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Sunina Young is a Mind Body Beauty Blogger, Yoga + SLT Megaformer Instructor, and Model in New York City. She believes in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for a healthy life, a better world. When you purify the mind, cleanse the body, and uplift the soul there is a shift that happens, and you see beauty in all beings and things. Sunina aims to share her message everyday to young women who want to look & feel naturally beautiful. Any and all changes start with YOU.

Sunina’s professional background was in luxury beauty and fashion before she switched over to fitness. With a Fashion Marketing degree (LIM College) and Masters in Communications (NYIT), working as a marketing coordinator at Shiseido out of college. Then moving on to direct the marketing for several NYC spas which included creating spa menus and having services tested on her to refine the methods for client experience (ahhh-mazing job). She also coordinated and hosted her own beauty events on the side while working full-time at a high fashion photo agency in New York. A pivotal moment was when she realized that even with her busy schedule, lash extensions, 6” inch Guiseppe heels, and ‘picture perfect life’ there was still a great sense of unfulfillment. Through her transitional journey in yoga, meditation, and movement training she was moved by how much of a deep connection she felt with her true self, with true beauty. All that she needed was already within her. No material items, no job had the power to define her. And this is the message she would like to share with the world.

Today she still loves to deliver beauty, the kind of beauty that starts from the lightness within. Sunina’s message is that perception is a reflection of you. Be the change that you want to see in this world. The power is yours to simply shift your perception. Sunina dedicates her time on the blog and in class to inspire you to experience a beautiful life through higher thoughts, movement, and self-care. Do your insides match your outside? Pretty is skin deep, beauty shines from within.

Certified by Pure Yoga, Equinox, and SLT.

Represented by Prestigious Models.

Photos by Andy Hur; Photos by Ron Gejon; Videos by Cyril Mahe.

For collaborations and partnerships info please contact patricia@sunina.com.

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