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April 2014


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Always ready! Never an excuse to skip out on self-care/workout. Here are a few answers to common excuses that stop you from getting your sweat session on:

I forgot my lock. Trust that no one is going to steal your stuff. Keep your phone and wallet by your side.

I’m not wearing workout clothes. Take the stairs, speed walk, tuck in your tummy all day long. Do kegal workouts at your desk (haha). Drop and do squats anywhere. Wear workout leggings that can dual as normal every day pants, and a tank top under whatever you are wearing and you are always ready for an impromptu Yoga or Pilates session. Or… just bring workout clothes with you!

I will smell. Carry cleansing cloths and a mini atomizer of your favorite perfume. For long-term commitment, find a studio or gym with showers as your home base for workouts.

My makeup will run. Carry a stick concealer and gloss with you. Wear waterproof eye makeup in the morning.

I don’t have time. One hour of yoga is only 4 percent of your day. No one can convince you to put your health first but yourself. Don’t burn out and let stress creep up on you. Maintain good health everyday!

Happy Monday.

xx love & light.

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