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May 2015


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My fear is my strength.

When I was younger I had a fear of speaking in front of people. My voice would get shaky, my mind would go blank. My voice hinted at shyness. I remember a handful of times I would have to say, “I am not shy, I am soft-spoken”. Because, I knew what I felt inside and it was not shyness it was the exact opposite: fiery, open.

I ran into this fear, as I’m sure many of us do, many times in life. Whether it’s for a presentation for work, speaking in front of friends or family, speaking in front of a big group for whatever occasion. I recognized this fear, and I kept creeping towards it.

As a Yoga teacher, and SLT Pilates instructor I can say I’ve really overcome my fear of speaking in front of a group of people. It of course creeps up sometimes but I know how to manage it so that my voice isn’t shaky, and my mind doesn’t go blank. Lol.

This fear has led me to now what I believe is my strength. A strength muscle that I work on many times during the week, a muscle I can continuously work to improve. How I overcame? Practice.

Another fear, going upside down physically! It’s been a year since I’ve been practicing handstand. This photo is my first hollow back. The way I overcame this specific fear of hollowing back was simple.. I just did it! Sometimes you just have to go for it. Nike said it best: just do it. It helped that the wonderful person behind the camera encouraged it. Surround yourself with good people who cheer you on!

What is your fear? Do you believe that your feelings of fear is a nudge for you to walk towards it to face and to overcome?

Tips to review from this post on how to overcome your fears is very simple:)
1) Practice
2) Just do it.

Xx love & light.

Photo: David Tufino


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