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June 2015


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Yoga for ab tightening, flattening, strengthing!

This is a 9-Minute ab workout you can do anywhere for a quick ab fix.

Vinyasa Flow featuring:
Knee to Elbow
Shoulder Taps in Plank
Cherry Pickers
Bicycle Crunches

believe in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for the mind, body, beauty.

Filmed by: Cyril Mahe

Sunina Young is a Mind Body Beauty Blogger, Yoga + SLT Megaformer Instructor, and Model in New York City.

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May 2015


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You are exactly where you need to be. Release thoughts of the past and future, live in today and now. Trust in all the steps and growth that need to happen in order for you to reach the next level of awareness, the next level of success at your work or in your personal relationships.

Everyone is doing their best from their level of awareness -Deepak Chopra

Photo: Warrior 3
Outfit: Spiritual Gangster shirt, Club Monaco denim, Stella McCartney by Adidas leggings, Isabel Marant sneakers.
Location: West Side Highway, NYC
Photography: David Tufino

Xx Love & light.



May 2015


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Happy hump day! A video on YouTube is up today.

We’re officially in wedding season!

Learn a breathing technique to calm your nerves. Do a yoga sequence that energizes and opens up your heart. Perfect for a special occasion like your wedding day or even on for a first date! Open up your heart, relax the mind.

In video:
Meditation with intention
Child’s Pose
Vinyasa Flow

Filmed by Cyril Mahe.



May 2015


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Featuring a new video today on YouTube:)

I am excited about this one because you can follow along as I am speaking and moving through the sequence with you. Woo!

The Full Body Toning Yoga Sequence,
Vinyasa Flow:
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Peaceful Warrior
Low Lunge
High Lunge

I believe in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for the mind, body, beauty.

Filmed by: Cyril Mahe

xx love & light



May 2015


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Wherever you go in the midst of movement and activity, carry your stillness within you.

With this awareness, outer circumstances or any chaotic situations could overshadow your inner calm. You have full control of your mind, body. You have full control of your actions and reactions in any situation.

When you are busy and going about your day, keep stillness in mind. This will keep stress away.

Access your stillness and your pure creativity by meditating. The noise silences, the answers to your questions surface, fear floats away.

Make time for your self everyday. It could be a moving meditation like yoga, a jog by yourself for silence and cardio, a facial, meditation..

Mega tip & reminder for the day<: start your day with a 30-minute meditation, end it with a 30-minute meditation. Xx love and light.



May 2015


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My fear is my strength.

When I was younger I had a fear of speaking in front of people. My voice would get shaky, my mind would go blank. My voice hinted at shyness. I remember a handful of times I would have to say, “I am not shy, I am soft-spoken”. Because, I knew what I felt inside and it was not shyness it was the exact opposite: fiery, open.

I ran into this fear, as I’m sure many of us do, many times in life. Whether it’s for a presentation for work, speaking in front of friends or family, speaking in front of a big group for whatever occasion. I recognized this fear, and I kept creeping towards it.

As a Yoga teacher, and SLT Pilates instructor I can say I’ve really overcome my fear of speaking in front of a group of people. It of course creeps up sometimes but I know how to manage it so that my voice isn’t shaky, and my mind doesn’t go blank. Lol.

This fear has led me to now what I believe is my strength. A strength muscle that I work on many times during the week, a muscle I can continuously work to improve. How I overcame? Practice.

Another fear, going upside down physically! It’s been a year since I’ve been practicing handstand. This photo is my first hollow back. The way I overcame this specific fear of hollowing back was simple.. I just did it! Sometimes you just have to go for it. Nike said it best: just do it. It helped that the wonderful person behind the camera encouraged it. Surround yourself with good people who cheer you on!

What is your fear? Do you believe that your feelings of fear is a nudge for you to walk towards it to face and to overcome?

Tips to review from this post on how to overcome your fears is very simple:)
1) Practice
2) Just do it.

Xx love & light.

Photo: David Tufino



May 2015


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Feeling inspired! It’s significant to keep going. You draw up this big plan, and that big plan may not happen right away, but you realize exactly why it doesn’t happen right away: you realize after some time has passed and some of the essential steps and at times leaps have been taken. You take your journey and look back, and you are thankful that things didn’t happen right away. The essential steps are what you needed in order for the things that are happening now to happen, and for you to appreciate it, and for you to be ready for it.

Know your value, never underestimate your talents, and stay focused on your vision.

Feeling blessed and grateful. Trust that life is giving you exactly what you need practice in.

Xx love & light.

Photo: David Tufino



May 2015


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I love walking. I walk everywhere. I love hiking. I need to feel inspired to take a yoga class, when I go, I never regret it- especially at savasana:)

I take an SLT class once a week.

I take two yoga flow classes a week.

So in total, I workout 3 times a week.

I eat whatever I crave. That can mean green juice in the morning, and pizza at night. I consciously look for healthy foods in the morning. Starting the day light changes everything. I don’t believe in diets. I believe in cookies and quinoa, Rice Krispie treats and acai bowls, s’mores and green juice… You’ve got to stay sane! I do however admit that I crave the healthier foods more than the not so healthy foods.

xx love & light.

Photo: David Tufino



April 2015


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WHO_7556_1 Be yourself.

When you are working for a ‘competitive edge’, trying so hard to be different, and plain simply being competitive with another person or a group of people, a business, etc.- you are not working from an authentic place. You are pulling from a place inside you that thinks some people are special and others aren’t. You are thinking levels, instead of acknowledging that no one being is above or below you. You are discrediting your own unique skills and talents.

The fateful excuse of ‘this market is saturated’, only leads to giving up before you’ve even tried. In any market, you will be different if you are working from an authentic place. You will have something completely unique to offer if you are just simply being your authentic self, because there is not one single person in the world that is exactly like you. Not a single person has the exact struggles, accords, familial upbringing, experiences as you do, that make you unique. Every tiny detail you may overlook about yourself are the collection of experiences you’ve had, lessons you’ve learned, that you are expressing everyday in the energy and vibes that you give. No one has the same exact touch, the same exact ideas, the same exact execution as you.

It is not what you do, it is how you do it. Everyone has something unique to offer, and a unique experience to share. Keep going:)

xx love & light.

Photo: David Tufino



April 2015


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Power oblique movements intermixed with classic vinyasa, aimed to slim the waist, and calm the mind in this simple 5 minute sequence.

-La Belle Et Le Bad Boy by MC Solaar
-Juicy (Remix Instrumental)

Filmed By:
Cyril Mahe

Love & Light



April 2015


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FullSizeRender-1 Here’s the truth, I used to be sad inside and I smiled anyway. I was stuck in a pattern for years and years, I was the girl that knew how to look happy even if I was sad inside. I knew how to fake it. I knew how to flourish my life with distractions so that I never felt lonely- but I did.

Through yoga, I learned how to be happy. I learned that it was inside of me all this time. I didn’t have to work hard for it. I just had to be. Through yoga, I learned so much about myself. I learned my passion in mind, body, beauty topics. All the ‘random’ things I did that didn’t make sense to me suddenly made complete sense. I love the idea of using movement to find the true light within you, and then to reap the benefits of it all physically is such a plus to me. Why not enjoy all of the earthly pleasures? **in moderation.

This is not because I am getting married, nor is it because I think I have to be at this point in my life, or that I am faking it. I now feel it in a continuous way. And when I’m not happy, I know how to spiral out of it because I got there by choice. I am aware of my emotions. And I know that I am in full control of it.

I am happy because I choose to be happy.

I am aware that I can spiral out of happiness by participating in self-loathing, or gossiping, or comparing. I also know that I can stick with perpetual happiness by staying in the light: thinking light, speaking light and not participating in over-thinking, not participating in fear based thoughts or conversations. When you feel as though you have nothing to prove, and have no one to impress- it is a liberating feeling.

I never used to smile at strangers, and I always looked at men as untrustworthy beings. Now I know that we are all human. I can look up and smile at a stranger and it’s just a friendly millisecond of a connection that says, yes- I see you, and I acknowledge you.

I am grateful for the hardships because I have learned from them.

As time passes with this awareness, it will feel more and more effortless. I don’t have to smile in every photo. I don’t have to smile at everyone. I don’t have to make the effort to look happy. I feel it. I am happy.

xx love & light.





April 2015


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FullSizeRender-1 I am the light of the world.

My interpretation from ACIM: Do what you please. Listen to your intuition. Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t worry about what others might think or assume. Know your truth. Never assume. Diminish illusion by looking towards the light, the shadows will always fall behind. Do what you please- not what others expect of you. You cannot be defined by words, the lightness within you is the only truth- all else are non-truths and illusions. You are more than a body, the thickness of your thighs or the ‘fat’ found around your arms are not you. The true lightness is within you, not your material possessions. Appreciate that your material possessions are earthly toys that may help support the work you need to do here- do not allow material possessions determine your place in this world. Stop judging. Never compare. Happiness is within you, not in what another person says to you or does for you. If you don’t know the answer and google can’t help you, meditate- the answer is inside you. Follow your inner guidance. Love yourself.

Holy, peace, lightness, yoga teachers, fitness instructors, light workers come in all shapes and sizes. All looks, creeds, and stereotypes. You don’t have to be a nun or a pastor to be a light worker.

You are perfect the way you are.

From ACIM:

How holy am I, who have been given the function of lighting up the world! Let me be still before my holiness. In its calm light let all my conflicts disappear. In its peace let me remember Who I am.


xx Love & LIGHT.



April 2015


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Avid followers of Sunina know how important meditation and mindfulness are to our daily lives, but still there are people who find it hard to learn how to meditate, or appreciate what meditation can do for you. A service called Headspace, however, is seeking to change all that.

Headspace advertises itself as “meditation for modern living”, and one of the biggest reasons why it works is that it’s so accessible. The service guides you through developing a habit for meditation, acting as “your very own personal trainer… to help train your mind.” This is because research has shown that meditation and mindfulness exercises often affect the brain physically, reshaping it so you can better deal with stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. Users can listen to training and read up on information no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.

This is largely thanks to the fact that the service is available as a free mobile app. Headspace aims to make meditation accessible to as many people as they can, and with the company behind mobile gaming website Iceland Bingo saying that growth in mobile internet is the among the strongest trends on the internet landscape to date, the mobile industry seems to be the way to do this. Their app has received stellar reviews, as well as some surprising celebrity support.

“It’s an app that teaches you how to meditate. It’s kind of genius,” Emma Watson tweeted to her followers when she started using the service.

It’s worth noting that the man who designed the app and the content used by the service really knows his stuff, too. 22-year old Andy Puddicombe traveled across the world to research meditation and even became a Buddhist monk before he returned to Britain to establish Headspace. So far, it’s gained quite a following, and a supportive community of millions of users means that using the service is a breeze to get used to.

The Headspace app is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore for free, while subscriptions range from $12.95 a month to $419.95 for a lifetime membership.



March 2015


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I’ve always loved the look of dewy skin that has a natural glow without the use of excessive makeup.

As a part of my healthy bridal beauty planning, i’ve put together a list of products that are amazing for glowing skin which you can maintain continuously even if you’re not planning for a special event- even if it’s just for life. Here are some products I’ve adored for months and even for years:

*Glow truly starts from underneath the makeup, try this exfoliator by La Mer to get a thorough cleaning of your dead skin to uncover a fresh new slate.

*Anyone that knows me very well knows about my collagen spraying habits! Lol. It goes everywhere with me especially when I know that I will be in a dry heated space or indoors for a while, on a plane – whatever wherever. Extra moisture is always appropriate. It’s the Hadanomy spray – made in Japan. Loyal to it for the past 4 years.

*Vitamin E is a part of my daily skincare regimen, and will be leading up to the wedding:) It has been an amazing game changer in my routine for the past year. It keeps me hydrated in the face for 24 hours, maybe even longer and it’s great for healing any past scars you may have had from acne or pimples. I get mine at GNC.

Xx love and light.



March 2015


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In 2011, I bought this beautiful corset with boning detail with the full intention to use it as a primary waist-loss (not weight loss :) solution. I did it for a total of 1 hour and never looked at it again. I wasn’t so turned on by how hard it was to get into and how much of an effort waist training is.

Recently, I’ve gotten engaged and I wanted to incorporate some sort of waist training back into my ‘bridal body beauty plan’, so I dug through the lingerie section of my closet and found this at the very bottom- ahhh. So pretty! Now with a renewed perception, and some adjustments I tried waist training again for 10 days. Here is my recent experience and tips:

  • It minimizes your appetite, so you do not overeat.
  • It’s recommended you wear this corset for 4 to 6 hours a day. I opted for 3 a day- much more manageable so I do not have to actually wear it out.
  • Try not have it on too tight to start, keep it slightly tight but not so much so that you feel entrapped (scary feeling if you tend towards feeling claustrophobic!)
  • Get the type of corset that has boning, it is much more structured for a better fit.
  • Waist-training is not a primary source of losing weight or waist:) What really works? SLT! Maybe I am biased but working out is what will get you the results, waist training is a gradual, time-consuming process.
  • You have to be committed to win it! What are your goals? Be precise before you start. Measure yourself. Work out, eat healthy. Waist training is not the primary solution:)

This is not only about how many inches you can lose off your waist or how tiny you can make it. It is about your empowerment as a woman to have the curvatures you love. I was reminded of it when I saw how beautiful, feminine, empowered, and confident CINDERELLA (Lily James) looked in a corseted gown.

In other news, after spending the Winter isolated, I’ve come full circle and was reminded of how grateful I am of EVERYTHING the world has to offer. This includes this once in a lifetime period that I am living in engagement bliss- so I should be sharing my moments and my love for self-care for the mind, body, beauty. I’ve created a hashtag where I will be sharing some of my self-care efforts to feel my best in time for my big day! Very excited, stay in the light xo

Love & Light.

Edit: I got mine at www.corsetdeal.com

Photo on 3-23-15 at 1.11 PM #2



March 2015


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In Sanskrit, “Chaturanga Dandasana” translated to English is, “Four-Limbed Staff Pose”. The action is commonly found in a Vinyasa flow sequence to energize and strengthen the body. It is also a pose that transitions the practitioner to the next sequence of yoga poses.

A chaturanga dandasana is typically done 15 to 20 times in a classic 60-minute Vinyasa class. It is one of the most frequently practiced pose in class. It is also a pose commonly done mis-aligned. As a yoga teacher I’ve witnessed this, as a practitioner, I have misunderstood the proper alignment of chaturanga dandansana. With proper guidance you will be able to feel the difference in your body between an improper alignment, and proper alignment. It is very clear to see in the images provided.

Incorrect Chaturanga Dandasana Example A:
In this half-way push-up the arms are wide apart, the elbows are facing outwards. The shoulders are tense. You can see that the core isn’t engaged because the lower back is sinking down which will eventually cause pain in your lower back. The glutes are not engaged, the tailbone is sticking up. The heels are shifting the body and flow of energy backwards and down instead of forwards.

Incorrect Chaturanga Dandasana Example B:
The core is sinking way too low, and isn’t supporting the lower back- which effects the alignment of the entire body. You can see the legs are drooping down towards the ground. The torso, quads, and hamstrings are not fully engaged.The shoulders should be back away from the ears. The upper body should be in line with the hips.

How to do a Proper Chaturanga Dandasana:
Start at plank position. Lower the body half way only, tailbone is tucked under. There is a long line of energy flowing straight forwards from the heels of the feet all the way up to the crown of the head. The elbows are at a 90 degree angle, and hugging in towards the ribcage. The fingers are wide open, knuckles pushing down towards the ground. Gaze should forward and relaxed, keeping the cervical spine long. This is a great pose to to strengthen the entire body especially the arms, legs, and core. You will know when you are doing it incorrectly when your body doesn’t feel ‘engaged’. Squeeze the inner thighs, the glutes, the core, while in the pose to get the full expression of this Chaturanga Dandasana.



March 2015


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Here are the Nike images from a few months back! Love these images. It was amazing to close 2014 with NIKE! Here is the info and article on the tights:

The NTM x N+TC Tour Shanghai strives to capture the city’s spirit and evolving cultural shift towards a sport and fitness-driven lifestyle. The tight connects to the 2015 Nike+ Training Club Tour March 8 kickoff in Shanghai, where, thousands of women will come together for a full day of workout challenges and high-energy events focused on inspiring, promoting and cultivating female athletes of all levels.

The new, limited-edition NTM x N+TC Tour Shanghai finds beauty in contrasts.

Read the full article here.




Xx love & light!



March 2015


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Being able to book doctors through apps straight from my phone has helped me so much this past February. I don’t know what it is, but this weather has gotten me so flustered! Staying healthy is a chore on it’s own when it is 7 degrees out with hail shooting at you from the sky every other day, but the speediness of technology has really supported me in continuing a healthy lifestyle even through this tough Winter. Some companies, like Oscar Health Insurance in New York and New Jersey, have apps that let their members book doctor’s appointments, refill prescriptions and even talk to a doctor on the phone anytime through a “Doctor on Call” feature. I realize if you take advantage of technology in an efficient way, we are all able to do it for optimum health. You are able to book fitness classes, have peace of mind and book a glam squad to come to your house if you are going to an event. Do yoga through an app, book a car through an app.. I’ve even been able to keep my home clean when I am not able to pick up after my own mess with an app too! So much can be done to keep the clutter out, so that I can focus my energy on my work, on the inner well-being of my mind. I put together my top 7 apps that were fitting for me that has helped support the well-being of my mind, body, and beauty routines more recently::

1) ZocDoc the most painless way to book your doctors visits.

2) MindBody to book your fitness classes.

3) Yoga Studio for a ready-made yoga classes.

4) Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax for guided meditations.

5) Glam Squad – The glam squad comes to you!

6) Homejoy for a clean home.

7) Lyft for an alternative to Uber.


xx Stay on top of your health even in the Winter!

love & light.



January 2015


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7 Affirmations To Revive Your Passion and Purpose

*I am a lover, a peacemaker, and daughter of God.
*I am confident in myself.
*I am eternally grateful for my abundance.
*Abundance shows up in every area of my life.
*My passion is the key to my abundance.
*I live a positive life and only attract the best in my life.
*I am here to make the world a brighter place.


love & light!




January 2015


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What an inspiring night tonight was! A class full of energy ready to do yoga. My mantra tonight was ‘We are one’. A meditation to clear out the ego to start the class set the mood for moving meditation just right.

Tonight felt like one of those nights where there was a shift, another level I felt in my heart that I reached as a teacher not because of how many, or who was in class but because of the truth I felt in the words I was expressing. It was authentically me.

We are one. Letting go of the ego releases us from an individual/selfish state of mind and into a ‘We’ + loving state of mind. Knowing that there is no color, no race, no creed, no gender that makes us different, we are all the same, with the same heart. When we have a blocked energy because of ego, we are not giving, we are closed. When we have a closed heart we do not want to love, to learn, to understand, to be compassionate. Release the ego and you’ll find your truest form uncovered- which is the purity of your giving nature, the true nature of you. By raising your thoughts, your vibrations, being kind to yourself and to others you are creating peace in your world and influencing peace upon others just by your presence and influence. Share your light <3

The teacher in me honors the teacher in you. May there be many more classes with the high vibration of energy like there was tonight. So grateful for all of my students who I am inspired by.

Check my yoga/SLT schedule here: http://sunina.com/class-schedule/


love & light.


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