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November 2015


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IMG_1384 Happy dreamy Sunday 🙂

I was so inspired by the ethereal feeling I got while in the air, a new feeling of ‘inner goddess’ that I went into complete self-discovery geek mode afterwards over the weekend. I got accurate information on my astrology. I have a lot of background in researching astrology (I was nearly obsessed with it as a child and read astrology books as soon as I learned how to read, this continued well into my adulthood).  However all of these years I have only known my sun sign and my rising sign. This weekend I explored my entire mixture of signs in entirety which also includes the moon sign and midheaven sign. Midheaven was mind-blowing to me because I’ve never known about my midheaven and I discovered why I felt so much water energy in me for so long, especially in the career front! I discovered with this combination why I feel so many opposing energies on all levels on a daily basis depending on situation. Long story short, within me I feel so much inspiration and fire hence the Aries in me. My Cancer rising have others perceive me as dainty, feminine, and standoffish even though I feel completely different inside. My Sagittarius moon makes me happy-go-lucky and spirited. My Pisces midheaven which is mostly about my career front makes me super spiritual and intuitive.

Self-discovery on an astrological level may be very helpful to you, and so much fun to read up on. Click here to get the info on your sun, moon, rising, and midheaven. You will need your date of birth, exact time of birth, and place of birth. Then google away and see what your midheaven means. 🙂

Enjoy xx

love & light.

Photo by David Tufino

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