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June 2014


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Split or Hanumanasana! It is a beautiful psoas stretch and hip opener. We tend to hold onto fear in this area. Hanumanasana helps to open that up, to release fear and stress. When fear and stress are gone, we are capable of anything.

Start in Downward facing dog, step the right foot forward between the hands, starting at half hanumanasana to begin: straighten the right leg as you pull the right foot forward, back leg in standing on the knee comfortably. Pull the right toes back towards the nose, feeling a stretch in the hamstrings, then your upper body forwards over the right leg. Hands by your sides, breathe. For full hanumanasana extend the legs and feet away from one another, lifting the chest up as your hips sink down, keep the shoulders away from the ears as you reach your hands up to get the maximum amount of space in your upper body to pull up and away from the hips. Stay for 5 to 8 breaths, switch sides. Slowly rising up and out the same way you got in.

Faith and love will get you through any task that seems impossible. Affirmation: I am fearless.

xx love & light.


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