these protein shakes by muscle milk give me a boost of energy and the protein I know I lack. It is my solution for protein (and adding powder to my shakes) so that I can get enough intake. I am not much of a meat eater so I need to get my protein source else where. Protein is so essential for getting balance (if you are like me and drink a lot of greens) and for healthy hair, skin. There is a glow that I have when I feel balanced inside. When I look or feel dull I know my nutrition is off balance.

When I am not teaching I love to have lunch dates. Indulging in vegan and gluten free foods are fun because it is an eye opener on what options we have to make better choices. If not at a vegan/gluten free spot, I am happy with exploring menus. I am not picky, and I keep it simple. I like balance. I can’t eat just a salad, I love hearty healthy foods.


Dinner to me is more about engaging in and interacting with the people you are with. I grew up with family dinners every night at 7pm and so I have kept the routine of enjoying not only the food, but the people you break bread with. Most nights it is with my husband. We eat in many ways the same, and in so many ways not the same but we’ve come to compromise on eating foods that meet in the middle. I love to include fish like salmon as much as I can. I’m sure many ladies understand the struggle of trying to be healthy when the man/woman in your life has a love for Oreos, pizza, and lots o’ rice! Ha! The struggle is real. But there is compromise and it is okay to eat the things you crave, in moderation. I love tacos, eat tacos! Keep your sanity and love your body. That is the most important thing here is to be aware of what you intake, find balance that works for you, and love your body!


Because my schedule can be scattered and my new nutrition plan is to intake more (yes more, because my metabolism is so fast due to my lifestyle and would love to keep my curvy figure), I plan on consistently drinking my Muscle Milk Organic (which includes 20 grams of protein) and making protein shakes everyday- see one recipe below! I snack way more and always try to keep food around like bananas, protein bars, and this week it was a bag of pomegranate seeds! Yes pomegranate seeds. They are my favorite. And it is for sure a skin food – just like protein is! Did you know that protein provides structure to the hair, skin, nails, teeth? It supplies collagen, and the collagen creates suppleness to your skin. A good collagen supply provides elasticity which helps keep us young and vibrant looking.

Amazing shake recipe I recently started making:


xx love & light

photos by David Tufino



November 2015


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IMG_1384 Happy dreamy Sunday 🙂

I was so inspired by the ethereal feeling I got while in the air, a new feeling of ‘inner goddess’ that I went into complete self-discovery geek mode afterwards over the weekend. I got accurate information on my astrology. I have a lot of background in researching astrology (I was nearly obsessed with it as a child and read astrology books as soon as I learned how to read, this continued well into my adulthood).  However all of these years I have only known my sun sign and my rising sign. This weekend I explored my entire mixture of signs in entirety which also includes the moon sign and midheaven sign. Midheaven was mind-blowing to me because I’ve never known about my midheaven and I discovered why I felt so much water energy in me for so long, especially in the career front! I discovered with this combination why I feel so many opposing energies on all levels on a daily basis depending on situation. Long story short, within me I feel so much inspiration and fire hence the Aries in me. My Cancer rising have others perceive me as dainty, feminine, and standoffish even though I feel completely different inside. My Sagittarius moon makes me happy-go-lucky and spirited. My Pisces midheaven which is mostly about my career front makes me super spiritual and intuitive.

Self-discovery on an astrological level may be very helpful to you, and so much fun to read up on. Click here to get the info on your sun, moon, rising, and midheaven. You will need your date of birth, exact time of birth, and place of birth. Then google away and see what your midheaven means. 🙂

Enjoy xx

love & light.

Photo by David Tufino

Base love by Sylvie Curci



November 2015


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Grateful for today and all the people in my life that help support me to live and love the way that I do everyday. I am grateful for God giving me the freedom and courage to be me. Count blessings everyday. 
Happy thanksgiving! 

Feel the fear and fly anyway.

Xx Love & light 



November 2015


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Mind Body affirmations to feel the beauty of your body, to love your body. 

  1. I am more than a body. 
  2. My beauty is defined by the purity of my soul. 
  3. I care for myself by taking care of my body. 
  4. I love my body as it houses the dreams of my mind. 
  5. My body supports the physical endeavors of my manifestations. 

Repeat these throughout the day. Know that you are more than a body. Love this quote: You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. 

Live with this awareness, free yourself from body shaming. Appreciate your body. 

Xx love & light. 



November 2015


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How to Remain Calm in any situation

  1. Breathe. This will take you back to yourself and out of the situation or thing that is rattling your inner world. Come back home, come back to your breath. The soothing energy you bring in for yourself will calm you down instantly. 
  2. Let ego subside. Instead of thinking me, me, me and how could he/she? Allow the situation to subside just as your ego subsides. The situation is never actually the reason for problem(s). There is always a deeper culprit, and that culprit is usually lack of love and compassion. Compassion will always calm you down, when you think from a place of understanding of why a person or situation is the way that they are. A shift in perception happens when you let the ego-based thoughts go. 
  3. Be aware. Be aware of your surroundings and be aware of your thoughts, actions. When you are living from a place of awareness it is difficult to react out of anger. Being calm is a reaction and will also calm your surroundings, allow time to go slower. 

Finding peace within you first, calmness is truly a quality that takes work. The work is well worth it, as it could save you from mishaps and failures that can be avoided. I love that the outcome can always be yours. It is your choice to be calm or to be chaotic in the mind. All it takes is a breath, love, and awareness. 

Remember, never take anything personally – and we are all doing our best within the wisdom that we have.

Xx love & light. 



November 2015


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What an amazing feeling when you can share your passion and be authentically you. Self-discovery, and the major shift that you may experience is an out of the world experience that you want to share with the world. Some people take years, some people never reach that point. But if and when you do, you want to share this positive shift in every way you can.

My passion is wellness, inner beauty care and outer beauty care, meditation, beautiful imagery, speaking and teaching, uplifting others. When I post, I post because I genuinely have a message to share. If the intention of the photos you post are not fear-based (out of insecurity, for validation), and it is a passion that you love to express, and there is a joy you want to share with others, then do it!

Real talk: While discussing my career, a friend recently said to me, “What are you doing? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to be a celebrity? Then just say so, be honest!”. Now these were spoken in the form of questions, but I heard them as statements because they felt accusatory and I felt it cheapened my pure intentions. And with everything circulating right now with the news of the Instagram star that shut out social media- Essena, it is a subject that all of us who have a presence on social media, have to consider, what is our intention?

If your intention is coming from a place of ego, for likes, for validation, to become ‘insta-famous’, then yes- you should re-evalutate how you look at yourself and your self worth. What is your self-concept, how is your esteem level? Is your fleeting confidence coming from the validation you get from likes?

It is refreshing to see a young girl sharing this major shift in her life. The way she is sharing it is powerful. However, I like to emphasize in the fact that everyones journey is unique and different. Everyone is coming from a different place and from a different experience. So to snap judge a person and their intentions may not be so fair, maybe step back and realize there is some inner work that needs to be done. We need to take responsibility for our emotions.

Although I was annoyed with the comment from my friend about trying to be a ‘celebrity’, I accepted her statement as a way to reflect on my daily intentions and to watch carefully how I post and to reflect on what I have been posting. My clear intention is to cleanse, inspire, and uplift. What it all comes down to is that, I have a message to share and I do that the best way I can. I am thankful for the reflection, and I know that this caring friend was only speaking from the world that she knows.

We are all doing our best, it is important to know this and to share compassion before judgment. If you see someone that is doing something and you make a judgement, it may be because it is a reflection of how you might be feeling inside yourself. We are all mirrors for each other. How we see the world is how you see yourself. Be gentle with yourself first. And don’t be so quick to judge, especially yourself. We all make the mistakes to come to a realization of what we need to learn to move on to the next level of enlightenment.

Do all things with integrity and balance.

xx love & light. Be you, be bright!!!!



November 2015


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I am so excited to share with you, Yoga Glow, a class dedicated to your expression of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for the mind, body, beauty. I have been refining and working towards this concept for a few years and now it is finally ready for you!!

Here are the details:

Thursday, November 12th at 7pm! Location: Penthouse at Wyndham Hotel, NYC.

50-minutes of breath synchronized movement dedicated to waist slimming, derrière lifting, and anti-aging asanas! Move to energetic and soothing tunes. It ends with an ahhmazing ‘spa-vasana’. You will relax with eucalyptus aromatherapy in a hydrating mask while guided into a conscious relaxation meditation.

Mats, towels, blocks, and juices provided for guests.

Masks and gift bags provided by Peach and Lily.

Click here to sign up!

I believe that the beauty of a woman is in the way that she carries herself. Supremly confident, but not superior. Shares her dynamic presence not by boasting, but by simply being. She takes the time to take care of herself, both in the mirror and in meditation. Outer self care is not frivolous, it is our divine duty to take care of our skin, our bodies, our essence. To be spiritual does not mean to suppress your goddess self. It means to uncover it, reveal it, embrace it. Take care of your inner self just as much as you do your outer self. Men, do not shy away as this is for you too! We are all emotional beings that can do so much more if we let go of the things that hold us heavy. Self-care is for everyone, and it is an expression of love for yourself.

Connecting with our inner selves is our divine duty. Feeling good is our divine duty. Glowing from the inside out is true beauty.

Once again, I am so excited and I cannot wait for the 12th. I hope to share my practice with you there!

Xx love and light.



November 2015


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Today’s self-care Sunday is for the girls that just want to have a lazy Sunday! The splash mask only takes 15 seconds! The sea-kelp mask has amazing benefits, it is straight from Jeju Island in South Korea. So excited to show you this one. Happy Sunday.

Links to Products at Glow Recipe:

Blithe Patting Splash Mask – Soothing & Healing: http://bit.ly/1P4C5uA

Whamisa Organic Sea Kelp Facial Sheet Mask: http://bit.ly/1iw14IN

Giveaway Items:
Nancy Rose Performance: http://bit.ly/1RmgY4Q
Hadanomy Collagen Facial Mist: http://amzn.to/1hGldfF

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